I Tried To Design The Fastest Car Possible (400MPH+!!!!!)


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  • Oliver Richmond
    Oliver Richmond25 giorni fa

    "I just sold my soul to china, pog"

  • TheDirtyAirF1Podcast
    TheDirtyAirF1Podcast28 giorni fa

    Love what you’re doing and do what you love! Hats off Jimmy, you’re living right 💯🏁

  • astro
    astroMese fa

    Shinyodd would approve

  • Pro Zoomy
    Pro ZoomyMese fa

    XD turbo said cya

  • Cars and beyond W Elijah Silva
    Cars and beyond W Elijah SilvaMese fa

    Pro drifters: I’ve been training for years jimmy: drifts hero bus with one hand 1:53

    RACECARMese fa

    0-39-0:41 I might need a new heart after that extreme zoom.

  • muhammed hilmi Kutlubay
    muhammed hilmi KutlubayMese fa

    1:51 my grandpa tought skutza divers were back what the hell

  • locojambo
    locojamboMese fa

    I can’t believe u were a borrower.

  • I play kindred
    I play kindredMese fa


  • Maurice Warfield
    Maurice WarfieldMese fa

    7:00 yooooooooo 😂😂😂😂

  • Jared Caswell
    Jared CaswellMese fa

    We really need to get Jimmy over the pond to visit cleetus

  • Rain Of Creepers ROC
    Rain Of Creepers ROCMese fa

    400 mph, wow we matched personal records

  • GorillionDollarExtreme
    GorillionDollarExtremeMese fa

    finally a good video

  • leehan
    leehanMese fa

    4:33 making cars that work, i sleep. making cars with the grille, real shit.

  • Emil JAI
    Emil JAIMese fa

    400 muppets per honks ?

  • Generic Orb
    Generic OrbMese fa

    Anyone know what the intro song is? And I don’t mean the déjà vu bit I mean the song just before it.

  • Keith Weyerts
    Keith WeyertsMese fa

    Cant stand the chat pop up personally

  • Anony Max
    Anony MaxMese fa

    1:52 Ghosts in the middle of the night in my room:

  • ekstrajohn
    ekstrajohnMese fa

    Finally, you figured out making short live stream edits is a good idea for videos !

  • Mathew Sellar
    Mathew SellarMese fa

    1 off TMK 444

  • No-nonsePlayer
    No-nonsePlayerMese fa

    Leaving this comment here but it does help if you were to chek my rally games warning sound is littlebit low on all my games i have no idea why tough

  • Trainleader21
    Trainleader21Mese fa

    Heey, I ended up in the video. Yahoo

  • Gaming 44life
    Gaming 44lifeMese fa

    1:48 the tyre squealing sounds like f1 cars

  • xZ_q
    xZ_qMese fa

    How is this man making lots of money but he can’t afford to move out of the shed into another apartment?

  • Ted Pal
    Ted PalMese fa

    An open letter to Mr. Broadbent. Sorry to be so formal I just wanted to be noticed😁. I recently came across one of my favorite all time dreams cars for Assetto Corsa. The Batmobile Classic 60's car mod. I had been posting for years, "someone please mod this car in AC. I double my efforts when VR came out. I'm happy to report its finally here😂👏. So I've decided to start a new post/request for someone to mod, one of the most iconic cars of all time. A car that millions of car enthusiast and auto racing fans have loved for generations around the world. "The Mach 5". So Mr. Broadbent please with your great Power and Influence spread the word. Someone get right on this because we need this mod like we need Oxygen. It doesn't have to jump through the air, climb up walls, cut trees or go underwater. Just let it be awesome. Car fans will be eternally grateful for this glorious gift to the sim community. So thank you for your wonderful content and for being a champion for sim our sim racing community✌😊🏁

    RICE & BEANSMese fa

    *E X E L L EN T*

  • Bear Family Gaming
    Bear Family GamingMese fa

    Great video, keep the great work going, God Bless you all, and your families Mate.

  • Reniculous
    ReniculousMese fa

    Bet you my 2JZ lawnmower can beat it

  • Sbinaladay
    SbinaladayMese fa

    Day 1 of asking Jimmer to race at Avus

  • yes no
    yes noMese fa

    Ferrari is going to hire jimbo they need all the help

  • corey millward
    corey millwardMese fa

    Nice one for setting my Alexa off and making me shit myself at her screaming 200 MILLIMETERS IS 8 INCHES!! Top quality shithousery.

  • KatKiing !
    KatKiing !Mese fa

    Hey Jimmy I need help. I play AC and PC2 on xbox one and I'm not able to find anyone for AC. Also my wheel doesn't have force feedback but I can play without it. If I'm on console should I stick to project cars 2 or should I keep trying on ac

  • KingTheProtogen
    KingTheProtogenMese fa

    6:57 when vtec kicks in

  • Slader McDoogal
    Slader McDoogalMese fa

    1:59 that's the sound my toilet bowl gremlin makes when I go to take a piss.

  • Jake Morgan F1
    Jake Morgan F1Mese fa


  • Joshua Green
    Joshua GreenMese fa

    8:21 that's me in the chat saying: Ya wanna see some real speed?

  • OhThatRemindsMeOfMyPruneJuice Oh
    OhThatRemindsMeOfMyPruneJuice OhMese fa

    7:04 I SEE MEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

  • Eddie O'tool
    Eddie O'toolMese fa

    9:33 Sonic the HedgeCar

  • Edward Burek
    Edward BurekMese fa

    So... when is this going to be Driven to Destruction by Alex from FailRace?

  • West Hunt
    West HuntMese fa

    when will we get a modern trans am car lapping the ring jimmy?

  • SlimLacy
    SlimLacyMese fa

    Samir please!

  • MrIvs
    MrIvsMese fa

    3:58 you set my Alexa off lmao

  • Dave Cam
    Dave CamMese fa

    You made my Alexa talk. Nearly shit myself!

  • Will See
    Will SeeMese fa

    6:56 ... when you’re in the bedroom with your woman and she does something entirely new...

  • TD Sport
    TD SportMese fa

    What game is this?

  • Jurrian Mulder
    Jurrian MulderMese fa

    you should do some dragracing once. then top speed isn't the only thing that matters. way more interesting ;)

  • Matt Kelly
    Matt KellyMese fa

    how do u not have 1m subs yet?

  • Callum Burton
    Callum BurtonMese fa

    Good video jimmy😃👍

  • Purwanti Allan
    Purwanti AllanMese fa

    This car is STRANGELY FAST.

  • moonlight
    moonlightMese fa

    FH4 players: “amateur”

  • RisenFlow
    RisenFlowMese fa

    1000F tire temp at braking🤣

  • Rocket Legue
    Rocket LegueMese fa

    What was the Second Game?

  • Nicky Poundtown
    Nicky PoundtownMese fa

    I'm convinced Jimmy is Jo Bonnier reincarnated They look the same and share the same initials

  • Michael Schnell
    Michael SchnellMese fa

    Could anyone tell me what game/program he used to design the car?

  • Quasimo


    Mese fa


  • Alex Taigel
    Alex TaigelMese fa

    Does anyone have a link to the original stream?

  • 1320crusier
    1320crusierMese fa

    But what does it run on the nurburgring?

  • Bradman
    BradmanMese fa

    5:50 "Pronto, valtteri Yes? ... Sbinalla"

  • G-BT
    G-BTMese fa

    16 cylinders! Haven't you learned anything from BRM history Jimmer?

  • OugaBoogaShockwave
    OugaBoogaShockwaveMese fa

    have this game on wish list for a long while, looks like it's getting much better then like 4-5yrs ago. Might finally get it on a sale.

  • bbotelhoHI
    bbotelhoHIMese fa

    There’s the turboFUCK! 🤣

  • matthew northrop
    matthew northropMese fa

    So what mod is this

  • Marco Christian Magno
    Marco Christian MagnoMese fa

    *Shinyodd joins the chat*

  • Roken
    RokenMese fa

    The Tekken 3 soundtrack in this is unexpected but is appropriately fire

  • Cameron Schwing
    Cameron SchwingMese fa

    I have a car that goes 560 and then blows up lmaoo

  • Catnip
    CatnipMese fa

    Devil Z. But in red instead of midnight blue. Jimmy is his own Kitami-kun.

  • Alex Helton
    Alex HeltonMese fa

    The text came on as I started using my hands

  • Sid Leth
    Sid LethMese fa

    New intro looks kinda like neils

  • Robin27
    Robin27Mese fa

    How the fuck you know I was measuring with my hands

  • Owen Roberts
    Owen RobertsMese fa

    POV : You looked for your name in the chat during this video.

  • Lazily Linear
    Lazily LinearMese fa

    Jimmer bread bag

  • StoneApollyon
    StoneApollyonMese fa

    0:40 when the nitros finally kicks in

  • Lotus
    LotusMese fa

    "There's the turbo! Fuck!"

  • ImBarryScottCSS
    ImBarryScottCSSMese fa

    Shit turbo wheel came off. Sorry no I mean the turbo ripped the actual wheel off.

  • Tyindel
    TyindelMese fa

    Anyone know where I can watch the full stream? I love the automation streams and missed this one but at least this one got a highlights video

    NINALMese fa

    i tried to make the fastest car and hit 836km/h

  • Joseph Krakowski
    Joseph KrakowskiMese fa

    5:49 sounds Like peter griffin transcended

  • blogtwot
    blogtwotMese fa

    Hopefully the first ever racing champ to wear a cardigan. Couple of years and it'll be a pipe and a rough shag 😂

  • Linus Peikert
    Linus PeikertMese fa

    1:20 song?

  • Tom Bell
    Tom BellMese fa

    The ridge race revolution music for that split second was wholesome

  • Matas Vinikaitis
    Matas VinikaitisMese fa

    Oo nice stream highlight video!

  • Rufus Thomas
    Rufus ThomasMese fa

    Please let 4:46 be a donation sound effect

  • hvymtal
    hvymtalMese fa

    Gotta use a car with a lower coefficient of drag next time Jimmer! The 420 awaits!

  • Bertie
    BertieMese fa

    has anyone got the link for the full unlisted stream? :)

  • Devil bub
    Devil bubMese fa

    If being an american has taught me anything. It's that pushrod engines have smaller physical size that's due to the cam being inside the block.

  • Mythiceu
    MythiceuMese fa

    Theese streams are always funny

  • You Need A Hospital To Cure Your Stupitity
    You Need A Hospital To Cure Your StupitityMese fa

    Scott Manely who made a 1000+ MPH car in Kerbal Space Program: *You gotta bump those numbers up, those are rookie numbers* Edit: Jeezus chirst yall cant take a joke

  • bruh moment

    bruh moment

    29 giorni fa

    KSP is an totally different thing mate.

  • Cři


    Mese fa

    Auh that's a totally different Game which has rockets that he can just strap on to car to make it really fast. That's an unfair advantage yah know

  • Qunia
    QuniaMese fa

    If you want *fast*. Get the “Superhero bus” from WBIMP modpack. Or the Miramar hotrod mod.

  • Tony Y.
    Tony Y.Mese fa

    How to create the devel 16: Just use Beam NG


    Shinyodd 2 seconds later: **spams best parts intensifies**

  • Andrew
    AndrewMese fa

    Jimmer whack some nos in and see what that's does at 420 mph hahahahahahahahaahaha

  • Bas Henneken
    Bas HennekenMese fa

    Does anyone have a link to the original stream?

  • Kyle Brown
    Kyle BrownMese fa

    you can change the units from the scary Australian ones in the settings :)

  • Pedro Teodoro
    Pedro TeodoroMese fa

    0:41 "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" -Jimmer, 2021

  • TheTerryTurbo123
    TheTerryTurbo123Mese fa

    Man's like 30 odd. Needs a job and a girlfriend sharpish

  • WJL
    WJLMese fa

    4:11 He knows!

  • Cameron Creates
    Cameron CreatesMese fa

    What game is this?

  • Bryan Ringel

    Bryan Ringel

    Mese fa

    Automation to create the car, then exported to BeamNG to drive the car.

  • GoredonTheDestroyer
    GoredonTheDestroyerMese fa

    FUN FACT: This car's engine makes more horsepower than that of a P-51 Mustang's Packard V-1650 Merlin 27 litre V12.

  • Ke Man
    Ke ManMese fa

    Shinyodd ain't gonna like this one

  • Zack of All Trades
    Zack of All TradesMese fa

    1:58 when you’re unsure if its the wind or a drifting hero bus about to smash your house

  • Veejay S.
    Veejay S.Mese fa

    This was a good edit!

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