Can We Get ANOTHER WIN In The PESC All Stars Series?

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  • deadmonkey37
    deadmonkey3723 giorni fa

    You can't Flim Flam the Jim Jam

  • Dhameer Govind
    Dhameer Govind24 giorni fa

    Jimmy you are awesome mate 👏 Inspire many of us

  • Max Ellenberger
    Max EllenbergerMese fa

    WTF is Heikkei thinking there

  • Megatron
    MegatronMese fa

    Never thought I'd hear a Jeb Bush reference on this channel lmao

  • Kyle Kraemer
    Kyle KraemerMese fa

    Jimmy: exhales Other guy: HUEHUEHUEHUE Had to mute eventually, the constant schoolgirl giggles got old fast

  • Matt Kelly
    Matt KellyMese fa

    just finished watching the whole thing, Full punt jimmer well done, that was the best last place finish i;ve ever seen congratulations

  • Diesel Dendy
    Diesel DendyMese fa

    hell yeah! id meet you at the pub!

  • Le Appie
    Le AppieMese fa

    U deserve a better place tho than in a shed ngl

  • Jack Goes
    Jack GoesMese fa

    Hey Jimmy. I saw that you raced in the msvr championship. my dad was in the same race as you, you might recognise my surname.

  • Vidar Ulvedal
    Vidar UlvedalMese fa

    I've watched a couple of your videos now. Top tip; Turn in later. You are losing a lot of time by exiting the corners too slow. Slow in - fast out, as the saying goes. Try practicing postponing your turn in until you can visualize a line that gives you a perfect exit of the corner i.e. the ideal line. Save the racing line for when you are in a challenge for a position.

  • Takumi VS
    Takumi VSMese fa

    you know what jimmy i think fanatec is butch of BS. they are the worst manufacture on the market. i have four dd1 wheels, two csl bases that beyond repairable. i feel this is huge problem in the sim industry as fanatec support is poor and 100% terrible by the looks of the complaints the community has given, and other fellow members has given issue and all they do is send replacement for known brand ambassadors. i want to bring an end to this company poor service by reaching out to all content creators to look into it. i mean linus tech tips nails these companies for bad or poor products. why cant sim content creators make the same rant as them tech content creators. i feel customer are being taken for a ride and no one calling fanatec out. its the top tier brand that has alot of issues that no ones pointing out to the public and for me that false advertisement and misleading the public consumers. thank you kindly for the content keep up the great performance.

  • CarraPenaF1
    CarraPenaF1Mese fa

    Heikki ruined a very beautiful duel

  • Dexz


    Mese fa


  • emy wox
    emy woxMese fa

    irrespocible move by heiki in that 3 wide crash, dude should get a stop go for causing it

  • Dudeth85
    Dudeth85Mese fa

    So when is SHEDCON 2021 happening?

  • Xeno Morph
    Xeno MorphMese fa

    Like Yoda would say it, Fantastic track, it is.

  • Ride’Or’Fly
    Ride’Or’FlyMese fa

    No call of duty player ever got a real life job doing it👌😂

  • Sam Kwant

    Sam Kwant

    Mese fa

    This will sound really stupid, but the Dutch military was hosting a CoD Warzone esports tournament.. Don't think they sent the winning squad to Syria though

  • Matt Kelly
    Matt KellyMese fa

    we don't even gotta remind you how important this is to you. And us. Your grind keeps us happy many times a week again at this point. Your gonna do fine just grind thru it until your body is used to it and you'll be better than ever not only in the sim but irl too. You'll do fine mate, we all believe in you. Most importantly tho have fun!

  • 334 Outdoors
    334 OutdoorsMese fa

    I think I’m going to try and do the 24hrs of lemon in Atlanta

  • ScoredBuffalo31
    ScoredBuffalo31Mese fa

    1:39:20 **Countersteers** The car: WHEEEEEEEEEEE

  • Vincent Evers

    Vincent Evers

    Mese fa

    classic Maxime, she is in my mind not worthy of being in this league. In her live streams with f1 the game or such she blames other for her mistakes.

  • stealthlancer1
    stealthlancer1Mese fa

    So fixed setups and Emeree is pulling away on straights? Ok then.

  • Evan Wilson
    Evan WilsonMese fa

    Who is he playing with / talking too the entire time?

  • Drew Galbraith

    Drew Galbraith

    Mese fa

    Jardier he’s another sim racing youtubers, does a lot of ACC he’s fast and entertaining

  • MiniBomba1995
    MiniBomba1995Mese fa

    1:05:00 Race 1 1:37:10 Race 2

  • Ni Switch

    Ni Switch

    Mese fa


  • Bob Laws
    Bob LawsMese fa

    It’s great to see you in such a good mood, jimmer. Also, don’t look now but I think your IRL driving is improving your Sim racing

  • Malachi O'Neill
    Malachi O'NeillMese fa

    Yellow flag bruh moment

  • julian escobar
    julian escobarMese fa

    Not disappointed at all!! You are a good person, a great youtuber and your driving is amazing. Thank you and dont give up

  • Canadian KRISPY Bacon
    Canadian KRISPY BaconMese fa

    Fixed setups...imho cars are not all created equal in this series.

  • Mouldytoe 34
    Mouldytoe 34Mese fa

    Imagine being so good at online driving you get picked for a real racing team. Bruh. Jimbo is an ultimate being

  • claterr berseker

    claterr berseker

    12 giorni fa

    uh not here to trash my boi jimmer but his times are definitely not on pole on iracing, he’s fast enough to hang on but his fastest lap of the race is normally 1 to even 2 off the top guys, when i watched him at laguna seca in the f3 running 1.16-1.15’s consistently it almost upset me that he got a drive when other ppl are doing the same as him but better but that’s the way it is he’s got a community and he’s a youtube personality. but as someone who runs in top split i can say about 20% of the field in faster than jimmer, but does he deserve yes, do ppl going faster than him do? yes, but i guess having 600k ppl that like u is a requirement lol

  • Heyday123


    Mese fa

    @luan maia suppose you'll never see this for counter strike players then?

  • luan maia

    luan maia

    Mese fa

    imagine playing a videogame so good that people want you to play it for real.

  • Chris Probert
    Chris ProbertMese fa

    Soon it's gonna be weird for you driving sim when you have had so much real racing. Good on ya BOI. Take care and send it

  • Andrew TheSpaceNerd
    Andrew TheSpaceNerdMese fa

    Look at this mans driving Les mans.

  • Hawker Typhoon
    Hawker TyphoonMese fa

    dafunk is this. is this IT? IT? The real life thing? MY MAD BRIT DOING ITTTT!

  • TheRacingBro's
    TheRacingBro'sMese fa

    Well Jimmy if Praga doesn't work out then giving tips for ITfun looks like your second option 🤔

  • Mike333
    Mike333Mese fa


  • LR Exotic Gaming
    LR Exotic GamingMese fa

    Jimmy Broadband

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