This Is Where Automobilista 2 Is UNBEATABLE


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  • Jimmy Broadbent
    Jimmy Broadbent2 mesi fa

    I'm using the Vive Pro in this video :)

  • Scott Mercuri

    Scott Mercuri

    28 giorni fa

    @Codazoa Genocides? I'm interested. Can you point me in the right direction or were you being hyperbolic?

  • Sera Phina

    Sera Phina

    Mese fa

    @Wolfgang Koeppen I have both and the Quest 2 has a much clearer image. The Rift S is more comfortable to wear if you dont have the elite headstrap. All in all, I prefer the Q2 because I can stream PCVR wirelessly over the wifi so I can play steamvr without any cable, but the biggest difference for me is the image clarity and lack of screen door effect.

  • Richard Prior

    Richard Prior

    Mese fa

    Any chance you can record in VR, being a fellow VR user that would be mad!

  • Jaco Oosthuizen

    Jaco Oosthuizen

    2 mesi fa

    Can you tell us if you racing default ffb or custom and do you have auto clutch on by mistake?

  • Jacco Occaj

    Jacco Occaj

    2 mesi fa

    @_ lucatron48 _ The quest 2 sounds like an amazing deal indeed. To bad you have to sell your soul to facebook.

  • BigDuke6ixx
    BigDuke6ixx12 giorni fa

    Jimmy finally admitting AMS 2 in VR is the best you can get in simracing but he has to play the other children's games to keep his followers happy.

  • yz249


    10 giorni fa

    I take it you didn't watch the whole video.

  • Bill Bopperton
    Bill Bopperton16 giorni fa

    Imola and Spa are my two favorite circuits

  • CaptainNow Creations
    CaptainNow Creations20 giorni fa

    I hope one day you're commentating on F1, MAN, you have such a good voice for it!

  • best opinion
    best opinion20 giorni fa

    The only problem, it is not really a sim. Automobilista 1 is (ISI engine - very good physics engine), Automobilista 2 switched to P. Cars' engine (not really god physics engine but very good on graphics). This way solved the outdated graphics in Automobilista 1...

  • best opinion

    best opinion

    8 giorni fa

    @Andrei C They should stick with the same engine and improve it, at least it was a true sim engine. No matter rf2 did not want to share their work.

  • Andrei C

    Andrei C

    8 giorni fa

    pCars is AMS1 engine with a much more advanced transmission model. Also Studio 397 did not want to share rf2 engine which Reiza inteded to use for Ams2.

  • PaidoGato
    PaidoGato25 giorni fa

    Hey Jimmy, do you use any motionrig/bass shakers in your rig?

  • Sean Molinari
    Sean Molinari25 giorni fa

    Stare male

  • Nakai San
    Nakai San26 giorni fa

    Dat unreal

  • P G
    P G27 giorni fa

    Fight Jewish Kalergi Plan. Signed for all European Countries members of E.U.

  • Ankit Borgohain
    Ankit Borgohain29 giorni fa

    He way of racing commentry is ear spa !

  • Shart Lovepuff
    Shart Lovepuff29 giorni fa

    This is amazing. Watching this makes me sweat and your actually doing while commenting at the same time! 😂

  • CmanUdy
    CmanUdyMese fa

    Man, you drive really good! I drove with VR a few times and my lap times were better than when I was playing on a screen. Nice video!

  • iCrashAlot
    iCrashAlotMese fa

    yeah, there's something about ams 2 that it sometimes doesn't perfectly align the player in the driver's seat, so sometimes you're a few inches to the left or a few inches taller and stuff

  • Dries Creve
    Dries CreveMese fa

    I especialy like the Rothmans painting job on the Porsche

  • Mechanically Creative
    Mechanically CreativeMese fa

    Time to get one of those puke seats, for the full experience.

  • Heinrich Etsebeth
    Heinrich EtsebethMese fa

    +like for the play button

  • David Calitz
    David CalitzMese fa

    I think that you are a wonderful chap! I come from a harsh life and you make my day almost every day!

  • Unusual Sky
    Unusual SkyMese fa

    my mans literally sounds like the people who voice overs in sports channels

  • m 88
    m 88Mese fa

    you have more grip in the rain as what you would imagine. in motorcycle racing we went almost just as hard with rain tires than with good weather and slicks. just a little slower per lap .. the only problems in the rain are track markings and the curbs

  • Yerrie
    YerrieMese fa

    I have about every sim their is, my PC is dedicated and perfect and my fanatec wheel works on everything without any install trouble, gave up with automobilsta after 2 attempts of 2 hours, crazy

  • lay1net
    lay1netMese fa

    Invested in AMS2 at an early stage...wasted cash in honesty.

  • insayne03
    insayne03Mese fa

    I just got my index last week. I wonder what settings he's using for AMS2. My 3080 has a mix of high and medium with i think medium MSAA but it barely stays above 80fps in these conditions. Not sure how to set it up.

  • JP3
    JP3Mese fa

    wow this looks exhausting

  • Daniel Sanchez
    Daniel SanchezMese fa

    His voice is very similar to that of the late narrator Murray Walker

  • Redline
    RedlineMese fa

    I want to like this sim but it feels like the front and back of the cars are not connected.

  • przemko997
    przemko997Mese fa

    I dont really like spa becouse i am shit at driving it

  • esmokebaby
    esmokebabyMese fa

    I love to play this if I can get vr to work right it's a night mear on odyssey plus (wmr) crashes on me or the view gets all wacky

  • Zack Tessier
    Zack TessierMese fa

    those graphics are fantastic

  • Brian K
    Brian KMese fa

    Was considering PC3, might get this instead. Is this an upgrade from PC2 or about the same?

  • t4tris


    Mese fa

    PC3 is just a cash grab, it's not in the same category as AMS2, AC, ACC, or even PC2. AMS2 is basically a PC2-2.

  • KRIBZ 45
    KRIBZ 45Mese fa

    Why does it look like pc2? Exact same rain etc

  • Andrei C

    Andrei C

    Mese fa

    Same engine but with bug fixes SMS never did and a top notch ffb.

  • hybris99
    hybris99Mese fa

    If you haven't tried loading a custom ffb profile in AMS2 then that is something you MUST try! Try Silver Raw rFuktor 3.2!

  • Michael Johnson
    Michael JohnsonMese fa

    Best wet weather conditions I've seen in a racing game since Driveclub.

  • MrBonger88
    MrBonger88Mese fa

    Faster’s Beer lol

  • Anon Man
    Anon Man2 mesi fa

    SIMRACER WARING! Sorry but this game is just crap. Buy AC (great community lots of MODs) or ACC, get an iRacing account, even Raceroom is a lot better. Was a special offer but still want my money back This Is no SIM.

  • Lukas Morski-Zmij
    Lukas Morski-Zmij2 mesi fa

    where is the speedo ?

  • Steve Hill
    Steve Hill2 mesi fa

    I'm worn out just watching that.

  • Freddy Fiddle
    Freddy Fiddle2 mesi fa

    "It's too easy to drive" so why are you so bad at driving it then it's like my nan has got hold of the steering wheel when you drive shaking all over the place overcorrecting like a bitch thank fuck it's a simulator and your not out in a real car

  • chemic
    chemic2 mesi fa

    AMS2 ❤️ best go to, have fun sim!

  • Alpollo-00-
    Alpollo-00-2 mesi fa

    but i dont know why i should buy this game with an fucking stupid expensive season pass when i have pc2. pc2 has better graphics, but AM2 is newer, sure AM2 has awesome circuits, better circuits in my opinion, but the same shitty unplayable ki like in pc2, has shittier graphics, so there is no point for me at the moment, i wanted it, but in the end i was like, ok no why? and the price of the season pass is just a fcking joke!

  • Andrei C

    Andrei C

    Mese fa

    Ai are light years better than pcars2. Laser scanned tracks like Spa or Lidar scanned tracks like Donington or Bathrust aren't a must if you have no problems driving on an abomination of track like Spa in pCars2. I still play both games but the difference in quality when it comes to track details, ffb, engine sounds between AMS2 and pcars2 is massive but if these are not a priority to you again then there is no point buying AMS2. pCars2 still has quite a lot more popular content and the price for AMS2 season pass is high.

  • Guy Gittins
    Guy Gittins2 mesi fa

    Awesome @jimmy! What do you think is the best balance of realistic handling and VR emersion? 🙏🙏🙏

  • ArmAMajor
    ArmAMajor2 mesi fa

    It looks great, but does the driving feel realistic? After I got hooked to iRacing all other sims now just pale compared to it, even Assetto Corsa feels arcade now.

  • FurryestX
    FurryestX2 mesi fa

    Assetto Corsa 2 (2025): Are You Sure About That!!!!

  • Purgiful
    Purgiful2 mesi fa

    I don't do AM2 videos because I don't really enjoy driving it that much.. AMS2 - It's just a really cool, fun experience.. Make up your mind!

  • yz249


    10 giorni fa

    They're not mutually exclusive. Ams2 driving model absolutley is not on par with other sims. But the overall package with graphics,time progression, weather, ai, diverse content, performance(fps) to allow for graphics, big car grids, easily toggleable hud and fantastic triple screen/vr support is unparalleled, and makes it still my favourite sim to drive and just enjoy racing/immersion even if the driving isn't as good. He's saying a similar thing. That being said the gt1 class is fantastic, especially with a custom setup. Yes you can still feel ams2s shortcomings to an extent, but they are way less pronounced, and everything else just feels better.

  • Saule Karavirs
    Saule Karavirs2 mesi fa

    Do you play LFS (Live For Speed) at all? It just got a big update and will get a graphics overhaul soon as well.

  • VFX Pro
    VFX Pro2 mesi fa

    AMS2 has fantastic FFB... make sure to follow the instructions from Reiza to setup your FFB correctly.

  • Andrei C

    Andrei C

    Mese fa

    For this guy AMS2 is just a pcars clone, seriously no point trying to convince him otherwise.

  • D Max
    D Max2 mesi fa

    Jimmy, hello.. You gotta say something here.. SimRacing 604 is getting hosed big time. I'm a super small channel compared to you but you got clout my friend.. You GOTTA SAY Something Brother.. This is a complete Crap MESS.. Jimmy.. You got this.. Put a Hammer down and show some support for your Bros.. *DMAX motion sim channel. *

    WWI KAISER2 mesi fa

    love the Lotus badge on the sim wheel

  • Abhipan 007
    Abhipan 0072 mesi fa

    U sure video is running at 1× speed?

  • emilio Vazquez
    emilio Vazquez2 mesi fa

    The weather looks good on this game

  • OugaBoogaShockwave
    OugaBoogaShockwave2 mesi fa


  • James Sawyer
    James Sawyer2 mesi fa


  • Rogue Ninja
    Rogue Ninja2 mesi fa

    Lot of edits for "little bit too easy"

  • Remco Hitman

    Remco Hitman

    2 mesi fa

    Jimmer is a really quick driver, easily faster than me, and he's not exactly challenging himself here. AI looks like 95% which means Jimbo is doing like 85% of his ability. At that rate it will always feel easy. I wanna see him trying for the win at 110%. Plenty hairy then!

  • cparky7
    cparky72 mesi fa

    henlo jimmer, you should start a new series. similar to the nordschleife series, attacking a touge in different cars and getting fast times or even racing someone every now and then. i would find this entertaining and i reckon a few others would too, bonk.

  • Matheus Silva Santos
    Matheus Silva Santos2 mesi fa

    and they've called automobilista a rip-off...

  • 1000sofusernames
    1000sofusernames2 mesi fa

    AMS2 VR is more impressive looking and friendly on the specs than ACC imo. ACC looks soft no matter I do with it, even on 45fps with details and resolution scale up it still looks blurry.

  • Sᴀʟᴠᴀʀᴀ
    Sᴀʟᴠᴀʀᴀ2 mesi fa

    This game gives me chills. You sold it to me

  • opacus13
    opacus132 mesi fa

    This may be a stupid question but why don’t top sim racers use full motion sim rigs for a more immersive experience?

  • opacus13


    2 mesi fa

    @Yudha Baskara yeah I spose so. :)

  • Yudha Baskara

    Yudha Baskara

    2 mesi fa

    Money. It's expensive to buy, install, and maintain a full motion simulation rig.

  • kobz FPV
    kobz FPV2 mesi fa

    jimmers got no pants on

  • c4rlos95
    c4rlos952 mesi fa

    its scary even if i know its only sim

  • Luke Clayson
    Luke Clayson2 mesi fa

    This is what Pcars3 should have been.

  • Ionic
    Ionic2 mesi fa

    Its between Spa and Interlagos for me.

  • Jed Cooper
    Jed Cooper2 mesi fa

    why cant jimmy buy his own house ?

  • Lars Fleischer
    Lars Fleischer2 mesi fa

    Does anyone know what kind of headset he is using?

  • M Fransen
    M Fransen2 mesi fa

    dit was voor mij de meest realistische race die je ooit gereden hebt. ik heb er van genoten 👍

  • Hoemai
    Hoemai2 mesi fa

    ye VR might be fun to play but it is really hard to watch.. again not gonna watch more than 4.02 since my head started hurt

  • Christopher O'Connor
    Christopher O'Connor2 mesi fa

    they really need to allow you to turn arms and legs off and keep the wheel on in VR

  • John Elliott
    John Elliott2 mesi fa

    A flat screen monitor is best.

  • Виталий Таранцев
    Виталий Таранцев2 mesi fa

    F..cking coooool.

  • SayreHarder
    SayreHarder2 mesi fa

    Ah ha! I said same thing of brands from roof of V10 yesterday no prior knowledge of video and 2d. If only hey... That it gets there in the end

  • oktc68
    oktc682 mesi fa

    Shudda driven the C9

  • john wheatley
    john wheatley2 mesi fa

    It's come on leaps and bounds IMO. Don't care if its not super realistic it is, as long as its still enjoyable. Sometimes forgotten by iracing fan boys that I see constantly roasting anyone who's not on iracing :)

  • camel toe
    camel toe2 mesi fa

    As someone who plays fps games mainly these videos from ya have been enjoyable and probably whats going to get me into sim racing

  • Bad- Hair-Day
    Bad- Hair-Day2 mesi fa

    You have a wonderful voice.

  • maku gx
    maku gx2 mesi fa

    Well, even ASSETTO CORSA beats this and it's older

  • Joseph
    Joseph2 mesi fa

    I can’t be the only one who never heard of this game and thought there was some new sequel to Capcom’s Auto Modellista... right?

  • Mads B
    Mads B2 mesi fa

    I really dislike the VR videos. The screen is shaking so much, that it isn't enjoyable to watch

  • KuRrUpTiOn28
    KuRrUpTiOn282 mesi fa

    Those graphics tho 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

  • Roman Koľvek
    Roman Koľvek2 mesi fa

    Hi. I see, that you have Praga stickers on a wall. Are you working for them? I'm curious because I'm from Czech republic, where is home of Praga.

  • Jannis
    Jannis2 mesi fa

    I would´ve loved a coparison with the 962c and the Nordschliefe between AC and AMS2. There you would be really able to tell how AMS2 differs from AC

  • MrWick
    MrWick2 mesi fa

    the rain looks really bad just like in pc2. the assetto corsa mod looks better lol

  • TheKwod
    TheKwod2 mesi fa

    Garbage, horrible bouncy bullshit pcars2 physics.

  • David C.
    David C.2 mesi fa

    Problem with VR is that it doesn't count for eye movement, when we drive we move more ours eyes than our head

    T.A 'TRIGGER' SHEARD2 mesi fa looks like this experience can take quite a bit out of you??? Like this Bloke!!👍🍺

  • MrInspiredOne
    MrInspiredOne2 mesi fa

    Better FFB than ACC now yet people still saying it's not good 🤔

  • Stephen
    Stephen2 mesi fa

    i'll be honest to you, jimmer. I don't know if you are paid to do this stuff, but I like you. You're freaking good what you do. Looking forward to your real driving experiences. Be sure to record those.

  • tailslide50
    tailslide502 mesi fa

    I had to play AMS2 in VR again after watching this. I agree about the classic tracks; they're incredible! -Spielberg Austria classic was great too! Wish Spa had the older HUUUUGE full track loop circuit as well, certainly a Nordschliefe/Sudschliefe classic would be another big wish of mine too. Cheers, Jim! It's been great watching you be awesome! \m/

  • Ryan Beres
    Ryan Beres2 mesi fa

    Jimster, sometime you should make a funny “How to be a Racing Driver” video. Put some funny cliches in and give sarcastic advice and I think you got a winner.

  • notdagergs
    notdagergs2 mesi fa

    Want more videos with your girl, the banter is awesome and she's nice to look at. lol

  • Joseph Elza
    Joseph Elza2 mesi fa

    Whoa! Group C in the rain at classic Spa 😮 yes please!

  • N3ptunes
    N3ptunes2 mesi fa

    This music... Omg it brings back memories of Ridge racer saga !

  • Adam Lewis
    Adam Lewis2 mesi fa

    Petition for Jimmer to put his VR headset into a racing helmet

  • Felix Gieles

    Felix Gieles

    2 mesi fa

    He can’t his headset uses a type of tracking that needs a free view around him

  • Dio Brando
    Dio Brando2 mesi fa

    A Brazilian good game finally

  • geetuz
    geetuz2 mesi fa

    Thats interesting in regards to it being too easy to drive in the wet.. unless the suaber merc is an entirely different beast I had that thing looping all over the place in the dry when I first jumped in. Surely the porsche isn't that easy to drive by comparison? I haven't actually tried the porsche yet..

  • MrInspiredOne


    2 mesi fa

    The Sauber is definitely more of a challenge

  • Andrei C

    Andrei C

    2 mesi fa

    Porsche is like Sauber with 50% boost only. Sauber feels too aggressive compared to even more powerfull cars in pcars2 or even compared to AC.

  • Isaak Franklin
    Isaak Franklin2 mesi fa

    hey I wouldn't say you *can't* simulate a wet track! ACC got kinda close, hopefully we'll get there soon

  • Zrob8
    Zrob82 mesi fa

    "Just really makes you feel like you're Batman" Not a sentence I thought Jimmer would say while sim racing.

  • John Royall
    John Royall2 mesi fa

    Question? Is VR always in a 16:9 ratio when using it or is this the capture afterwards that Jimmy captured?

  • Edward Burek
    Edward Burek2 mesi fa

    "Hey guys, getting wet and moist for Group C at Classic Spa boi here..." Stefan Bellof approves...

  • Pearlio7
    Pearlio72 mesi fa

    I personally love ams2 at the moment. I mean yeah, some of the cars don’t feel the best but I really like the gt3 cars. I probably wouldn’t play ams2 on a monitor but all I have is vr so ams2 is my favorite sim at the moment. When/if they fix some of the cars, it will probably be one of the best sims in my opinion.

  • Guillaume Lemaigre
    Guillaume Lemaigre2 mesi fa

    That FOV looks weird when shoved on a 16/9 aspect ratio.

  • Keith Randolph
    Keith Randolph2 mesi fa

    @Jimmybroadbent Why not try this with the motion wheel? It's the only way to prove that you're a man. That's probably not true.

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