Let's Try To Build A Racing Car!


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  • Kevin Stubbs
    Kevin Stubbs9 giorni fa

    2:29:04 that’s kinda genius though

  • Adam The Turtle
    Adam The Turtle18 giorni fa

    "I've never had a curve looking that good" Then stop using Turbochargers once in a while and have a natural power curve! xD

  • 100percent legal
    100percent legalMese fa

    Im suprised i pulled a 1:17 with a 410 hp 1000kg rwd car

  • Bilbo Fappins
    Bilbo FappinsMese fa

    "Has their ever been a FWD V12?" Yes, in 1931. Packard Twinsix.

  • AmaRuq 91
    AmaRuq 91Mese fa

    if you want, it would be so nice if make a stream complete in german

  • André Anders
    André AndersMese fa

    Did you ever had the Biscoff spread?

  • Cjl89 x
    Cjl89 xMese fa

    What game is thid

  • James Fairfield
    James FairfieldMese fa

    gotta love those bald eagles

  • Anvarynn
    AnvarynnMese fa

    Idk what he's doing wrong to not get downforce without using wings, my cars work just fine *As a test I made a car with that body style and it's got 1600lbs rear and 1300lbs front

  • Nik Foad
    Nik FoadMese fa

    Does anyone know what game this is ???

  • Flowers In Athens

    Flowers In Athens

    3 giorni fa


  • 2sik_UK
    2sik_UKMese fa

    You should make a 1999 subaru impreza / mitsubishi evo rival! How epic would that be

  • chapel976
    chapel976Mese fa

    uh, why don't the hp/tq curves cross at 5252?

  • Ben Peters-Brown
    Ben Peters-Brown2 mesi fa

    Cant wait for jimmer to figure out you can turn off gearbox assists for full manual sim

  • CloudyWeaf
    CloudyWeaf2 mesi fa

    Nice thumbnail lmao

  • MrGreenAKAguci00
    MrGreenAKAguci002 mesi fa

    The splitter can't really be at an angle, it never is, especially if you want a ground effect car with a diffuser. The big boy diffuser that the car would just leave behind maybe can be attached to another rear bumper with a room for it? That could be worth a try.

  • Daniel Addison
    Daniel Addison2 mesi fa

    What is the name of the tune at 1:56:00

  • ParryHotter
    ParryHotter2 mesi fa

    Jimmy please start actually editing the shapes of the bodies instead of just always going for the shapes they come with

  • Jeffafa Laureanti
    Jeffafa Laureanti2 mesi fa

    I understand ITfun is a drag rightnow, but thank you for live streaming still. Makes my day.

  • Martin Bernath
    Martin Bernath2 mesi fa

    Cant deform or cony

  • Class 800
    Class 8002 mesi fa

    Mint Floyd - The great rig in the sky

  • Zack Teague

    Zack Teague

    Mese fa

    Mint Barrett

  • MidnightMarauder
    MidnightMarauder2 mesi fa

    Alright Jimmy I'm not sure if this is the place but I recently quit my channel didn't take it down just left it around so I could contact other content creators. I've been a huge fan of yours since the start and even though you've probably never heard of me I'm asking for your help on behalf of the community. Mike from SimRacing604 is under attack unlawfully by SIM Dream development for criticising them and they've already taken action to shut down his channel. You're a huge inspiration to us all and I am begging that you bring to light this issue. Thank you Jimmers.

  • Peter Schumacher
    Peter Schumacher2 mesi fa

    All stream he's like "We need to make a NORMAL CAR! No meme car!" then I had this in the background so I could just listen to Jimmy's sweet dulcet voice as I worked, and I came back to the video and saw 2:23:00. For fucks sake. Like, Jesus Horatio Facefucker. What hath Jimmer brought into this cursed world?

  • harry199


    2 mesi fa

    That description is immaculate

  • rusty potts
    rusty potts2 mesi fa

    You should twin super charge that engine

  • where's fillman86
    where's fillman862 mesi fa

    "lips" don't give downforce in BeamNG unfortunately. So you should use wings, and paint them invisible if you don't want to see weird front wings

  • mikey girard
    mikey girard2 mesi fa

    Dream didn't cheat...

  • Daniel White
    Daniel White2 mesi fa

    I dont mean anything offensive by this but has Jimmy had some work down to fix his lisp? i noticed in older videos, especially vlogs, that he had quite a pronounced lisp but its disappeared over the past year or so.

  • Kerem Ozurun
    Kerem Ozurun2 mesi fa

    I just had the weirdest dream that was about you. You were in your shed, recording and you were talking something about "The Stig". Suddenly you got surrounded with every Stig, then Hammond and May swoops in to surprise you. After that the wall on your back opens up and your recording cams view slowly pivots through it while Clarkson arrives in a car. He said something which i can not remember what it was and it ends there... WTH?!

  • Kerem Ozurun

    Kerem Ozurun

    Mese fa

    @Jaime M Yeah but now i know why. I started to watch the video, falled asleep, then the part came up in the video where jimmy told about his dream, then my brain wanted to play a game :/ (btw that is a good dream for me)

  • Jaime M

    Jaime M

    Mese fa

    Oh man i wish i had dreams like that 😂

  • Robdc
    Robdc2 mesi fa

    Hey Jimmy, have you heard what's happened with Sim Racing 604 and Sim Dream Developments? It's absolutely disgraceful what SDD are doing, steeling other people's mods and selling them for money, when Sim Racing 604 tried to expose them, they copyright strike his channel.

  • Sixstar Horizon
    Sixstar Horizon2 mesi fa

    Your food choices are so fucking on point. Only add chocolate to the biscoffs and you're set.

  • Barraccuda II
    Barraccuda II2 mesi fa

    Stream starts at 5:06

  • DutchDragon24


    Mese fa

    Let me listen to the Euro-Fi!!!! }>

  • Mason Ward

    Mason Ward

    Mese fa

    Thank you 😂

  • A mouldy Sandwich
    A mouldy Sandwich2 mesi fa

    Welcome to jimmy fucks up and makes a good car

  • F1Jones
    F1Jones2 mesi fa

    How is it I've never seen this game on steam?? Can't unsee it now, only option now is to buy it.

  • mrRufffnTumble
    mrRufffnTumble2 mesi fa

    What was the Corde? I know it was one if not the first FWD but did it have a v8? I thought jag made a fwd v12 but I'm probably wrong

  • D Max
    D Max2 mesi fa

    Jimmy, hello.. You gotta say something here.. SimRacing 604 is getting hosed big time. I'm a super small channel compared to you but you got clout my friend.. You GOTTA SAY Something Brother.. This is a complete Crap MESS.. Jimmy.. You got this.. Put a Hammer down and show some support for your Bros.. *DMAX motion sim channel. *

  • Averna
    Averna2 mesi fa

    That canard realization at 1:28:35 was so damn funny.

  • Averna


    2 mesi fa

    @kieran o'donnell Before that he was having problems putting canards on the front for aero. He couldn't figure out why it was handling like a turd afterwards until seeing the elusive remote mount canards off in the distance.

  • kieran o'donnell

    kieran o'donnell

    2 mesi fa

    Am I dumb, what was going on there?

  • S85B50 Engine
    S85B50 Engine2 mesi fa

    Should have been a 72 degree V10. That's the secret pf why the 1LR sounds so good.

  • Piroz Contractor
    Piroz Contractor2 mesi fa

    Seeing the Simracing604 comments and just coming from Twitter, it's good to see you're taking a stand for the SIM racing community to protect the treasure that is Simracing604.

  • Jari Gustafsson
    Jari Gustafsson2 mesi fa

    Is Jimmy gonna give his helping hand for Mike @SimRacing604 against SimDream copyright strike garbage?

  • Bald_Leprechaun
    Bald_Leprechaun2 mesi fa


  • Simon Olsen
    Simon Olsen2 mesi fa

    Too busy, or too comfortable to make a stand in support of Simracing 604 there Jim?

  • Piroz Contractor

    Piroz Contractor

    2 mesi fa

    He's spoke about it on Twitter, check it out. Hopefully he'll make a video but let's see.

  • General Guilmon
    General Guilmon2 mesi fa

    Oh god... he actually made a NASCAR with F1 technology!

  • General Guilmon
    General Guilmon2 mesi fa

    How does JImmer manage to make a front diffuser look good?

  • Gohn Home

    Gohn Home

    2 mesi fa

    Because there’s no such thing

  • Beni Stingray
    Beni Stingray2 mesi fa

    Jimmy you had these imbalance with over/understeering at different speeds because your ratios where off. Lets say you have a 40/60 weight distribution, in general you try to match the width of your tyre to that ratio, same with your aero balance so your mechanical and aerodynamik grip are even and matching to your car and then go from there for more specific setup/balance directions.

  • A Balakrishnan
    A Balakrishnan2 mesi fa

    1:34:45 Clip that.... Shed man roasts Ferrari F1

  • Silki Studio
    Silki Studio2 mesi fa

    2:44:28 the CONEigsegg lads

  • A Balakrishnan

    A Balakrishnan

    2 mesi fa

    1:38:00 also

  • Mike G
    Mike G2 mesi fa

    Don’t ever drink beer like this guy. Ever.

  • Mike G
    Mike G2 mesi fa

    Jimmy go check out wickydkewls page, it’s right up your “alley”. You get to see him use his “alley” too.

  • ekstrajohn
    ekstrajohn2 mesi fa

    Why are these unlisted? I had to go hack the interwebs to find it! Love these streams... Jimmy: maybe you can leave the link to the stream on your twitter next time?

  • Hudson Bebo

    Hudson Bebo

    2 mesi fa

    Unlisted because the recording has to processed before uploading

  • Emmanuel Monge
    Emmanuel Monge2 mesi fa

    I'd like to have seen jim make the biggest v16 but only make like 300 hp

  • RubyRoks
    RubyRoks2 mesi fa

    "Mid Transverse? My god...that'd be cursed" *Sad NSX noises*

  • Andrei Yang

    Andrei Yang

    Mese fa

    @Jusuff nah, that one was the one with the quad pop-ups. Definitely cursed.

  • Jusuff


    Mese fa

    Cizeta V16T too

  • Ben Walker

    Ben Walker

    2 mesi fa

    And MR2 and most recent Lotuses

  • Wirenfeldt1990


    2 mesi fa

    sad Miura noises too

  • Evan Wilson
    Evan Wilson2 mesi fa

    I love how Jimmy's "stressful week" is just him living life like a normal adult. :P

  • WombatGirl
    WombatGirl2 mesi fa

    I dream of the day that Jimmer understands the brake graph and makes brakes appropriately sized to the cars he designs.

  • Kevin Stubbs

    Kevin Stubbs

    9 giorni fa

    Then u get the gt500

  • kartingbeast93
    kartingbeast932 mesi fa

    2:05:38 wheelspin at 190mph jesus

  • r32juan


    2 mesi fa

    He lost traction

  • aSimpleknight
    aSimpleknight2 mesi fa

    Good stream

  • NathBit
    NathBit2 mesi fa

    Hoping that one day Jimmer sets the community a challenge to build him cars in automation for testing in beamNG... the sheer cursed chaos would be epic

  • VampyrMygg


    17 giorni fa

    @sam nope I loved that series, even had an entry, a car that wasn't built to be the most beastly thing, but handled well. :P But... it had a lot of troll entries really, but I suppose seeing someone trying t lap weird wobbly things that have nothing to do on a race track is somewhat entertaining. :P

  • MrGreenAKAguci00


    2 mesi fa


  • X-90


    2 mesi fa

    @sam nope he wasn’t banned, just stopped the series

  • sam nope

    sam nope

    2 mesi fa

    @Dylan Zrim Was that the Failrace Autocross series from a year or so ago? Don't recall him being banned. Then again I only watch every now and then

  • NathBit


    2 mesi fa

    @Dylan Zrim who are 'they'?

  • pyrodude60
    pyrodude602 mesi fa

    Conio is a great friend

  • SnapeIs Snape
    SnapeIs Snape2 mesi fa

    Henlo Unlisted gang :P

  • Mason Ward

    Mason Ward

    28 giorni fa


  • Sabertech


    2 mesi fa


  • JV Shotta

    JV Shotta

    2 mesi fa


  • Gautam Krishna
    Gautam Krishna2 mesi fa

    Why's this unlisted??

  • JV Shotta

    JV Shotta

    2 mesi fa

    Welcome to the Unlisted Gang!!!!

  • ed salt

    ed salt

    2 mesi fa

    The streams are always unlisted

  • Life
    Life2 mesi fa

    LOOL I started the video and he was like "I hope you guys are ready for some..." then I skipped to about 5 mins and he says "FAILS" XD perfect.

  • Martin
    Martin2 mesi fa

    Is Jimmy replying on comments?

  • JV Shotta

    JV Shotta

    2 mesi fa

    We have the comments all to ourselves. Mwah hahaaaa!!!! lol

  • adambarry15_


    2 mesi fa


  • Sabertech
    Sabertech2 mesi fa

    Hello is anyone here?

  • Jonas van Gelder

    Jonas van Gelder

    2 mesi fa


  • WombatGirl


    2 mesi fa


  • Jaden C

    Jaden C

    2 mesi fa


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