I Tried Using A £17 Motion Wheel In An Official Race. Here's What Happened.


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  • Sergio Jiménez
    Sergio JiménezMese fa

    Still better than a keyboard tho...

  • Dandy Highwayman
    Dandy Highwayman2 mesi fa

    I finished a Top Split GT3 race in iRacing and finished midpack using a PS4 controller. Jimmer, THAT... is your next challenge.

  • guy man
    guy man2 mesi fa

    Beamng drive with wheel and vr headset when??

  • Johannes Parkmann
    Johannes Parkmann2 mesi fa

    You will always be the primary Randolph, no matter what wheel you use

    DRIFT7RS2 mesi fa

    Hello, James Broadbandson. We are calling about your mortgage for your house listed as“direct drive wheel”. Please pay us.

  • R Alcock
    R Alcock2 mesi fa

    How about doing a truck racing video?

  • Hjuugoo
    Hjuugoo2 mesi fa

    now please try a keyboard in an official race and compare it to the gembird!!!!

  • Reol Tech
    Reol Tech2 mesi fa

    Just random rant from a nerd. That wheel is so bad. I've seen cheap accelerometers with better performance. I know that wheel is so cheap and if i tried to make one with arduino and half decent accelerometer it'll cost more, including the case and all. But holy fuck, this thing sucks.

  • Eduardo Seitz
    Eduardo Seitz2 mesi fa

    My arms hurt just looking at you playing this.

  • Ahrikz
    Ahrikz2 mesi fa

    You said second account and I immediately thought "Jimmer Broadbent". I'm so happy 😂

  • EvilDog77
    EvilDog772 mesi fa

    You should try it with a Wii controller and that shitty wheel thing that came with Mario Kart.

  • Nicky Rainbow
    Nicky Rainbow2 mesi fa

    Let's try it on 12h Bathurst

  • Smokey Yunick
    Smokey Yunick2 mesi fa

    That used to come with a suction cup stand or they may be a different model from a different company

  • Paul Webb
    Paul Webb2 mesi fa

    Your crappy line is better than my best ones 😢

  • Rob Gibson
    Rob Gibson2 mesi fa

    Why not advanced Mazda or sim production?


    Good old Mario Kart Wii times🙂

  • Hillzy87
    Hillzy872 mesi fa

    Still better than some driving ive seen on a GT Sport daily race

  • Roxxlive Racing
    Roxxlive Racing2 mesi fa

    I just picked on of theese Badboys up cant wait to get it.

  • Max Wyatt
    Max Wyatt2 mesi fa

    Would love to see this with a Nintendo Wii Motion Plus controller

  • Evan Cecil
    Evan Cecil2 mesi fa

    The way you describe the wheel and the way you handle the wheel on camera makes it almost look easy. Gg mate.

  • iDennis95
    iDennis952 mesi fa

    Maybe the wheel will be more precise if you set the sensitivity lower

  • Tuvaben95
    Tuvaben952 mesi fa

    Used to do this on racing games on the Wii. I have no idea why I thought that was a good idea.

  • Finley 16
    Finley 162 mesi fa

    If mario kart and iracing had a baby 😂

  • JP
    JP2 mesi fa

    I bought a cheap wheel back when the Xbox 360 was still a thing. It felt nice enough, but it had the biggest deadzone IN THE WORLD

  • Kent James
    Kent James2 mesi fa

    Curious how it dose in Forza horizon or PC3 as they don't have as direct inputs.

  • KepleroGT
    KepleroGT2 mesi fa

    He's joking but the motion steering on GTS is pretty good once you get used to it

  • Biccer
    Biccer2 mesi fa

    Jimmy where in gods name have you put the rookies series

  • Shane Thompson
    Shane Thompson2 mesi fa

    U may not see this but u should try the game( a long drive ) it's a fun arcade mechanic game

  • Teerta
    Teerta2 mesi fa

    Drive your world fastest shed with this wheel on nurburgring endurance

  • Pescara Productions
    Pescara Productions2 mesi fa

    Not sure if: - GemBird is more competant than we thought - Jimmy is good regardless of setup - Everyone on iRacing is crap

  • henlo laps
    henlo laps2 mesi fa

    98T nordshlife lap with this wheel

  • w33d1066
    w33d10662 mesi fa

    Hey Jimmy, any competitive sim racing is always entertaining from you!! Love to see the competitive stuff

  • Liam Brown
    Liam Brown2 mesi fa

    Where is the my summer car livestream?

  • Kittz
    Kittz2 mesi fa

    you should rename this IR account to Gembird Broadbent

  • Purple/Haze
    Purple/Haze2 mesi fa

    A PS4 controller does exactly this and is better in any way

  • Jasper Milligan
    Jasper Milligan2 mesi fa

    can you drop the force feedback settings?

  • Arda Çakın
    Arda Çakın2 mesi fa

    One day please try using phone's tilt control

  • Graham Parsons HammerTime30
    Graham Parsons HammerTime302 mesi fa

    Sounds like what it feels like using a keyboard or a controller. My arms go numb when pushing the limits on a pad

  • Aa Be
    Aa Be2 mesi fa

    17£ wheel but what about the pedals? :)

  • DimoKol
    DimoKol2 mesi fa

    Τ-Racer next??

  • Wonkero
    Wonkero2 mesi fa

    Mario Kart Wii v.s Wario Kart Why?!?!?

  • Elizabeth Del castillo
    Elizabeth Del castillo2 mesi fa

    Tilt control on phones is BETTER than this.... you can even adjust the sensitivity for the tilt controls...

  • WojtGT
    WojtGT2 mesi fa

    I love that gt2 soundtrack

  • TG
    TG2 mesi fa

    Your direct drive wheel costs more than my car

  • Just for the lol
    Just for the lol2 mesi fa

    what is faster keyboard this wheel or a controler

  • Orange Citric
    Orange Citric2 mesi fa

    Is it me or are Jimmer's biceps lookin THICC?

  • Alex Oliver
    Alex Oliver2 mesi fa

    Would like to see a comparison between this and using a controller.

  • Samira Peri
    Samira Peri2 mesi fa


  • NRK
    NRK2 mesi fa

    We need the Motion Wheel in RBR or some other rallying game :D

  • Daniel Miller
    Daniel Miller2 mesi fa

    This course seems similar to some that are in Grid Auto sport. do racing games and Sims use the same courses between the games or are they tweaked and changed so things arent so repetitive?

  • Saiga
    Saiga2 mesi fa

    6:02 and that's probably of all-time as well

  • Ahmad Danish Aqeef
    Ahmad Danish Aqeef2 mesi fa

    Nah, I'll keep on with using my *phone's accelerometer* as my steering wheel, same but different

  • DubHg
    DubHg2 mesi fa

    Still better than a logitech

  • Zaiikgo
    Zaiikgo2 mesi fa

    Dye your hair bldaek boue for praga

  • Crt_93t
    Crt_93t2 mesi fa

    Richard Burns Rally with t he motion wheel next?

  • Andrew May
    Andrew May2 mesi fa


  • Andrew May
    Andrew May2 mesi fa

    Motion wheel VS direct drive

  • Andrew May
    Andrew May2 mesi fa


  • Pablo López
    Pablo López2 mesi fa

    Hi! Im definitely selling my Direct Drive. Thanks for sharing this!

  • Swordz Man
    Swordz Man2 mesi fa

    Nordshcleiffe lap in the Praga with this mighty bit of kit. The Motion wheel of doom!

  • Tom
    Tom2 mesi fa

    The guy Jimmy is battling for p8 with has an unfortunate name 😬😬

  • Martin Waby
    Martin Waby2 mesi fa

    Can’t even stay on the track with my Logitech lol 😂 how the hell does jimmy do a whole race on this wheel lol 😂

  • Wayne Griff
    Wayne Griff2 mesi fa

    To be fair your faster with that than I am with my g920 🤔

  • _no Service
    _no Service2 mesi fa

    Ladies and Gentelmans a short view back to the past... Ok stop.

  • Hayden Scott
    Hayden Scott2 mesi fa

    Jimmy use this wheel with the cheapest racing sim............

  • Rickard Lejonhjärta
    Rickard Lejonhjärta2 mesi fa

    that frickin feel when Jimbo's better than me with a broken wiimote

  • SALGShaka
    SALGShaka2 mesi fa

    you were really not bad at all

  • Regular Bloke
    Regular Bloke2 mesi fa

    Now imagine Dirt Rally 2.0 or WRC 9 with the mighty Gembird

  • Rutu Kedar Bhagwat
    Rutu Kedar Bhagwat2 mesi fa

    boomer, you need a haircut

  • Uathankicks
    Uathankicks2 mesi fa

    The twitch wheel

  • gabe
    gabe2 mesi fa

    he is the stampy of sim racing

  • Attack Motorsport ISRT
    Attack Motorsport ISRT2 mesi fa

    Is there no adjustment for the sensitivity in iRacing? That wheel might work better if he could turn down the twitchiness of it.

  • Lumnexor
    Lumnexor2 mesi fa

    Put it in your mx5 lol

  • Michael Hutchison
    Michael Hutchison2 mesi fa

    No way that thing is 17 lbs. Also who are we kidding that people don't play iracing on mouse and keyboard or xbox controllers every day.

  • christopher billetter
    christopher billetter2 mesi fa

    Honestly i’d you disliked this video, you’re just a hater

  • christopher billetter
    christopher billetter2 mesi fa

    I’d choose a 12 minute race for this video too😂🤣

  • 118Shadow118
    118Shadow1182 mesi fa

    Have you tried the Steelseries SRW-S1 wheel? Would be interesting to see what you could do with a more proper motion wheel

  • David Rimmer
    David Rimmer2 mesi fa

    Jimmer, when are you going to continue with 'improving' this particular i racing account? I loved watching you when you did those streams.

  • Heiko Killinger
    Heiko Killinger2 mesi fa

    Am the only one who gets all giggly about the Gran Turismo 2 music? Nostalgic love

  • Bob Graton
    Bob Graton2 mesi fa

    I use the gyro sensor of a PS4 controller and it is very precise, I have many top 10 records in pc2 and reached 60 safety rating in ACC in about 10h. It is a really cheap solution but I'm pretty sure a good driver would have better result because of the faster respond time when you don't have to work against the FFB.

  • Giebs n Stuff
    Giebs n Stuff2 mesi fa

    I just bought 9

  • nvstewart
    nvstewart2 mesi fa

    Tune in for next weeks episode where Jimmer uses this wheel for an oval race!!!

  • Bleary L
    Bleary L2 mesi fa

    Try iraceing on a keyboard

  • Rochunga Flash
    Rochunga Flash2 mesi fa

    I've seen enough throw it in the garbage because that's what it is

  • takumi168
    takumi1682 mesi fa

    Is there a setting to turn down the sensitivity? Now do this on wreckfest with everyone using this wheel hahahaha

  • Flo Vi
    Flo Vi2 mesi fa

    No wonder your arms hurt if that thing is 17 pounds

  • Kevin Chatterton
    Kevin Chatterton2 mesi fa

    Doubt it but If anyone likes instrumental metal/metalcore then I have an original song that I've not long uploaded and I'd appreciate some feedback on. Many thanks and sorry for the waffle

  • 藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac
    藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac2 mesi fa

    Jimmy try the T Racer in an official race

  • Sebastien imary
    Sebastien imary2 mesi fa

    I use a FREE app, "Touch Racer". Not my app, but I find it better than keyboard. Can you try it please ?

  • Jefferson Castalone
    Jefferson Castalone2 mesi fa


  • KyKy900
    KyKy9002 mesi fa

    Motion wheel but f1 2020

  • Brian Friday
    Brian Friday2 mesi fa

    I would love to see every one of punts on the clip channel jimmer

  • Sukki Blue
    Sukki Blue2 mesi fa

    My brother and I found out with Wii motion controls, it was actually more precise to tilt the controller so it was on its back in your hands, and instead lift either side instead of trying to use it like an actual wheel.

  • Nigel Carruthers
    Nigel Carruthers2 mesi fa

    The rare Gembird overtake

  • Stephen Root
    Stephen Root2 mesi fa

    Day 4 of asking Jimmy to drive the Praga around the Nordie using the T-Racer

  • Fictício
    Fictício2 mesi fa

    You doing this wrong. The best part of buy a wheel that is not stuck, is to be able to play in bed

  • Mr Kane
    Mr Kane2 mesi fa

    That thumbnail looks like the corner crackhead holding a sign lmao

  • Main Street 305
    Main Street 3052 mesi fa

    Can't you turn down the sensitivity

  • 退屈 (Taikutsu)
    退屈 (Taikutsu)2 mesi fa

    Jem birb < Wangle bork

  • A27M Cromwell 1
    A27M Cromwell 12 mesi fa

    How were you not last?

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