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  • enner-racing
    enner-racing2 mesi fa

    awesome, I was waiting desperately for Hockenheim ..

  • Jason Watson
    Jason Watson2 mesi fa

    Hey Ol' Punterino, I've been watching your videos for years and I'm disappointed we didn't hear a peep out of you regarding Mike (SimRacing604) being banned from ITfun by false copyright strikes. You are one of the biggest sim racing YT channels and yet no video from you defending a fellow sim racing content creator. What gives?

  • elbeto191291
    elbeto1912912 mesi fa

    I never got a notification about this stream going live or anything! What?

  • A different Kind of Heyoka
    A different Kind of Heyoka2 mesi fa


  • D Max
    D Max2 mesi fa

    Jimmy, hello.. You gotta say something here.. SimRacing 604 is getting hosed big time. I'm a super small channel compared to you but you got clout my friend.. You GOTTA SAY Something Brother.. This is a complete Crap MESS.. Jimmy.. You got this.. Put a Hammer down and show some support for your Bros.. *DMAX motion sim channel. *

  • Wards Yard
    Wards Yard2 mesi fa

    I'm waiting hardcore to see if there is any real action on the SimRacing604 channel, I'm glad the big names are staying out of this until there is something legit. Has there been a single legal challenge from a company claiming copyrights were stolen? It doesn't serve the community well if they all attack when people just point.

  • ShineStreet
    ShineStreet2 mesi fa

    Hey Jimmy, SimRacing604's channel is going to be deleted in the next seven days because of S(ca)im Dream Development's false copyright claims. Are you going to make a video addressing this situation?

  • ShineStreet


    2 mesi fa

    @Trink You're right, I don't wanna see his channel vanish for no good reason either but he statistically is the largest sim racing ITfunr and if he doesn't put his perspective forward, this puzzle has kind of lost its biggest piece.

  • Trink


    2 mesi fa

    I don’t want jimmer to risk his channel :(

  • Mart de Koning
    Mart de Koning2 mesi fa

    Love watching back this streams Will working out! Keep on the good work!!!

  • AntMk5
    AntMk52 mesi fa

    Your not cut out for racing in league 10+ position racer every race

  • Garvit Agrawal
    Garvit Agrawal2 mesi fa

    Anyone know the song in the background starting at 1:19:38?

  • Razvan Mazilu
    Razvan Mazilu2 mesi fa

    Are you going to do a video on that whole Sim Dream Development business and the thing they've done to the SimRacing604 channel?

  • FAU3R


    2 mesi fa

    @AngryGinger thanks!

  • AngryGinger


    2 mesi fa

    @FAU3R Mike (SimRacing604) put out a video about SimDream (or whatever they are called now) selling content that is mostly stolen and hacked together from other modders and sim data. He urged people to not support them because they are halfassed thieves and need to be stopped. In response, SimDream hit SimRacing604 with a BS copywrite claim so ITfun shut his channel down. Now a bunch of sim racing youtubers (like Emptybox, RandomCallsign, and several others) are standing up for him.



    2 mesi fa

    @FAU3R empty box made a video about it

  • FAU3R


    2 mesi fa

    im a bit behind, can someone sum up what happened?

  • AngryGinger


    2 mesi fa

    @Phil Oakley That's fair. I'm not trying to call him out or anything. I realize he has a lot to lose, and risking his channel is maybe not the best way to take action. Good to hear he has stepped into the ring though. Cheers!

  • Brett Alt
    Brett Alt2 mesi fa

    That headbobbing parrot though...

  • Rob Myers Photography
    Rob Myers Photography2 mesi fa

    Does anyone know of any good, in depth content of the making of car mods for sims? I'm having trouble coming up with the right keywords to search and would love to see the process.

  • grnhy


    2 mesi fa

    Unfortunately it's all scattered around.

  • hoffert gaming
    hoffert gaming2 mesi fa

    Why r there like only 15 comments???

  • Eamon Ahern
    Eamon Ahern2 mesi fa

    9:12 now you can be bad against AI as well Jimmy! 😉

  • Dylan B
    Dylan B2 mesi fa

    Hey jimmer, what wheel are you using in this video? Keep up the good content can't wait to see you on the real tracks soon!!

  • Oliver Flor
    Oliver Flor2 mesi fa

    So I heard this got unlisted. Now I’m the 14th commenter. The ITfun gods have favored me

  • JV Shotta

    JV Shotta

    2 mesi fa

    All hail the ITfun Gods!!! lol

  • VeyKen
    VeyKen2 mesi fa

    Jesus fucking Christ. 1:32.5 in the Skippy around Long Beach. What a monster drive.

  • Thibaud
    Thibaud2 mesi fa


  • seawildearth
    seawildearth2 mesi fa

    Crop the barnet to shed another couple Kilos. All counts in the Praga...

  • The Racing Line
    The Racing Line2 mesi fa

    disappointed with the update

  • Joke Assasin
    Joke Assasin2 mesi fa

    This is why ITfun was being weird about your channel having new content about an hour ago.

  • Ethan M
    Ethan M2 mesi fa

    Unlisted poggers

  • Figmo 42
    Figmo 422 mesi fa

    More unlisted content, hell yeaaaaah

  • JV Shotta

    JV Shotta

    2 mesi fa

    @kn1ght_616 Yeah, it's listed now.

  • kn1ght_616


    2 mesi fa

    I think it might be listed now

  • Dafydd Rees
    Dafydd Rees2 mesi fa

    Unlisted but came up on my home page..?

  • BlindingShadows


    2 mesi fa


  • Jam'N'Chips
    Jam'N'Chips2 mesi fa

    Unlisted gang

  • Patrick
    Patrick2 mesi fa


  • Vincent Moore
    Vincent Moore2 mesi fa

    Hi Jimbo

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