Avoiding A First Corner PILE UP In My First Ever Race!


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  • Jimmy Broadbent
    Jimmy BroadbentMese fa

    Sorry that the video is a little jumpy. Pretty much all the footage was ruined by wind/awful mic settings (my fault) so we did the best we could to still put something fun together. Hope you enjoy :) EDIT - I'll mirror the mirror next time....soz!

  • Callum Burton

    Callum Burton

    Mese fa

    It’s ok I really enjoyed it

  • Ashly Plourde

    Ashly Plourde

    Mese fa

    Very proud of you man

  • Dan


    Mese fa

    absolutely love this content. much more interesting then sim stuff

  • Andy Carroll

    Andy Carroll

    Mese fa

    You won't find many better guys to learn from than Mike Epps! As quick on the track as he is in sims.

  • BirGurbetKusu


    Mese fa

    can we say "A future F1 Champ!" ?

  • Jimmy Emery
    Jimmy Emery5 giorni fa

    Well done 🏁

  • Fede Martin
    Fede Martin9 giorni fa

    Is winter on UK ????

  • Alexandra Michels
    Alexandra Michels10 giorni fa

    You are very pleasant to watch and listen to.

  • Taret Time
    Taret Time10 giorni fa

    I have to say jimmy is probably the best sports commentator. He packs so much information so quickly and narratively while being easy to understand it's fantastic

  • TheSoulGamer's
    TheSoulGamer's15 giorni fa

    He did a Bottas 5:40

  • Kamil Dziuba
    Kamil Dziuba16 giorni fa

    This sim setup looks awesome!

  • Austin Varco
    Austin Varco16 giorni fa

    Why no arm restraints Jimmer??

  • Tyler Norris
    Tyler Norris17 giorni fa

    Quit watching behind you... holy fuck

  • Daniel Unsworth
    Daniel Unsworth19 giorni fa

    when was this race as i work with mazda team and we did not race Apr

  • Rocco - FoxxGER - Thamánoidis
    Rocco - FoxxGER - Thamánoidis19 giorni fa

    Fearless chicane driving 😲😁👌🏁

  • Chris Smalls
    Chris Smalls20 giorni fa

    Well done man, great effort

  • Red Demolisher
    Red Demolisher20 giorni fa

    I started watching this channel a couple years ago and I remember watching hours of the Virtual Lemans and Daytona stream as I went about my lazy Sunday morning. I'm looking forward to see you race there for real during one of my future lazy Sunday. You rock mate keep making us all proud show em what a mad talanted sim boy can do

  • stulle tru dat
    stulle tru dat22 giorni fa

    these sims getting crazy good graphics. your thoughts on the new fanatec DD wheel?

  • Erik Motors
    Erik Motors22 giorni fa

    What would you rather watch. Formula 1 or Jimmy Broadbent?

  • Squrl
    Squrl23 giorni fa

    really cool jimmerr

  • Wdowa94
    Wdowa9423 giorni fa

    WOW! iRacing has a big graphical upgrade :O

  • Ruix
    Ruix23 giorni fa

    Dude me setup is lit 🔥🔥🔥

  • john doe
    john doe23 giorni fa

    Bruh, Take that stupid mask off!

  • James S.

    James S.

    20 giorni fa

    covid is real

  • James S.

    James S.

    20 giorni fa

    covid is real

  • Legendarymark112
    Legendarymark11223 giorni fa

    Also, easy fix for wind noise etc - buy a $20 mic, but know you also need the $50 gopro adaptor because they have a proprietary connection for mics...

  • Legendarymark112
    Legendarymark11223 giorni fa

    Pro tip - flip your rear cam horizontally so we see right as right. Not people passing right go left on the cam 🙂

  • Chris Sennfelder
    Chris Sennfelder23 giorni fa

    I'm so happy for you. I've been following your channel since 2017, you've come a long way. Love from Germany!

    COUNTERPOINT24 giorni fa

    Look at this tarmac specialist! :)

  • Davor Sertić Racing
    Davor Sertić Racing24 giorni fa

    How can you start the race with broken windshield? Here in Croatia it is not possible to start the race because ofcourse it might get shattered.

  • Alex Walder
    Alex Walder24 giorni fa

    Hey Jimmer love the vid, can you please flip the mirror 180 so it's how it would be in RL. Thanks!

  • FNS
    FNS24 giorni fa

    Half of the cockpit gear of that car is available on Aliexpress lmao

  • Soylent Green
    Soylent Green25 giorni fa

    You should be commenting F1.

  • Matt Steele
    Matt Steele25 giorni fa

    Amazing stuff! You should reverse your rear-view PIP -- it would be easier to understand what's going on behind you. Wicked driving Jimmy!

  • Shane Parkes
    Shane Parkes25 giorni fa

    Please mirror the rear view mirror next time 😂

  • DubSun33
    DubSun3325 giorni fa

    Looking forward to tagging along

  • J Reynolds
    J Reynolds25 giorni fa

    Great video, would have liked the rear camera reversed.

  • willyzcro
    willyzcro26 giorni fa

    Are you sleeping well Lewis?

  • Memo Licious
    Memo Licious26 giorni fa

    Damn. No ghosting

  • Kevin Webster
    Kevin Webster26 giorni fa

    So proud of you sir keep it up.

  • MrCheesy BaconBits
    MrCheesy BaconBits26 giorni fa

    Great video Jimmy

  • BrendanM
    BrendanM27 giorni fa

    This is such a cool video. too bad it was windy :(

  • The Absolute Drive
    The Absolute Drive27 giorni fa

    A sim racers dream come true! Congratulations!

  • Stubby
    Stubby27 giorni fa

    Do you wake up with a Giant Smile on your face every morning now ?

  • Groningeneoxide
    Groningeneoxide27 giorni fa

    Never seen a racing driver driving his moms Fiesta to the race track.

  • radio .aktiv
    radio .aktiv27 giorni fa

    Nice commentary! I'd have prefered the rear view camera to be flipped (just like a mirror)

  • Andrew Craig
    Andrew Craig27 giorni fa

    8.30 😂😂😂😂

  • Andrew Craig
    Andrew Craig27 giorni fa

    Would be awesome to do this

  • lorddhave mercy
    lorddhave mercy27 giorni fa

    Awesome!!!! Can't wait to see what the future holds!!! Such an inspiration :')

  • JoeHanes
    JoeHanes27 giorni fa

    If you could maybe just mirror the rear view cam next time... my brain hurts. Great vid otherwise. Really exciting to witness the start of your carreer.

  • Alessio Tasco
    Alessio Tasco28 giorni fa

    Virtual Mirror on

  • Matthew Wiliams
    Matthew Wiliams28 giorni fa

    Great narrating Jimmer

  • Goose Moose
    Goose Moose28 giorni fa

    How could somebody dislike this man, if you want to dislike go to fucking Jake Paul or something. Honestly people who dislike good content are fucking assholes. Keep up the good content Jimmy!

  • Sucuk Ekmek
    Sucuk Ekmek28 giorni fa

    Mate. Your top mirror must be mirrored ^^ Its a lil bit confusing like that. Mirrored ones must be more understandable I think. Keep it human. I like your work.

  • Craig Bishop
    Craig Bishop28 giorni fa

    The graphics are amazing...

  • Maxi Prad
    Maxi Prad28 giorni fa

    That is our boi.

  • Ronald B
    Ronald B29 giorni fa

    That looks so much fun! Really nice to see a rookie race and hear your thoughts behind the wheel

  • Antti29
    Antti2929 giorni fa

    It's so disorienting to have the "rear view mirror cam" the wrong way. If you have any control over it please flip it horizontally next time. (I do suspect this is the footage you got from the organizers, maybe give them a tip?)

  • Hamza Faruqui
    Hamza Faruqui29 giorni fa

    This is literally the best race day vlog to ever exist!!

  • James Brekle
    James Brekle29 giorni fa

    You should maybe consider flipping g the rear view camera. That way it would truly feel like we are looking in a mirror, rather than looking backwards. Great video though!!!

  • kottas85
    kottas8529 giorni fa

    Great stuff! Flipping/mirroring the rear view video could make it a bit less confusing.

  • Definitely not Huang, Jeffrey Peter B.
    Definitely not Huang, Jeffrey Peter B.29 giorni fa

    Didn't know that sim racing nowadays looks so realistic😉. Keep the dream alive Jimmer! We are at yoyr back!

  • Redslayer86
    Redslayer8629 giorni fa

    4:11 they would have wrecked you in a sim and said they had the corner.

  • Corey Hurst
    Corey Hurst29 giorni fa

    I hope Jimmy becomes a racing legend one day

  • hyperx72
    hyperx7229 giorni fa

    Damn the graphics of this game are amazing!

  • Midori-Fox
    Midori-Fox29 giorni fa

    Seeing you career's progress is honestly heartwarming and inspiring. Yes! I'll be able to at least get silver in the licenses tests in gran turismo

  • Leander van Boven
    Leander van Boven29 giorni fa

    Nice "virtual mirror" however could you maybe mirror the video of this mirror for the upcoming videos?

  • Stoatsack
    Stoatsack29 giorni fa

    Amazing graphics

  • Thextremez 24
    Thextremez 2429 giorni fa

    It’s so great to see how far you’ve come from just a sim racing channel in 2013 with (I think) a fanetec wheel or thrust master or Logitech wheel then recently got a direct wheel as always KEEP UP LEGEND!

  • Heather Rector
    Heather Rector29 giorni fa

    How much was it to rent the MX5?

  • Corona Cure
    Corona Cure29 giorni fa

    Oof number 13 at the start.

  • freddimon94
    freddimon9429 giorni fa

    Great content!! For all of us who ever dreamed of being a racer, this really gives us a feel of how it would have been to work our way through the ranks. Awesome perspective!

  • metalhead6604
    metalhead660429 giorni fa

    Could you invert the mirror. I keep thinking they are going over the grass XD Great racing Jimmer!!!

  • DbacZy
    DbacZy29 giorni fa

    That rear mirror is breaking my mind. I think you should flip it horizontally so it looks just like in games

  • Altered State
    Altered State29 giorni fa

    incredible content delighted for you pal

  • Mountain Manu
    Mountain ManuMese fa

    awesome to see you in real race cars now!! Please keep it coming!

  • Leo Li.
    Leo Li.Mese fa

    Look at our boi go! Heckin awesome, so proud of you!

  • Anders Öhlund
    Anders ÖhlundMese fa

    I like the rear view cam but perhaps mirror it so it's like a rear view mirror?

  • Jeffrey Cormier
    Jeffrey CormierMese fa

    Froom simmer to RL racer! Yes! Thank you for bringing me along in your journey

  • Jakub Sitkowski
    Jakub SitkowskiMese fa

    What race track is this?

  • Justin Cutler
    Justin CutlerMese fa

    Way to make up some places! Killing it Jimmy

  • Brixxmin1429
    Brixxmin1429Mese fa

    Race starts at 3:37

  • Kaylolwtf
    KaylolwtfMese fa

    Intro: "That's our boi" *put on sunglasses* "yess" Sums up our thought I think. Well done Jimmer👍

  • Aa Be
    Aa BeMese fa

    "I'm here for the SR!" :D

  • Tim O' Callaghan
    Tim O' CallaghanMese fa

    kudos, transferring really well to the real world

  • ArsenalFC145
    ArsenalFC145Mese fa

    Is there any way we can watch the Britcar Championship?

  • aaron savelkoul
    aaron savelkoulMese fa

    Its a miata

  • Mike
    MikeMese fa

    Next time maybe mirror your mirror camera, that looks a bit more natural. :)

  • Christopher Woods
    Christopher WoodsMese fa

    First track day I did was in a same-age MX5 around Donny! But you got to use the loop too, very nice. It's SUCH a fun track to hoon around in those cars, you definitely enjoyed yourself! Looking forward to next races...

  • Nathgun
    NathgunMese fa

    this was great finally watching you do some real racing , its a dream to just be able to get to race mx5's one day for me for now i keep to drifting them as its alot cheaper , well done jimmy cant wait to see you progress from here on

  • JustElzi
    JustElziMese fa

    gotta love donnington

  • Camilo
    CamiloMese fa

    what kind of modifications do they do on those mx5s in order to withstand so much abuse?

  • WanganTunedKeiCar
    WanganTunedKeiCarMese fa


  • George Gait
    George GaitMese fa

    Seeing jimmy progress from rigs and I racing to real life cars puts a genuine smile on my face. Love you jimmer

  • sonyviva308
    sonyviva308Mese fa

    This guy is pretty good. He should definitely try sim racing or something like Assetto Corsa

  • Luke Jackson
    Luke JacksonMese fa

    Donnington is so much fun to watch I'd love to have a blast myself

  • Driver61
    Driver61Mese fa

    Loved watching this!

  • C


    14 giorni fa

    @driver61 yoda of f1. Keep her lit son. 🇮🇪❤️

  • Julio Macedo

    Julio Macedo

    19 giorni fa


  • Ahmed Zarin

    Ahmed Zarin

    Mese fa

    ayyy lov ur channel



    Mese fa

    love your videos bro keep it up

  • Leonardo
    LeonardoMese fa

    He is probably commenting his actions during the race

  • B. S.
    B. S.Mese fa

    Jimmy really looks like a mashup of Bradley Cooper and a bit of Richard Hammond 😄

  • rainey06au
    rainey06auMese fa

    Yo jimmer, this is a sick video, well done mate. Just a quick suggestion, and probably already been said in the comments, but mirror your rear view camera overlay so it makes cognitive sense to the viewer.

  • davys.urbex
    davys.urbexMese fa

    So keen for more irl racing vids

  • Francis Schweitzer
    Francis SchweitzerMese fa

    Looked like fun

  • john BF4in
    john BF4inMese fa

    Hella yeah man ! Hope you can keep racing

  • Harvey Crewe
    Harvey CreweMese fa

    He's not a Sim Racer any more. He's officially a Racer. Holy shit.

  • BadNade
    BadNadeMese fa

    The non mirrored rear view is killing me.

  • Makah RezRacer86
    Makah RezRacer86Mese fa

    Get in there, Jimmer!!!

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