The MASSIVE DOWNSIDE To Owning My Dream Car


Idiot ITfunr buys idiot ITfunr car. Discovers why he's an idiot.
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  • Jonathon Lazenby
    Jonathon Lazenby21 giorno fa


  • Unknow0059
    Unknow005923 giorni fa

    That's an amazingly cool jacket.

  • ik ja ik
    ik ja ik25 giorni fa

    go real live racing with yore cars

  • ik ja ik
    ik ja ik25 giorni fa

    can you schow yore whole car collection?

  • Steven
    Steven28 giorni fa

    On the bright side the bell housing is the only real fault with a GT-R, and it won't kill the car

  • Paul Murphy
    Paul Murphy28 giorni fa

    Jimmy , you need to have a go with a Ford falcon XR6 turbo with a good exhaust etc, you'd love it lol

  • uwotm8
    uwotm8Mese fa

    You could buy a Suzuki swift sport for 1400 lol

    ALPHAVRMese fa

    I luckily bought my R35 with a replaced 2017 Bell housing. Extremely common problem prior to 2017.

  • Jack Jamieson
    Jack JamiesonMese fa

    That starters on corsa as so shit

  • Mathew Singer
    Mathew SingerMese fa

    does 10mill views a month, sponsors etc and complaining about 1400 quid lol

  • Sime Arsov
    Sime ArsovMese fa

    This is why you get a Toyota Corolla or a Honda Civic and drive it 500k miles without spending too much.

  • geoffclement1980
    geoffclement1980Mese fa

    Track day. I want to see this or any of your cars on the track getting spanked!

  • ched head
    ched headMese fa

    Warp factor 'fuck me ... that's a bit quick' :)

  • Lawrence Timme
    Lawrence TimmeMese fa

    Bro you can go out in the lockdown whenever you want. Just say your going to the shop and that's of you do ever get pulled over which nobody does. It's not like the have people with guns who shoot you if you go out for an hour or two.

  • TexRobNC
    TexRobNCMese fa

    Don't feel bad because cars are a status symbol for so many people, that doesn't make you the knob, it makes them the knob. You're a sim racer and now legit racer, don't apologize for owning a cool car!


    Do it jimmer. Also, can we see the onboard of the praga when you rave, like a full race onboard, with blogs over the weekend

  • Stuart McKenzie
    Stuart McKenzieMese fa

    Car sounds good Jimmy

  • bbotelhoHI
    bbotelhoHIMese fa

    Jimmer, if it makes you feel any better, I have $16k into a mechanically stock 2004 is300. No coilovers, no turbos, no exhaust, no nothing. Just a JDM engine and replacement denso/aisin/mishimoto parts

  • Kieran Scholes
    Kieran ScholesMese fa

    That’s just gonna be the valve sensor, that’s wrong

  • zintex8
    zintex8Mese fa

    You do you, Jimmy. Doesn't matter that the car has become a bit of a cliché youtuber car. I don't think any of us doubt that you enjoy the car for what it is and not just for the signal value. I am glad for you that you got to a point in life, where you can do the things you only could dream of before. P.S. Do a road-trip to Denmark and take me for a ride, please? You know... for content haha

  • Alastair Stott
    Alastair StottMese fa

    Jimmy. If you’d like to have the car detailed FOC it would be great to hang out and chat. I own Original CarSpa (checkout fb page) and would be happy to show yo7 how to look after your paint etc. No need for the business punting

  • Wayne Doe
    Wayne DoeMese fa

    Do a time trial around a track with both cars to see the proformance

  • Paylaras13
    Paylaras13Mese fa

    Petition to start every video with "WHAT'S UP J NATION"

  • MrMBinder
    MrMBinderMese fa

    Whatever you end up doing, please include more shots from the outside of the car.

  • Minhtothe Man
    Minhtothe ManMese fa

    sounds fine to me

  • Kleeb VR
    Kleeb VRMese fa

    Nah man it's okay because everybody knows how much you like cars. It's the tik tok people that buy miatas and stuff to drill holes in the exhaust that nobody likes. Or on the more expensive end they buy lambos to put neon tron wraps and stuff on them. Then they try to slide out of a parking lot and end their whole suspension system's life on a curb.

  • Lonnie Farrare
    Lonnie Farrare2 mesi fa

    Ahh, no shit used sports cars costs lots to keep them on the road.

  • Pluvillion
    Pluvillion2 mesi fa


  • Johannes K
    Johannes K2 mesi fa

    Damn the rear left really was battered

  • Boot to Bonnet
    Boot to Bonnet2 mesi fa

    The name of the shop is really unfortunate

  • B007
    B0072 mesi fa

    12 years on and the GTR v6 still sounded like shit to my ears. Listen to the RB26 and the VR38 back to back and only deaf people will said the r35 engine sounds better.

  • John Ritchey
    John Ritchey2 mesi fa

    Jimmy: lives in a shed Also jimmy: drives a R32 and R35 GTR. .......I like your style

  • colin g
    colin g2 mesi fa

    Nissan and TPMS issues go hand in hand

  • Ms Zee Zed
    Ms Zee Zed2 mesi fa

    Ah I can remember paying £1400 for a SAAB with a busted exhaust that sounded just like this 😂

  • iced_coffeelvr
    iced_coffeelvr2 mesi fa

    I could listen to that sound all day!

  • bcds15
    bcds152 mesi fa

    My god you sound like Murray Walker.

  • boiledelephant
    boiledelephant2 mesi fa

    In all honesty I don't like the sound of the GTR, Jimmy, but it doesn't matter! The only thing that matters is that you like it. You earned it, you deserve it. Enjoy it. And yes, the IRL content is lovely. Much wholesome. Very catharsis. Feels.

  • GOGOgomes
    GOGOgomes2 mesi fa

    ok so he got a MX5 the R32, an Impreza AND a GTR now? is that all of them or i'm missing something?

  • Jørgen Smith
    Jørgen Smith2 mesi fa

    The R stands for ROARRRRR!

  • 1234 abcd
    1234 abcd2 mesi fa

    This is why I will always drive a cheap car

  • MrPrajitura
    MrPrajitura2 mesi fa

    4:29 HOLY CRAP JIMMER! Your car sounds better than current gen F1

  • Michael Grant
    Michael Grant2 mesi fa

    wrap it and wring it dry ;-)

  • Akshay Anand
    Akshay Anand2 mesi fa

    Can we get the raw Engine audio? I wanna play it as I go to sleep

  • Andy Bear
    Andy Bear2 mesi fa

    It will never be perfect

  • The Theeser
    The Theeser2 mesi fa

    Needs to be mint, mate

  • scarfy1988
    scarfy19882 mesi fa

    lovely noise!!

  • Snute7
    Snute72 mesi fa

    If it doesn't get wrapped bright pink with blue accents I'm going to be a little worried about you mate

  • Tommy Tomtom
    Tommy Tomtom2 mesi fa

    Talking about the noise I don't know why but I've never been a massive fan of the noise from the gtr always found it a little lacking in personality 🤔 Nevertheless got to respect the engineering behind it... I've never been a massive fan of v8's etc either. Couldn't tell you why. I guess i've always been a 4 pot guy myself 😂

  • s70driver2005
    s70driver20052 mesi fa

    At least your dream car is current!!! My dream car is a 25yr old JDM car that was never sold in this hemisphere!!!

  • ThiagoPratezi
    ThiagoPratezi2 mesi fa

    Spend dem dolla dolla bills boi

  • Dori_N
    Dori_N2 mesi fa

    Sign of a proper exhaust: Almost no added noise when cruising, but when you stand on it all hell breaks loose. Nice one Jim.

  • Toni Hirvonen
    Toni Hirvonen2 mesi fa

    where are the cops when neede XD

  • Zep Tak
    Zep Tak2 mesi fa

    What about getting that baby on a track?

  • Corey Wharton
    Corey Wharton2 mesi fa

    From playing Grand Trismo to owning a R35... humble beginnings sir 🙏

  • MrLeeson660
    MrLeeson6602 mesi fa

    Cmon man u must be making a killing, I was expecting a 5 figure sum from the title!

  • Winny the Kahuna
    Winny the Kahuna2 mesi fa

    Getting fun speed out of cars is a money pit. Just buy a good sportsbike. Best bang for buck to get your speed fix. Lockdowns suck and are last resort only not first.

  • xwaltranx
    xwaltranx2 mesi fa

    had to unsub mate. now you have how many effing cars=? driving for a racing team and trying to clickbait with "invoice complaint" not funny to me anymore.

  • bassplayer2011ify
    bassplayer2011ify2 mesi fa

    Nah you aren't a generic ITfunr until you start buying super cars that aren't practical like lambos, ferraris, etc.

  • Stan-Chi 2017
    Stan-Chi 20172 mesi fa

    You really need to take it to the green hell!!!!!

  • Jason O
    Jason O2 mesi fa

    GTR = Ground Transmission Remains. My son has one and in the 2 years he's had it the gearbox has failed 3 now spends most of its time in the garage.

  • Batteryman
    Batteryman2 mesi fa

    When your Car computer screams, your tires are blown, your tank is empty , the wheels are not on, the gearbox is in reverse, and your house is burning, but everything is fine..

  • D L
    D L2 mesi fa

    get outside more, mental health over everything. people will support you

  • Whatever billy
    Whatever billy2 mesi fa

    It costs as much as a car to fix ouch

  • Polarbayr308
    Polarbayr3082 mesi fa

    I cant wait to see you driving that Praga in anger where you dont have to keep checking the speedo so you dont get rekt by the Police lol

  • James Dwyer
    James Dwyer2 mesi fa

    Put your window down a Cm and you can hear it better 🥴

  • Dawson
    Dawson2 mesi fa

    I loved the “crazy how life changes” sidebar at the end. Hoping I’ll have a come up like that soon:)

  • Jim Bilzerian
    Jim Bilzerian2 mesi fa

    That car sounds amazing

  • Kern O'Riordan
    Kern O'Riordan2 mesi fa

    If you wanna pitch against my 911 Carrera S, I'd be happy to join in! Probably would get absolutely gapped though!

  • Jebediah Gentry
    Jebediah Gentry2 mesi fa

    Y'all complain about lockdown like someone is there with a gun forcing you to stay inside. You can always go out and do something

  • Ash Hobson
    Ash Hobson2 mesi fa

    you got the IRL car - maybe a history of those cars in gaming/IRL. kind of like a cross over - that would be cool..

  • Nuno Sousa
    Nuno Sousa2 mesi fa

    As they say, pay to play!

  • Test Drive 777
    Test Drive 7772 mesi fa

    The car need a revamp, remove the engine, replace it with PC case and speakers, replace the windows with LCD's, replace steering and gear stick with sim racing steering, and replace the suspension with hydraulics connected to the pc.

  • Arcshaw
    Arcshaw2 mesi fa

    Easily the most well spoke mechanic I’ve ever heard

  • Spoonify
    Spoonify2 mesi fa

    666k subs 😳

  • Kiran Kumar
    Kiran Kumar2 mesi fa

    Do a rolling drag race from 15mph

  • RaiZdbyDINGOES
    RaiZdbyDINGOES2 mesi fa

    Jimmy goes to Yiannimize, Gets Carbon wrap

  • D
    D2 mesi fa

    Can he go a video without mentioning his GTR or that hes going to be in a race car?

  • Alpha TauriRosso
    Alpha TauriRosso2 mesi fa

    Way ligo2x baho naka kaayo Jimmy

  • Lektro Illuminate
    Lektro Illuminate2 mesi fa

    Orange Wrap ^^

  • Mikeado66
    Mikeado662 mesi fa

    Sounds decent for an R35 exhaust. But I'm still waiting for someone to do a 6-into-2 that's low-pitched bass thunder like the NISMO GT3 racing car (and Renault RS01).

  • Atticus3lack
    Atticus3lack2 mesi fa

    Even with the MASSIVE DOWNSIDE. 5:35 makes it all so worth it

  • agenthoini
    agenthoini2 mesi fa

    Gotta love that sound 😍😍

  • Saju eNTe
    Saju eNTe2 mesi fa

    This is piggy bank with this diference you cant get money back when its broken. This can can stand 60-100 thousands of kilometers and they rubbish.

  • Foveaux
    Foveaux2 mesi fa

    Short version: bell housing cost 1400 pounds and Jimmy's peepee has firmly receded inside of his body

  • Paul Leggett
    Paul Leggett2 mesi fa

    Wow.. That's a proper Douglas Rynholm haircut Jimmy. We're all sporting the Lockdown locks!

  • Marcel Penzkofer
    Marcel Penzkofer2 mesi fa

    You have "dreamcars" and "realistic dreamcars" in your life. I'll never have the money to buy my dream car, I had the money to buy my "realistic dreamcar" last year but I went for neither. Because it doesn't make sense. I got to say though I thought differently in the past, as I previously owned a Mini Cooper S with the loudest exhaust.......... in the world. A BMW M-Performance F30 and a Skoda Octavia RS on KW V2 Suspension and tuned to 325bhp. But apart from the Mini and its handling... I don't miss the others... and the Mini was rubbish as it fell through German MOT every two years As much as I am a petrolhead, love racing, and am into Simracing probably as long as the most experienced guys out there (15 years!), a great dreamcar hurts you wallet badly, especially when you just have a normal job (right now I even need two jobs and working my socks off 17h/day). So instead I went for the most "un-petrolhead-car" of them all, which is obviously the best selling car in the world: the new Corolla Touring Sports. But I am happy with it. It looks great because it is not just well equipped but TOP step (Lounge + every GR addition), it got HUD, steering wheel heaters the best hybrid system in the world, it has the best compromise stock suspension I have ever driven and is the safest midsize Estate on the planet right now - whilst Toyotas service-pricing is half of what every BMW, Audi or Merc dealer offers you... so yeah... being boring sometimes is better... Obviously I still dream about other cars... but in the real world... with real roads, real maintenance prices and real reliability... buy boring... but buy a good car, no overpriced Golf, 3-series or stuff like that...

  • Feral
    Feral2 mesi fa

    take your cars out on a track day ?

  • HafizRon
    HafizRon2 mesi fa

    666 k

  • Kuderer
    Kuderer2 mesi fa

    you sold the skyline for this? Not cool

  • Tyler Lunke
    Tyler Lunke2 mesi fa

    This new ac mod is really convincing

  • mike cave
    mike cave2 mesi fa

    Bro, you have R32, R35, Yaris GR, Impreza Wrx and a racing MX-5 and you complaining about repairs or fuel ?

  • SaltyMusicBox
    SaltyMusicBox2 mesi fa

    You need to drive it on the Autobahn xD

  • Comrade Bear
    Comrade Bear2 mesi fa

    My mums Toyota Auris sound better than that Jimmer, could probably outrun it too

  • Rob N
    Rob N2 mesi fa

    Wait till you first go though a tunnel with your window down 🙉

  • stephen welby-jenkins
    stephen welby-jenkins2 mesi fa

    So here's my question, you had an R32, but then jumped to an R35.. when the dogs is clearly the R34 GTR V Spec with a manual, in Bayside Blue. Why oh why oh why? 😭

  • Mad Mike
    Mad Mike2 mesi fa

    we have them in Cyprus..olso RR Culinan,mclaren, huràcan,bentley and other..Lambo Urus

  • stephen welby-jenkins
    stephen welby-jenkins2 mesi fa

    That exhaust though 😍

  • Kalle Kaltio
    Kalle Kaltio2 mesi fa

    More car content!

  • Heri Eystberg
    Heri Eystberg2 mesi fa

    I just noticed that you have 666K subscribers 🤘

  • Craig Cotter
    Craig Cotter2 mesi fa

    I know it's more challenging if you're producing content solo, and might not be quite what you're going for, but I'd like to see more external shots/fly-bys, or a front-facing cam. This is essentially a vlog that just happens to be inside your car. Now I love that, and it's a nice change of pace, but it's not really a 'car' video, so you're only going to get a subset of your simracing viewers. When we watch Jimmy simracing we get Jimmy bobble-head in the corner, and we also get to appreciate what you're doing on the road/track/eastern-european truck stop. If you are genuinely wanting to make more irl content, but finding it hard to gain traction (lol) try sticking closer to your winning formula. I love car channels, and I think your charisma and complete lack of overbearing arrogance could work so well. If you want to make this sort of video as a way to unwind and blow off steam, and are happy to take the lower view count, that's awesome, but if you're disheartened and want to branch out a bit, we want to experience the car alongside you, as much as we do love your sillly head.

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