DEFINITELY NOT Racing Through An Entire Season Of F1 2012


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  • HankHillGaming53
    HankHillGaming5328 giorni fa

    I believe you.

  • SJSgames 14
    SJSgames 14Mese fa

    wy are you racing better with a controller than me with a wheel?

  • wesley spaans
    wesley spaansMese fa

    Hey Jimmy, whats the intro theme song called/ where can i find this instrumental, its absolutely cool !

  • Tommy Partin
    Tommy PartinMese fa

    Jimmer. I've been a fan of your channel for a couple of years now- I always love watching your videos. Today, I saw your video with DriveTribe- in which you had the chance to kind of tell your story. I knew there was more to why I love this channel. Brother, our stories are parallel universes. I had no idea how inspired I would be today. I want to personally thank you for sharing your story- and for all that you do. Don't ever believe it's for naught. I'm gonna pick up my guitar today and play the hell out of it. Maybe I'll make some hecking videos. 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  • Hatebullshit 214
    Hatebullshit 214Mese fa

    Try racing with Xbox 360 speed wheel bloody hard

  • Alenyaa
    AlenyaaMese fa

    Jimmy watches Game Grumps. What a god damn chad...

  • Flo Vi
    Flo ViMese fa

    Saudi arabia is sabotaging your stream

  • Atharva Zodpe
    Atharva ZodpeMese fa

    Ah yes I still play this game If any of you comment section blokes own this game do reply to my comment guess we'll game some day

  • Oliver Ondas

    Oliver Ondas

    Mese fa

    @GiorGiiTV lol me too

  • Atharva Zodpe

    Atharva Zodpe

    Mese fa

    @GiorGiiTV lolol nice

  • GiorGiiTV


    Mese fa

    I bought it!

  • Sophia Evans
    Sophia EvansMese fa

    New PC, who dis?

  • André Silva
    André SilvaMese fa

    36:15 "This was before he was an ex-F1 driver" **spit sound**

  • suzukisamurai
    suzukisamuraiMese fa

    Wouldn't it have been a nice thing if you would have a Cannonball Run-ish race in, say one of the Crew games with some well known drivers as a charity thing? We'd all love to see it and there would definitely be some money in it for the people who need it the most.

  • A Balakrishnan
    A BalakrishnanMese fa

    Henlo unlisted gang

  • Aaron Ghale
    Aaron GhaleMese fa

    Jimmers when will u do a car collection tour?

  • paterfamilias
    paterfamiliasMese fa

    Where’s the finger cam?

  • HT 7
    HT 7Mese fa

    2012 is my fave year in F1 (I started watching in 2010)

  • ReDleGiThacK


    Mese fa

    I wish I knew about and watched F1 live back during the absolutely crazy championship battles of 2006-2012, as a relatively new F1 fan (started 2019) I am a little bit jealous lol

  • Rizzo93


    Mese fa

    It is one of mine as well and i started in 1990😅 2003 and 1998/1999 were great as well

  • lace strol
    lace strolMese fa

    he boncc

  • Dejan Bogojovski
    Dejan BogojovskiMese fa

    I think this is your best stream EVER. Its simple funny and calming

  • Hodor
    HodorMese fa

    Besides dirt rally what's another good game to look into I got a whole rig set up and my pc fried so I never even got to use it maybe 2-3 times. Finally just getting to enjoy it and would like to try other games I assume id get the best recommendations from people on this channel so I came here.

  • IceMan


    Mese fa

    I would also recommend the ultimate edition of asseto corsa, on summer sale it's about 10-15 euros and you have quite a lot of cars to play with!

  • PinKushin


    Mese fa

    Race Room racing experience is good, if not graphically optimized. It's free on steam, but the free version only comes with a couple tracks and cars, the rest have to be bought like iRacing. Still IMO its a good one to start messing around with. Though my opinion should be taken with a grain of salt since I'm also a super newb. There's also a Race 07 demo on steam, and you can demo rFactor 2 as well. So get all 3 and buy/play whichever you have the most fun with.

  • Paulkk23
    Paulkk23Mese fa

    The anger at the start I enjoyed a lot 😂

  • NVM
    NVMMese fa

    When we say cursed version of Bahrain, I still to this day will not ever touch the exit curb on the last corner.

  • Alex Dummer
    Alex DummerMese fa

    this guy is definitely a nonce

  • crookeymonster1
    crookeymonster1Mese fa

    DTS was OK, but fake rivalry they tried to push between norris/sainz was strange

  • Szabó Bence
    Szabó BenceMese fa

    Your streams are perfect to watch at home office. So much work can be done!! BTW happy for ur karting, im planning to go soon as well. Missin it badly

  • CallumIsOK
    CallumIsOKMese fa

    Ahh so any memories, this was my first F1 game back in 2014, it's so fun

  • CW
    CWMese fa

    1:15:30 Hamilton bottles it like a pro

  • Birb
    BirbMese fa

    1:20:58 i died

  • Harley Mann

    Harley Mann

    Mese fa

    SAME, had me CHOKING

  • popshed pilot
    popshed pilotMese fa

    Why use a pad and not the wheel?

  • Birb
    BirbMese fa

    I like how he started with "Professional Streamer" and then shit went down...

  • Dead


    Mese fa

    Welcome to the joke

  • SteveHeist
    SteveHeistMese fa

    36:48 has some serious "Wee woo *crash*" vibes.

  • MJQT
    MJQTMese fa

    Also, series with Ferdi idea: enduros of moderate length (2-6 hours) in ACC (maybe with Jared too?) or more likely in iRacing (like you used to do with Bailey long ago). ACC because GT cars are good, iRacing cause, well, it's iRacing.

  • Tanel Pern

    Tanel Pern

    Mese fa

    He's doing an enduro race with Jards at Bathurst (in the Mintzilla!) this weekend IIRC.

  • MJQT
    MJQTMese fa

    T H I C C Brit does tech support after leaving ITfun - not clickbait! ;) Seriously, nice surprise to have you back for today Jimmerino. And if you need/want some more time for yourself, I hope you take it!

  • NerdThatHitUrMom
    NerdThatHitUrMomMese fa

    Best f1 game ever, please bring back online coop

  • NerdThatHitUrMom


    Mese fa

    @LGS Sheriff epic

  • LGS Sheriff

    LGS Sheriff

    Mese fa

    @NerdThatHitUrMom multiplayer career mode coming to f1 2021

  • NerdThatHitUrMom


    Mese fa

    @Kristian Kasmuller online 2 player coop through a season where you are teammates it was amazing

  • Kristian Kasmuller

    Kristian Kasmuller

    Mese fa

    Do you mean multiplayer races rather than co-op?

  • arooner_123
    arooner_123Mese fa

    38:00 the driver about to punch the engineer then murder the camera man

  • Uathankicks
    UathankicksMese fa

    my laptop fans were the background noise after the intro. stayed for the audio mystery lol

  • Sam Fedorka
    Sam FedorkaMese fa

    2:06:10 the literal tow

  • sikhovski
    sikhovskiMese fa

    Holy commercials Batman!

  • J C
    J CMese fa

    wrong output change the speaker lol

  • James Cossaboon
    James CossaboonMese fa

    We have all missed you

  • Random Random
    Random RandomMese fa

    the ads are hurting me again.

  • Kieran Grasby
    Kieran GrasbyMese fa

    Nice to see you back and in good spirits Jimmy. Glad that you took some time for yourself and found it to be helpful. I think that you shine a positive light on mental health by talking about it in the way that you do, and being honest in how it can have an impact on anyone.

  • SN13K3R
    SN13K3RMese fa

    29:20 😂😂😂

  • Dutch


    Mese fa


  • Augusto Cezar Gerber
    Augusto Cezar GerberMese fa

    I've got bamboozled

  • Dustin
    DustinMese fa

    I used to absolutely cook in this as JAR-NO Trulli.

  • Wadd1eDoo
    Wadd1eDooMese fa

    Why the fuck does YT not give me an update when people start streaming goddamn it

  • Runaway Plane
    Runaway PlaneMese fa

    We ❤️ you Jimmy (Bumface).

  • ravinblac
    ravinblacMese fa

    Jimothy ThinStraight rams “The Wall”

  • Jule Rulez
    Jule RulezMese fa

    I am this stream's first comment, noone cares but i bet random dude on the internet is so annoyed by it !

  • define•infinity


    Mese fa

    This comment makes me irrationally angry

  • The Morning Fresh

    The Morning Fresh

    Mese fa

    @random dude on the internet Did you make this account specifically to reply to this comment?

  • random dude on the internet

    random dude on the internet

    Mese fa

    Haha! My comment was 8 minutes ago and yours is 4! Nice try buddy

  • random dude on the internet
    random dude on the internetMese fa

    Im so Early, the last time i was this early, jimmy finished an entire Season of Codemasters F1 in one go (Edit : Yes, i am this stream's first comment, noone cates but i do lol)

  • J C

    J C

    Mese fa

    learn to spell

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