I Still CAN'T BELIEVE How Amazing This looks!!! MX5 LIVERY REVEAL!!!


Big shout out to JOYCE DESIGN for absolutely smashing this - www.joycedesign.co.uk/
Sam at AMS Fabrication for making the car look mad - amsfabrication
And to MTech for taking this car to the next level - mtechautomotive.co.uk/
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  • YeeticusAurelius
    YeeticusAurelius17 ore fa

    Mint-choco chip Miata

  • Crispy Raids
    Crispy Raids4 giorni fa

    Why do you include company names, like M-tech, on the livery? It is his personally owned car right? Does he get a discount on the work they do for the car if he puts their name on the car?

  • Dominic Hudson
    Dominic Hudson18 giorni fa

    Congratulations on your race car bro 👍👍👍

  • CPL Noodle
    CPL Noodle22 giorni fa

    ok thats pretty sick

  • BoostCTRL
    BoostCTRL26 giorni fa

    What camera setup is this? It looks amazing. Any color grading?

  • Dean Johnson
    Dean Johnson28 giorni fa

    That mint boi!!

  • Great Britannia Line
    Great Britannia LineMese fa

    My god its actually mint! I am blown away, lets fucking gooooo!!!!!!!! Looks absolutely epic!

  • Arron D
    Arron DMese fa

    Looks great cant wait to see it on the track again

  • TryHard FinessedYou
    TryHard FinessedYouMese fa

    It's not even done.. womp womp

  • Hybrid_Lord TheHigherBreedInc.
    Hybrid_Lord TheHigherBreedInc.Mese fa

    Wow 🤩 wish my rust box looked like that. Still saving to get my sills done 😆. Love it. This is mx goals 👍

  • Bengoddard75
    Bengoddard75Mese fa

    The front splitter is like a table 🤣 it's awesome omg 🥲🥲

  • Rari98
    Rari98Mese fa

    this is sick haha good shit jimmer

  • J. ter Horst
    J. ter HorstMese fa

    Amazing to see man! Can you say what suspension you are running?

  • Matpew
    MatpewMese fa

    e g g

  • GoredonTheDestroyer
    GoredonTheDestroyerMese fa

    I appreciate how the car still looks like shit even though it's completely done up. And I mean that genuinely. This is an automotive polished turd, and it's the best damn one there is.

  • Mark B
    Mark BMese fa

    Sorry. Can’t take anyone seriously wearing face nappies .

  • RazzBerry
    RazzBerryMese fa

    the car looks great, I love seeing you drive real tracks, I just got a g29 a few weeks ago and I want to get a track car.

  • Irvin Ibarra
    Irvin IbarraMese fa

    Please keep up these Real Life videos. Its awesome seeing Sim Racing meet Real Racing.

    WaRLoKWYATTMese fa

    Why do I feel like Jimmy is going to total this car fairly quickly? Lol

  • Gahet
    GahetMese fa

    This is so awesome!

  • AKHDAN Wiratara M
    AKHDAN Wiratara MMese fa

    I am seriously happy for you (damn i am late)

  • Adam C
    Adam CMese fa

    I put off watching this video but i'm so so glad I did. That car is awesome Jimmy! I'll be following all MX5 content now for sure. Good luck and i'm excited to see whats next.

  • Tim Taylor
    Tim TaylorMese fa

    You can't believe it because it isn't true. MX5 are shit.

  • gliderpilotMT
    gliderpilotMTMese fa

    Jimmy, Mazda looking great. A suggestion don’t paint the interior black. When you have to work in there it’s like being in a cave. Paint it mint or light gray. Look at the Global MX-5’s there interiors are light colored. Have fun can’t wait to see final product.

  • David Dimov
    David DimovMese fa

    BMW DCT incoming?

  • ShelBelSaphire
    ShelBelSaphireMese fa

    That mint is absolutely amazing. Great choice

  • John Hosking
    John HoskingMese fa

    Me @ 1:00 in "MINTY BOY!!!????" Me at 3:00 "YES YES YES YESSY YES!!! MINTY BOI!!!" HOLY SHIT THAT WANG

  • MindBlowerWTF
    MindBlowerWTFMese fa

    I'm so happy for You mate.

  • Stu B
    Stu BMese fa

    How much for a wrap?

  • Between 2Spaces
    Between 2SpacesMese fa

    Now its a 701 pound shitbox

  • Aatu Liimatainen
    Aatu LiimatainenMese fa


  • BEAVIS Motorsport
    BEAVIS MotorsportMese fa

    12 months ago I never would've thought that I'd want my MX-5 more like yours, but wow you've transformed it and left mine in the dirt in comparison. I need to find more money for some upgrades!

  • Pedro Paiva
    Pedro PaivaMese fa

    Looking good! The back looks quite fragile and a punterino there would result in more damage than if it had a crash structure, no?

  • Strat 9
    Strat 9Mese fa

    Gotta be worth at least 50 hp

  • Fat Dad Racing
    Fat Dad RacingMese fa

    Looks awesome!!!

  • Kashmiryy
    KashmiryyMese fa

    Jimmer's own little MX-5 cup. Nice one.

  • Lurk
    LurkMese fa

    Seeing Jimmy wear a mask in a pointless situation like this makes me sad

  • AntMan -
    AntMan -Mese fa

    'Holy SH' *AD*

  • The Scooter And Me
    The Scooter And MeMese fa

    I have nice idea for video series for you to fresh up the content. Make a couch series, for example...i found your channel 1 week ago cus i bought my furst wheel in 15 years. Soooo i am noob, why dont you start series 1 time a month where you couch new people to sim how to drive and stuff like this. Ide be happy to be your firts student :D

  • Tim Harris
    Tim HarrisMese fa

    Now, that's a wang !

  • Jacob Evenson
    Jacob EvensonMese fa

    Minty The Miata

  • Sven Milicic
    Sven MilicicMese fa

    Imagine how fast his subs will go up shen he starts racing Hell get to 1 mil in such a small period its gonna be insane. (In case Jimmy reads this i just want to say that i absolitely love the mazda, looks fucking awesome and its probably the best mx5 ive ever seen)

  • Rob Gibson
    Rob GibsonMese fa

    Aero catch backwards! I know for a fact you can put them on correctly (narrow side forward) on an NA Miata. No idea why most people put them on wrong.

  • Katrina Paton
    Katrina PatonMese fa

    Love the combination of gloss mint and matt black, that's one sexy beast!

  • Michał Wilk
    Michał WilkMese fa


  • Chip in4seven
    Chip in4sevenMese fa

    Don't bin it ⛳

  • Birki gts
    Birki gtsMese fa

    That's an awesome livery. Someone needs to mod Jimmy's 2021 MX-5 into assetto corsa. This is every Gran Turismo fan boys wet dream

  • Telemach Breuer
    Telemach BreuerMese fa

    Put all your joy aside. Did you know Sabine Schmitz passed away on March 16 this year? Time for an appraisal of her deeds. RIP Sabine.

  • JoshsComicBin
    JoshsComicBinMese fa

    I'm just going to be honest and say it's pretty damn inspirational seeing you out here making your dreams come true in real time Jimmy. You deserve it mate.

  • mawhinney1987
    mawhinney1987Mese fa

    Fair play lad! Next project is world's fastest road legal shed 🤣

  • bytex666
    bytex666Mese fa

    Amazing job. How can you drive around with such a low front bumper though? Won't it scrape into everything on the road? The cost of all this must be...alot.

  • Alik Nielsen
    Alik NielsenMese fa

    Looks awesome man, take mask off though, I have difficult hearing 🙏

  • Viktor Brøndsted
    Viktor BrøndstedMese fa

    Tbh i think the livery itself is kinda dissapointing, not that i dont like the mint colour but it just looks so basic

  • Chris Porker
    Chris PorkerMese fa

    To each his own i guess lol

  • Yeetyfreety
    YeetyfreetyMese fa

    I think a large rear diff would be nice since that bumper was torn off, also having it so the top of the wheel well has those slots to let off air pressure

  • Scoop The Loop
    Scoop The LoopMese fa

    So so cool.

  • kyle Wiggins117
    kyle Wiggins117Mese fa

    Erm miata photo shoot Insta- that_grape_miata our cars would look sick side by side 👏👌🏻

  • sam guillette
    sam guilletteMese fa

    minty boy!!!!!

  • Lorenzo Bianchi
    Lorenzo BianchiMese fa

    Hi jimmy. A cool video can be "lapping the nordschleife with fiat multipla"

  • Tiago Ferreira
    Tiago FerreiraMese fa

    You are living the dream for us Jimmy Boy! Thanks for your videos and keep up the good work. The MX 5 with the new livery and bodywork is just massive. Congrats

  • LegacyMuse
    LegacyMuseMese fa

    Minty vs. Phil track battle when?

  • SpocksBro
    SpocksBroMese fa

    This man must be swimming in doe. Wouldn't be surprised if he bought a house by now but keeps the shed streaming part because it's kinda part of his brand.

  • Ketan Jain
    Ketan JainMese fa

    Jimmy has more sponsors for his car than Williams does

  • Francis Curran
    Francis CurranMese fa

    Am I only one that thought the front end/rear end on trailer looked like “Teenage Ninja Turtle” face? 😳🤣

  • BlackStar8844
    BlackStar8844Mese fa

    I want to see so badly a collab between Jimmy and Alex from Car Throttle, imagine, two very differetns aproaches to modify a Miata

  • chente2vg
    chente2vgMese fa

    Im 14 and i want my first car to be a miata because of you jimmer

  • michael sutton
    michael suttonMese fa

    I'm happy that you're happy Jimmer.

  • No Tech Drama
    No Tech DramaMese fa

    But how you upload it now to Trading Paints?

  • Beastmaster 64
    Beastmaster 64Mese fa

    uk cleetus

  • Kurt Polter
    Kurt PolterMese fa

    Congrats Jimmy, looking forward to following your TA progress this season!

  • Potta's World
    Potta's WorldMese fa

    Real life Minty looks Mint!!!

  • Torey Pellegrini
    Torey PellegriniMese fa

    Stoked for you, my man! Can't wait to see it in action 🔥🔥

  • Ayrton Senna
    Ayrton SennaMese fa

    Its so 🅱️eautiful!

  • SGR Raider
    SGR RaiderMese fa

    This real life racing is amazing Jimmy. I hope one day to switch on the Le Mans 24hrs and see you racing!

  • Zonno5
    Zonno5Mese fa

    Crazy to think thats the same rusty car that was leaking oil and had pigeons nests inside five years ago.

  • CDehlbom
    CDehlbomMese fa

    Can you do another lap of the transit van around the nordschleife as a tribute to Sabine?

  • Cody Steinbach
    Cody SteinbachMese fa

    as a race driver with a black interior dear god do not paint in black

  • Jon Lawrence
    Jon LawrenceMese fa

    I’m so happy for you Jimmy! You’ve come a long way and I’m looking forward to seeing your real life races!

  • Jacky TheSexyHobbyCook
    Jacky TheSexyHobbyCookMese fa

    RIP Sabine Schmitz

    COLHAWXMese fa

    that looks fucken awesome MINTY!!!!!!!!!!!!! so cool!! so happy for you jimmy!!

  • thatsimracer 666
    thatsimracer 666Mese fa

    Shed boy simracer turns his deathtrap into a better race car

  • PragmaticWisdom
    PragmaticWisdomMese fa

    All I can say is, "Plz no punterino, Jimmer!". This is absolutely fantastic, bring on the Hills!

  • Alexander Morozov
    Alexander MorozovMese fa

    Jimmy, you are the best. Chase your dreams. Best of luck.

  • RS16Gaming
    RS16GamingMese fa

    that moment that jimmy was walking distance from your house and place of work but you didn’t see him :( sad pog moment

  • Martin Valenta
    Martin ValentaMese fa

    Hey Jimmy jump into Transit you can do it. It's time for another sightseeing ride on Nordschleife 👊🤓😁

  • Devon Debastos
    Devon DebastosMese fa

    You're an idol to me Jimmy, stay awesome friend

  • Steffan Rosser
    Steffan RosserMese fa

    Rice'd a mx5

  • Pro Zoomy
    Pro ZoomyMese fa

    It's Mint!!!!! 😊

  • Sapa Lot!
    Sapa Lot!Mese fa

    There are two things missing on the car and I hope they are added soon. First a wing on the front. Second someones face on the back.

  • Luke Thomas
    Luke ThomasMese fa

    My god that splitter.

  • Ste Haughton
    Ste HaughtonMese fa

    Good Luck Jimmer,It Looks Mint Mate 👍👍

  • dnbmania
    dnbmaniaMese fa

    You suit long hair Jimmy. You should go for the film limitless look

  • jthescruff
    jthescruffMese fa

    Can't wait to see the real live stuff! Exciting year ahead, so good luck Jimmer!

  • Allan Murray
    Allan MurrayMese fa

    IRL minty is alive..

  • rainbowblack1
    rainbowblack1Mese fa


  • Noah G
    Noah GMese fa

    I wanna know what’s behind him @12:03

  • Beepstar
    BeepstarMese fa

    Jimmy's MX5 vs Triggers Broom - FIGHT!

  • Wayne Carpena
    Wayne CarpenaMese fa

    Fastest DELIVEROO ever!! Seriously though, they should sponsor you. Really man, cannot wait to see you race the little beauty.

  • Serfonicx Playz
    Serfonicx PlayzMese fa

    1:47 look at the mini cooper livery in the background Sick.

  • Zach Black
    Zach BlackMese fa

    True to form my good man SHE MINT BOIS

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