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  • Flying Penguin
    Flying Penguin28 giorni fa

    Porsche ., the most out of balance cars,.,. go mid engine and stop killing people , sorry Jimmer

  • Ryan Slept
    Ryan Slept2 mesi fa

    Here is a Question: WHY does Gran Turismo IGNORE historic F1 cars / Race cars from the 50s and 60s? No one says anything about it either. That's crap. there should be cars like: 1966: Brabham BT19, Maserati 250F, 1952: Ferrari 500, 1950: Alfa Romeo 158, 1955: Mercedes-Benz W196 , 1961: Ferrari 156, 1962: BRM P57, 1963: Lotus 25 , 1964: Ferrari 158 , 1965: Lotus 33. 1967: Brabham BT24, 1968: Lotus 49B. Polyphany should stop wasting time with the Vision GT crap and spend that time including these historic cars that mean something. I know it takes a lot longer to create a fake car from scratch than it does to create a actual real life car. Are modern Formula 1 cars cool? Well, they might be cool in terms of their cutting-edge technology and exotic materials, but how many people look at a current F1 car and dream about it? Not many in my experiences. I think most people (regardless of age) will agree the Formula 1 cars of the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s had a personality that today’s machines just don’t have.

  • President of United States or smtg
    President of United States or smtg2 mesi fa

    *i first heard gayman idk why*

  • Daren Halfpenny
    Daren Halfpenny2 mesi fa

    "Hanging my helmet over the side of the bed". 😳

  • Kuveshan Naidoo
    Kuveshan Naidoo2 mesi fa

    Jimmys got the best intro music :D

  • Steve Zeoke
    Steve Zeoke2 mesi fa

    Someone's gonna hurt their neck trying to emulate the grooving birbs one day. (me)

  • Flipflop432
    Flipflop4322 mesi fa

    Question is, will he make the same mistakes when driving for real in Brit Car? I suppose he doesn't have chat to distract him.

  • David Seesahaye
    David Seesahaye2 mesi fa

    It's DE - PEE - A - LO lol

  • d3Rm0Nk
    d3Rm0Nk2 mesi fa

    What I don't understand is like ... all or most of these guys and gals are streaming and still kan ju get on ze zoom pleas ... Man's out here murdering

  • Juuso Lindström
    Juuso Lindström2 mesi fa

    Why not to do intial d 8 with steering wheel

  • Smokey Trellis
    Smokey Trellis2 mesi fa

    Omg Jimmer I've been watching your stuff for ages and somehow wasn't subscribed. I've rectified that now but believe I owe you at least 3 beers after lockdown #3.

  • tyler mirra
    tyler mirra2 mesi fa

    Ugh, bit of a messy day, huh Jim ?

  • Renu Malhotra
    Renu Malhotra2 mesi fa

    Today's live stream???

  • Chris Hover
    Chris Hover2 mesi fa

    well done jimmy, some good racing. didtnt watch this live but watching it back this morning im getting really poor frame rate, is it just me? normally silky smooth on playback

  • Rudy Andersson
    Rudy Andersson2 mesi fa

    Good content of sim racing, , skills really👍

  • 86 Billion Neurons
    86 Billion Neurons2 mesi fa

    Nice, Jimmy first race 5th. 👍 Bad luck for the 2nd race, but still very entertaining from your channel.

  • Danny Mac
    Danny Mac2 mesi fa

    Is ACC cross platform? *edit* nevermind I just looked

  • Eric Coache
    Eric Coache2 mesi fa

    yes you are the bad guy that day :P

  • TexRobNC
    TexRobNC2 mesi fa

    Jimmy, I hope you see this. You really need to work on the self deprecation! You're talented, you're about to be racing FOR REAL. I'm like you, not a cocky person, so any fear of being "overly confident" just isn't really an issue for us, so you need to be building yourself up more than you are. That mistake in the first race, wasn't that bad, and your willingness to "take a penalty" while honorable, was really a racing incident. You saw, or at least we did, how when you are so hard on yourself, and negative, you lose your edge unnecessarily. You were running up on those ahead of you a lot, you had pace. Lastly, and why I paused this and am commenting regarding starting from the back in the feature, because maybe you can't see it from your perspective, but I've watched a lot of people, and done my fair share of racing. You're an excellent over-taker, and racer. And when I say racer, I mean, you shine in races, you're no quali hero, but you are a legitimate force to be reckoned with in races, and consistently rise up to the occasion, time and time again, regardless of who you are racing with. So, congrats on your Praga ride, I and others know why you got it, and I imagine it's only the start.

  • Ketronik


    2 mesi fa

    That's exactly what I think when I see him being too hard on himself. But I think he's aware of it and he's making all the work needed to get there. It just takes time and I think real racing will make him stronger on that regard.

  • BlazingBoxerShorts


    2 mesi fa

    You should mail this to him. I think he'd appreciate it

  • TexRobNC
    TexRobNC2 mesi fa

    Someone needs to make some super high quality paid BeamNG content. I mean, the free stuff is great, but I think if you opened it up to paid content it could be really awesome.

  • Chris Bell
    Chris Bell2 mesi fa

    Good to hear that you should still be moving!

    Theo FATALEIV2 mesi fa

    New content: Jimmy does a workout stream. Thanks for motivating me to start working out. As you say, best thing there for the sadbois.



    2 mesi fa

    @Ian Leavitt yeah I'm also in the USA so I suggested he go procreate with himself. Felt bad about it for a sec but honestly ppl should stop telling other people how to live their lives. Thanks for the kind words and good luck 🙂

  • Ian Leavitt

    Ian Leavitt

    2 mesi fa

    @Theo FATALEIV no problem my man. As an American, i would tell them to go do something rather unpleasant and go about my business anyways. I hope we do a well, good luck on the track and with your goals buddy!



    2 mesi fa

    @Ian Leavitt that's literally the kindest thing I've heard today. Went for a run and just as I was finishing it some guy starting calling me out cuz I wasn't wearing a mask. How tf am I supposed to run with a mask on. Thanks for the kind words bro. Hope we meet on track some day.

  • Ian Leavitt

    Ian Leavitt

    2 mesi fa

    Hey bro, just throwing this out there but you motivated yourself. Dont discredit that at all, it is huge. Jimmy may have given you the inspiration to want to change yourself but you created the motivation in yourself. Thats no small feat man and im proud of you, keep it up. Not talking shit against u or jimmer, just giving my unsolicited opinion.

  • Canadian KRISPY Bacon
    Canadian KRISPY Bacon2 mesi fa

    Should’ve given that one back Jim...

  • sirspikey
    sirspikey2 mesi fa

    gmuscle and boosted in the same curb, of course it's gonna be murder

  • sirspikey
    sirspikey2 mesi fa

    Not relaxed today, seemed nerveous

  • Maximus Lockhart
    Maximus Lockhart2 mesi fa

    New content: BeamMP with fans? sounds like a meme to me.

  • firthy678
    firthy6782 mesi fa

    New content: Ready to race with Jimmer? Some fitness based content around what it takes to pilot the Praga?

  • GamerMuscleVideos
    GamerMuscleVideos2 mesi fa

    Sorry for the road block I'm quitting driving sims and moving to flight sims now.

  • ASMR James

    ASMR James

    2 mesi fa

    Don't do that. You're better than Jimmy at driving.

  • emy wox
    emy wox2 mesi fa

    at least Gabi didnt murder half the field

  • Bongo Cat

    Bongo Cat

    2 mesi fa

    @GamerMuscleVideos we all have our murder half the field days

  • GamerMuscleVideos


    2 mesi fa

    That was me :(

  • Sky Driver
    Sky Driver2 mesi fa

    New Content: I'd suggest hosting your own events that invites smaller content creators. The No Punterino Sprinterino Series. Drive in them or shoutcast them live. Would be pretty cool and arguably a community builder.

  • Ka7amus


    2 mesi fa

    That name is excellent

  • Rhys Gregory

    Rhys Gregory

    2 mesi fa

    Wanted this for ages 👌🏻👌🏻

  • Nick Wassenaar
    Nick Wassenaar2 mesi fa

    Looking good, Jimmer - skin is glowing after all those workouts mate!

  • Dylan Zrim

    Dylan Zrim

    2 mesi fa

    Jimmer could be as fit as pie face and still get a drive

  • ProjectUs3r
    ProjectUs3r2 mesi fa


  • Kenneth Torrens
    Kenneth Torrens2 mesi fa

    Please please Please, could any one that's playing on the ps4 assetto corsa assist me in making my car drivable again using g29, steering too light and clicking when turning Where before it was heavier and turning circle was fine at 8oclock to 4oclock I'm relatively new to the game but I think it was something in the centre section of screen ffb etc

  • Rayshaun Preston

    Rayshaun Preston

    2 mesi fa

    Yea, since that wheel is gear driven, clicking likely means that the gears aren't mating properly. I've not seen the inside of mine, but I would assume it's possible to figure a way to fix it, or get someone to fix it.

  • Canadian KRISPY Bacon

    Canadian KRISPY Bacon

    2 mesi fa

    Sounds like the FFB is too high maybe...and the wheel is clipping

  • MTB Thiccness

    MTB Thiccness

    2 mesi fa

    Your wheels internals sound broke

  • Hugo Auditore
    Hugo Auditore2 mesi fa

    Iracing is looking into nerfing emree cause she's too damn quick 😂

  • TheUnheardProphet
    TheUnheardProphet2 mesi fa

    Ah damn I closed the tab.

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