Taking On The World's Most Dangerous Hill Climb In 3 Wheeler With Nitrous


Yep, you read that right.
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  • GrimVission
    GrimVissionGiorno fa

    The keyboard on the bed looks like it's made of eraser rubber.

  • Mysterygamer26 0000
    Mysterygamer26 000022 giorni fa

    Who lives in a shed at the bottom of there mother’s garden jimmy broadbent

  • Jay Patel
    Jay Patel22 giorni fa

    I like the gt2 music in the background 😂👌🏽

  • Phil Lewis
    Phil Lewis27 giorni fa

    "Lol" brand nitrous 😂

    DRAGON BASSMese fa

    what is the map called?

  • tyr Brawler
    tyr BrawlerMese fa

    leginement pee pee 9:40 at the gforce

  • Guy Man
    Guy ManMese fa

    I like jimmys silly videos .

  • -ByyBaU-
    -ByyBaU-Mese fa

    First Time I see someone using Alexa in a useful way

  • Cyan
    CyanMese fa

    It can absolutely take the 150 shot if you wouldn't do it at what must have been 100 RPM. Why did I assume you knew things about cars again?

  • GameRusher
    GameRusherMese fa

    i will make a race pigeon for u

  • Lucius
    LuciusMese fa

    At 13:25 Slewing: "Keep your foot in it." Yawing: "Keep your foot in it." Pitching: "Keep your foot in it." Rolling (car is bumpy side up): "Keep your foot in it."

  • Scheffel
    ScheffelMese fa

    question to the shedboy simracer... have you ever took a look at the rally Dakar game that came out some time ago?

  • Ida hoe
    Ida hoeMese fa

    the higher you get the less powerful the cars are, like real life

  • Tuppy
    TuppyMese fa

    I’m quickly understanding why there’s so many parts in the lower areas of the track

  • Adorbs
    AdorbsMese fa

    Didn’t know pigeons had vtec

  • Mojo Joji
    Mojo JojiMese fa

    Nitrous in the left side for weight distribution 👌🏽

  • og boss
    og bossMese fa


  • Refined_Turbo
    Refined_TurboMese fa

    Pooor pigeon!!

  • MrnintendoSEGAfan1
    MrnintendoSEGAfan1Mese fa

    THICC Praga racing shed dweller goes into bushes? Makes sense

  • djay4487 deved
    djay4487 devedMese fa

    ok jimbo now figure out how to get the 12 speed in the T series to work on a 6 speed shifter and take a fully loaded trailer up pikes peak also i dare you to put the 600cc EFI 12k ripms ripper in the pidgeon its a motorcycle engine and it is hellish to drive

  • Michael Ostrowski
    Michael OstrowskiMese fa

    Always thirsting for more beamng, can’t wait for your next livestream I enjoyed watching all 9 hours of beamng stuff you had

  • robert3579
    robert3579Mese fa

    Thats not nitros bottle. Thats LOL factor bottle!

  • FatMenBeTrippin
    FatMenBeTrippinMese fa

    8:30 have you accidentally mapped the windows, swear they keep going up and down

  • Lopo2211
    Lopo2211Mese fa

    Imagine he did this in VR

  • Juan Sánchez
    Juan SánchezMese fa

    My favourite part was the descent

  • Paweł Warowny
    Paweł WarownyMese fa

    I love this GT music in background

  • Freddy797
    Freddy797Mese fa

    Why don't you use the 600cc engine?.

  • Brendan Doyle
    Brendan DoyleMese fa

    There is a motorcycle engine for the Pigeon, also a locking rear axle and a swaybar... doesn't really help but makes you think it does, hahaha.

  • brian ejiogu
    brian ejioguMese fa

    i like how you speak

  • Adam Walczak
    Adam WalczakMese fa

    What is this map?

  • Dallas Bays
    Dallas BaysMese fa

    That wheel looks uncomfortable with street games

  • Miguel Bigott
    Miguel BigottMese fa

    *Has all 4 tires pointing towards the sky Jimmer: “KEEP YOUR FOOT IN IT”

  • theBMWF48dude
    theBMWF48dudeMese fa

    jimmy, banging the limiter off your GTR is more of a reward for your neighbour than punishment. he’s gonna be enjoying that RB26 sound.

  • Bertram Raven
    Bertram RavenMese fa

    It is oft said "Everything is better with a V10." Let's all sing "Catch the Pigeon."

  • viggo olsen
    viggo olsenMese fa

    Try playing vr in a reliant robin

  • Manwitha Machinegun
    Manwitha Machinegun2 mesi fa

    Honestly, Jimmy, you're a lovely guy... but nitrous doesn't make everything better, imo unsustainable power is just boring lol.

  • TheDark Whisper
    TheDark Whisper2 mesi fa

    I hear classic Gran Turismo theme song, I can't help but to tap like

  • Drunk3n_M0nk
    Drunk3n_M0nk2 mesi fa

    Jimmy: Let's add some nitrous! GT music: LOUD NOISES!!!!!!!

  • Brady's Beater
    Brady's Beater2 mesi fa

    uhnuhvva video sorry jimmer

  • Jack Royall
    Jack Royall2 mesi fa

    I doubt you will see this but Im never normally this late to your videos😂Wanted to say a big thank you jimmer you never fail to make me laugh keep up the great content

  • Yakiv Kiy
    Yakiv Kiy2 mesi fa

    0:35 😂👌💯🔥

  • Adrian Breban
    Adrian Breban2 mesi fa

    The other , faster, pigeon has 79 hp !!!

  • Bowie5_8
    Bowie5_82 mesi fa

    Did he get ffb to work?

  • Doctor Dischord
    Doctor Dischord2 mesi fa

    Hey Jimmer. Take the X2010 but do it *down* the mountain.

  • P. luna
    P. luna2 mesi fa

    how about we turn it to a real racecar that can compete with Gt2 cars?

  • Alex Goifa
    Alex Goifa2 mesi fa

    I love that you use Gran Turismo 2 music in your videos

  • au3fek
    au3fek2 mesi fa

    11:50 man said straight line lets give it also man /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\//\/\/\/\/\/\/\\//\/\/\/\/

  • BigMilan
    BigMilan2 mesi fa

    loved it :) More like this plz

  • Colin Reece
    Colin Reece2 mesi fa

    "Nitrous just makes everything better, doesn't it?" *James Taal has entered the chat*

  • Youssef Hesham
    Youssef Hesham2 mesi fa

    Who else didn't know that beamng had a elevation effect?

  • Ashley Stoker
    Ashley Stoker2 mesi fa

    Have you ever thought about flipping the webcam picture so the steering matches what's on-screen??

  • Dwi Jatmiko
    Dwi Jatmiko2 mesi fa

    6:00 you takumi'd

  • Ramon Cowell
    Ramon Cowell2 mesi fa

    6:52 Richard Hammond did that in a 3 wheeler!

  • Adam Ramzy
    Adam Ramzy2 mesi fa

    bruv can you get a proper mic I dont wanna listen to a nascar radio all the time, but love your vids you rock

  • Brady Prince
    Brady Prince2 mesi fa

    Best mod map ever. I got a 11 minute no re-spawn base to top time.

  • Gavin Nederpel
    Gavin Nederpel2 mesi fa

    I want to ask something i got beamng drive but i stil dont know how to do this 2:10 can some one explane how to activate it?

  • Sentinel 48
    Sentinel 482 mesi fa

    Does Jimmy have a referral code for Automation?

  • Peppi
    Peppi2 mesi fa

    that "ah coffee" should be the new cheese meme

  • YaBoii JMC
    YaBoii JMC2 mesi fa

    jimmy there is a mod with indestructible engine blocks

  • vadrada
    vadrada2 mesi fa

    Hey Jimmy, I wondered if you have had the opportunity to drive a 3 wheeler in real life, if not when things are a little less mental you are welcome to drive mine as we are both UK based, just be a bit of a giggle you think?

  • a persun that likes cats
    a persun that likes cats2 mesi fa

    The lesson here is, NOS is a drug.

  • Kala Ukko
    Kala Ukko2 mesi fa

    Play madalin stunt cars 2

  • Noukz
    Noukz2 mesi fa

    (Almost) muscular white boi edging a boosted pigeon on a mountain. (Explicit)

  • treschlet
    treschlet2 mesi fa

    I like when it said "henlo"

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith2 mesi fa

    Jimmy, what do you do with your old racing wheels and pedals?? Are you selling any old ones?? I've only recently acquired a PS4 Pro, and have GT Sport, Project Cars 2, and Asseto Corsa Competizione, but no wheel or pedals... what's a good intermediate quality one here in 2021 that would best suit me on a "last-gen" console?? Thanks for the advice, man! Love the channel!

  • Jacob Foster
    Jacob Foster2 mesi fa

    Only 720p?

  • E.A Gamer
    E.A Gamer2 mesi fa

    6:00 he Takumi'd

    MAKKI2 mesi fa

    Thicc Britman drinking coffee?!

  • James Thompson
    James Thompson2 mesi fa

    This was amazing fun to watch! Thank you :-D

  • James
    James2 mesi fa

    jimmy needs to keep his long hair, it suits him so much more

  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith2 mesi fa

    Why does no one use the 600cc motorcycle engine

  • Savage king2000
    Savage king20002 mesi fa

    Nitro Made Pigeon VTEC

  • Ke Man
    Ke Man2 mesi fa

    When the vtec kicks in

  • Josh Hust
    Josh Hust2 mesi fa

    this has great "jeremy clarkson in a robin" vibes

  • Stephen Boxall
    Stephen Boxall2 mesi fa

    "It's nothing... then BAM" *80's turbo F1 cars have entered the chat*

  • DTMM07 _
    DTMM07 _2 mesi fa

    Btw there is a V8 pidgin mod

  • Aki Salmenaho
    Aki Salmenaho2 mesi fa

    I do this stuff every day, and I assure you, it is as fun as it looks.

  • Sithhy
    Sithhy2 mesi fa

    Can't believe he didn't go for the bike engine one with a locked diff

  • Andrew Oliver
    Andrew Oliver2 mesi fa

    11:03 BUGGER OFF, BANG

  • Kiblanjofski
    Kiblanjofski2 mesi fa

    I love the GT soundtrack it takes me back

  • S. Baldrick
    S. Baldrick2 mesi fa

    That Pigeon single peggers better than any Commodore could

  • TheDistractedCanadian
    TheDistractedCanadian2 mesi fa

    Jimmy I got a question man how do you get sponsorships for toys wheels and stuff I wanna do racing streams like you cause I’m not in the best shape to do actual racing my body can’t handle extreme heat so It’ll be almost impossible to keep myself in a 145+ degree car but I love driving help me man😣😞

  • ibbopaul
    ibbopaul2 mesi fa

    Give it the Beans you’ve been watching Sarah.n.Tuned

  • cyclonicleo
    cyclonicleo2 mesi fa

    Jimmy, making pigeons fly. Like a good pigeon-fancier.

    Theo FATALEIV2 mesi fa

    Jimmer : sees a pigeon * I can milk you *

  • Owen Carney
    Owen Carney2 mesi fa

    can you find Colin McRae rally first racing game i played and fell in love. or maybe Colin McRae rally 2.0. codemasters game so it was good for the time.

  • Ti.
    Ti.2 mesi fa

    Theres a mod called “SUPERNOS” which gives u up to like 1500kw shots. +endless nos bottle. +crazy powerful radiators. Theres also a mod called “Indestructible engines” which makes any stock engines in the game able to take insane amounts of nos like 1000kw easy.

  • Big Shagger Lengman
    Big Shagger Lengman2 mesi fa

    I would've seen this car being made live but I may have fallen asleep

  • Marius Vangen
    Marius Vangen2 mesi fa

    Ridge Racer Revelution music in the beginning ❤️👌

  • confuseatronica
    confuseatronica2 mesi fa

    I love underpowered utility cars- you can focus on efficient driving lines and shifting without worrying about rolling the car and dying... (so of course they remove a front wheel)

    NASCAR24JG2 mesi fa

    Hey Jimmer... I bet you've already heard about Murray... you should do a video about how much he meant to you.



    2 mesi fa

    @ColTaylorDyath R.I.P. Murray

  • ColTaylorDyath


    2 mesi fa

    Absolutely. Farewell to a legend.

  • dbdchristopher
    dbdchristopher2 mesi fa

    It's a reliant robin!

  • scooter1261
    scooter12612 mesi fa

    I love how the nitrous bottle says LOL on it 😂😂

  • Georgia McDermott
    Georgia McDermott2 mesi fa

    Virgin GT-R? Chad Pigeon

  • Alfie.m15
    Alfie.m152 mesi fa

    what pc do you have ?

  • Enmanuel Rodriguez
    Enmanuel Rodriguez2 mesi fa

    plz do a setup tour for 2021 plz

  • Ashley Symonds
    Ashley Symonds2 mesi fa

    I haven't laughed this hard in so long. Thanks Jimmy 👍

  • Mr.ThisGuy Bruhingham
    Mr.ThisGuy Bruhingham2 mesi fa

    6:49 the pigeon going into the bushes to find a new jimmer because it didnt like the old one

  • Nicolas Misael
    Nicolas Misael2 mesi fa

    Warning: Danger To The Mainfold

  • Roblox Aer cool
    Roblox Aer cool2 mesi fa

    Hey jimmy when aer you doing your next rece irl

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