Watch A Man With Ruined Arms Try To Drive An F1 Car


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  • Mikko Rantalainen
    Mikko Rantalainen14 giorni fa

    Do you think that wearing a real helmet in a sim would improve the immersion of the sim?

  • Mikko Rantalainen
    Mikko Rantalainen14 giorni fa

    I'd love to see a video from your home made Praga sim where you explain where you feel it matches the real world well and where the most problems are. You already mentioned that the brake pedal is even more stiff in real world. I think you already had the stiffest springs available for the sim but perhaps there's still something to be done.

  • Mikko Rantalainen
    Mikko Rantalainen14 giorni fa

    I think attaching the camera to rollcage is the correct solution but you need something with much lower natural vibration mode as the padding. Probably some kind of soft rubber padding between the camera and the rollcage? If you can get the vibration down to level where individual frames look clean it's fine because then software stabilization can take care of the rest. As long as the vibration is too bad to blur every frame there's no way to salvage the footage properly.

  • Flo Vi
    Flo Vi17 giorni fa

    Ya know, jimmer do be a real epic dude

  • Stephen Trout
    Stephen Trout17 giorni fa

    1:46:22 for race start.

  • Adam Sutcliffe
    Adam Sutcliffe18 giorni fa

    Rate lad proper driver

  • Marko Stojadinović
    Marko Stojadinović18 giorni fa

    I still can't believe you are doing this! So proud of you man!

  • Marko Stojadinović
    Marko Stojadinović18 giorni fa

    Seing simmilar scene like the photo you showed, with glipses of "Jimmy" on your helmet in a f-ing racing car, going wheel to wheel made my day. Congrats Jimmer! It was amazing to see you there!

  • Danijel Teslic
    Danijel Teslic19 giorni fa

    I remember when your F1 videos were getting around 1k likes, now there's 5k likes. So happy for you man :)

  • Underground Devilz
    Underground Devilz19 giorni fa


  • FM Films
    FM Films20 giorni fa

    Jimmer, you need some soft shore rubber (I think around 20 - 40 on the Shore A scale) between the roll cage and gopro mount to try and absorb the high frequency vibration from transferring through.

  • codeREDsim
    codeREDsim20 giorni fa

    BARC increased their YT follower count by 400%, thanks to Jimmer!!

  • Tookster
    Tookster20 giorni fa

    "Watch A Man With Ruined Arms Try To Drive An F1 Car"... checks length of video, SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURE

  • 666louis
    666louis20 giorni fa

    Hey Jimmy, looking leaner and fitter already, although a bit tired. The training pays off it seems. Good luck for your racing season.

  • Callan Boyle
    Callan Boyle20 giorni fa

    Jimmy seems proper confident in himself. So happy for the lispy man

  • Maurice Warfield
    Maurice Warfield20 giorni fa

    Nice lap man whoooooo!

  • MrGreenAKAguci00
    MrGreenAKAguci0020 giorni fa

    32:38 That tag from the Aston Martin hat looks like it has a pint on it. Can't unsee that stuff.

  • Doc Darkness
    Doc Darkness20 giorni fa

    My Daschunds just went mental after hearing your opener 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 they’re like WFT !?!? Woof 🐶

  • SRT 302
    SRT 30220 giorni fa

    Jimmer, I'm buying Heusinkveld sprint pedals, is there a discount code or anything right now?

  • Daren Halfpenny
    Daren Halfpenny20 giorni fa

    Weird! Just watched the BritCar races and the ITfun brought me here!!! Mystical forces, I tell ya. Mystical forces... Top work, sir! Just watch out for those MASSIVE GT-Rs!

  • Ben Bates
    Ben Bates20 giorni fa

    Hecking hell Jimma. So great to see you in a Praga, flowing around Silverstone!

  • Lewis Smith
    Lewis Smith20 giorni fa

    Real Life race driver & large shed owner!

  • BoostCTRL
    BoostCTRL20 giorni fa

    How much nm of force do you think the praga has at it peak when moving?

  • Mal Masters
    Mal Masters20 giorni fa

    So proud and happy for you Jimmer. GG from Australia.

  • jeremeymcdude
    jeremeymcdude20 giorni fa

    Mahaveer Ragunathan For Haas 2022. Replace the russian with the lord of lords

  • dnbmania
    dnbmania20 giorni fa

    What's your diet like at the moment? You should nail some protein throughout the day, 140g or so, and your recovery will be much much quicker

  • MasterSquid YT
    MasterSquid YT20 giorni fa

    Auto ist kaput! Thanks for the stream jimmer

  • MYK
    MYK20 giorni fa

    I just love this version of Deja Vu.What a racer you are btw Jimmy!

  • Mace Windex
    Mace Windex20 giorni fa

    Didn't get a notification for this. Thanks ITfun, not very cool

  • Ryan W
    Ryan W20 giorni fa

    Been waiting for this 😁

  • Blinco15
    Blinco1520 giorni fa

    When’s the silver stone video coming?

  • MJQT
    MJQT20 giorni fa

    2:31:31 Start of a few minutes of deep, down to earth thoughts on all that's gone on in the shed. For all his success now, Jimmy has been through some nasty times, and I'm so happy for him that he can move on and start a new, positive, exciting chapter in his own biiiig shed soon! :) Big love to you Jimmy. Thanks for the fun chatty stream, and fantastic job this weekend at Silverstone!

  • Apex
    Apex20 giorni fa

    So impressed how BARC even went out of their way to make Jimmer fans feel at home by faking some technical difficulties with the timing. ;) 2 amazing results, Jimmy!

  • Andy -
    Andy -20 giorni fa

    Qualy - 1:19:40 Race - 1:39:15

  • julian escobar
    julian escobar20 giorni fa

    Thank you for all of the funs

  • Levy Asu
    Levy Asu20 giorni fa

    26:20 that mask when he speak is killing me

  • Oliver Gaitan
    Oliver Gaitan20 giorni fa

    Do you have video of race

  • Oliver Gaitan

    Oliver Gaitan

    20 giorni fa


  • Ceebass


    20 giorni fa

    @ 10:06

  • Rory Malloy
    Rory Malloy20 giorni fa

    That pic is fire and congrats on a great weekend.

  • Jens Stolpmann
    Jens Stolpmann20 giorni fa

    Regarding the race accident between Bottas and Russel I think, it was a normal racing accident, but it was also stupid from Bottas, how he drove. It doesn't matter, if he was in the right or not, if it was to the rules or not. I mean, it's not outside the rules, to spin your car or to crash it into the wall, but it's stupid to do so. If you want to finish a race, you have to drive in a way, that doesn't provoke crashes. The way Bottas overtook Russel was at least careless. As the more experienced race driver he should have foreseen, what might have happened and avoided it, by giving Russel a bit more room and not pushing him outside the dry lane too much. This way, it was an expensive experience for both of them. My advice to them: drive smarter.

  • DarVienasAs


    20 giorni fa

    What?? Were we watching the same race? Russel was overtaking, not Bottas. And Bottas was driving racing line, Russel was with DRS and full accel on wet part - how is that Bottas fault? Should he just brake and go on grass because "future champion who still has no points for Williams" is coming by?

  • Hayden Kapoor
    Hayden Kapoor20 giorni fa

    gotta say love j vibin to jimmy’s goofy ass while i drive on my own sim-rig...keeps me from not loosing my shit lol

  • Glassjar34
    Glassjar3420 giorni fa

    Who taught Jimmer how to dress?

  • BoostCTRL


    20 giorni fa

    Nobody :(

  • Zach Rowe
    Zach Rowe20 giorni fa

    Russell needs to eat his words and actions like a gourmet meal in order to stay in the good graces of his fans and Mercedes.

  • Simon Markham
    Simon Markham20 giorni fa

    27:11 NSFW Jimmer

    DVAFP20 giorni fa

    Jimmy: road to Le Mans

  • Anderson Jukebox
    Anderson Jukebox20 giorni fa

    That wallpaper with the car and showing your helmet in full view. I cant think of a single coolest picture to have of oneself. So cool man!

  • Clayton Eifert

    Clayton Eifert

    20 giorni fa

    Those Pragas look like the absolute business. Can't believe he's actually doing it

    WILD FX20 giorni fa

    Get back on da froughtill

  • Thomas Baldwin
    Thomas Baldwin21 giorno fa

    Formula E should use you as a guest commentator! - They'll get 5K extra viewers and your actually good commentary skills and banter combined with Jack and Dario would be a great combo!

  • 3 4

    3 4

    19 giorni fa

    @Draugr cus the sport sucks?

  • Draugr


    20 giorni fa

    FE does not deserve him.



    20 giorni fa

    I was so pissed when formula e website said Sunday s eprix on BBC rb, but I actually had to stream

  • spinnala


    20 giorni fa


  • MJQT


    20 giorni fa

    That'd be incredible!

  • Matt
    Matt21 giorno fa

    Fucking class. I’m so weirdly proud of him. Just class.

  • Ben Conway
    Ben Conway21 giorno fa

    Well that man would be Senna then when his gears were stuck in 6th gear so he just threw his car round the track in Brazil i think that race was

  • Norm MacLeod
    Norm MacLeod21 giorno fa

    Always amazes me when you do your own commentary, even more so in real life. And your irl skills are obvious. Good Luck Jimmy.

  • Clinton Nkpa
    Clinton Nkpa21 giorno fa

    I was today years old when I realized Jimmies outro to his videos was from one of the greatest racing animes from the 90'sto ever grace the internet and now it sounds even better.

  • Kami Sama

    Kami Sama

    21 giorno fa

    Just the outro? ;)

  • Evan Scanlan
    Evan Scanlan21 giorno fa

    Sore arms boi

  • Jake Eisler
    Jake Eisler21 giorno fa

    Jimmy Broadbent: RACING DRIVER!!!!

  • Draugr


    20 giorni fa

    No longer one of us.

  • yes D

    yes D

    21 giorno fa

    Why are you the only comment

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