Still Trying To Drag This S**Tbox Across Eastern Europe


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  • Angelica Del Cielo
    Angelica Del Cielo28 giorni fa

    Looking at people flirt with Jimmy over super chat makes me jealous 😣 I want to flirt with Jimmy

  • badusername4
    badusername4Mese fa

    I always look at my kid watching people playing video games thinking , ‘god that’s boring’.. but here I am getting drawn in haha

  • TheNoob91
    TheNoob91Mese fa

    I heard mention of BeamNG again and how theres not much more to do with it. BeamNG has a multiplayer mod called BeamMP which I think would be an enjoyable stream to watch.

  • Some One
    Some OneMese fa

    Lol , handbrake turn 30km/h

    DRIFT7RS2 mesi fa

    rip gruncle, he gone :(

  • Harley Mann
    Harley Mann2 mesi fa

    Jimmy likes KNOWER. My life is complete.

  • Taylor Morris
    Taylor Morris2 mesi fa

    Hummer I might see you at the brit car races in the pits at Silverstone 24th April

  • Squinqz's Life
    Squinqz's Life2 mesi fa

    I literally perfected this game like a month or 2 ago after randomly finding it in my steam library

  • Blaine Hutcherson
    Blaine Hutcherson2 mesi fa

    I fucking DIED at the engine swap 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💀

  • WeNeedMoreFarads
    WeNeedMoreFarads2 mesi fa

    I love how the engine is worth less than a pack of weiners found on the side of the road

  • James Shephard
    James Shephard2 mesi fa

    Anyone know where i can get his music playlist?

  • George
    George2 mesi fa

    Jimmy Should Play Trackmania Original, Hard Challenges yet Fun driving mechanics

  • Hephaestus
    Hephaestus2 mesi fa

    First night with Covid confirmed and this is just nice to wrap up in a blanket with while I can't sleep

  • Hephaestus


    Mese fa

    @Patro 717 good I recovered a few weeks back, this helped alot.

  • Patro 717

    Patro 717

    Mese fa

    How you doing?

  • Casenix
    Casenix2 mesi fa

    55:25 don’t be suspicious, don’t be suspicious!!

  • Keith Randolph
    Keith Randolph2 mesi fa

    B is for Build- good stuff

  • WombatGirl
    WombatGirl2 mesi fa

    Fun fact: the car in this game doesn't actually have an alternator. There is no charging a battery. That thing is going to run out eventually.

  • Regular Bloke
    Regular Bloke2 mesi fa

    You can actually carry stuff in the car, with an exploit.....youll go really really slow tho. But you can pick the item up and go at normal pace, but you wouldnt be able to see shit.

  • Clok-Roo, The Primordial
    Clok-Roo, The Primordial2 mesi fa

    The segment where you riff on ITfunr's needs to be its own separate clip!

  • Mike Jet
    Mike Jet2 mesi fa

    My dad had few of those cars, made one of them all. Had it tune for 70 hp, sport suspension and all, won some drag races in its class :D

  • Mike Jet

    Mike Jet

    Mese fa

    @Patricio Aron Castrillon Rosso just dont make my dads mistake puting a lot of money in orginal motor, get a 1.8t from a golf, it will fit :D or better a BAM :P

  • Patricio Aron Castrillon Rosso

    Patricio Aron Castrillon Rosso

    2 mesi fa

    I always thought about doing something like that. Buy a bunch of those cars because they are dirt cheap and make a bad ass car out of all of them.

  • Dylan Zrim
    Dylan Zrim2 mesi fa

    Don’t underestimate someone’s ability to use a ITfun channel as a front

  • Von Hassen

    Von Hassen

    2 mesi fa

    @Dylan Zrim what do ya mean by this?

  • Dylan Zrim

    Dylan Zrim

    2 mesi fa

    So long as moonieGT gets a seat too

  • Dylan Zrim

    Dylan Zrim

    2 mesi fa

    AdamLZ builds cars so fast, but he talks with “speed” it seems. In saying that I’d love to see a simracer V hickracer 250 or 500 in the vics

  • Danny Mac
    Danny Mac2 mesi fa

    I'd love to race against you one day mate

  • Ricer Civic

    Ricer Civic

    2 mesi fa

    Me too. I would love to give him a go on some nostalgic gran turismo. Plus he is a beps man over coke so we have that in common

  • Flo Vi
    Flo Vi2 mesi fa

    Soup classic motoring is my favorite automotive youtuber by far, if you dont know him u gotta chenk him out!

  • Rob Davis
    Rob Davis2 mesi fa

    What game is this?

  • Deus Vult

    Deus Vult

    2 mesi fa


  • Ciaran McGuinness
    Ciaran McGuinness2 mesi fa

    He finished the stream quite literally a minute away from the end of the game.

  • General Guilmon
    General Guilmon2 mesi fa


  • Eagerdolphin 15
    Eagerdolphin 152 mesi fa

    How he makes money from this a a mystery to me, but he is living my dream

  • cobrafan427


    2 mesi fa

    I mean, have you seen all the donations he gets from these streams? Two or three people with a solid amount and you have yourself a day’s pay at a normal job

  • scraggerson
    scraggerson2 mesi fa

    just gonna leave a comment here that no ones ever gonna see



    2 mesi fa


  • Yoseph McJoe
    Yoseph McJoe2 mesi fa

    I love these less serious streams, don't get me wrong I love the sim racing, but between this and automation I think these past couple streams have been so fun. Would love more 1st person less serious car games, like my summer car or something similar would be great at least to break up the sim racing content a bit.

  • Ampersand ?

    Ampersand ?

    2 mesi fa

    I mean mean you know what that is

  • Ampersand ?

    Ampersand ?

    2 mesi fa

    Bro I did not get a hold for of mine today today is is the same day as I am going for the last day and to the next time I have a good luck day time for the last time day and i then I will can you

  • CW


    2 mesi fa

    You should watch his older streams from a couple years ago there's a lot of content like that

  • jon harris
    jon harris2 mesi fa

    any one else tear up in the intro when jimmy put that pic up telling us all that someones cares about you?? no?? fibbers...

  • Sam Fedorka
    Sam Fedorka2 mesi fa

    Classic ITfun Video intro at 1:14:34

  • Sam Fedorka
    Sam Fedorka2 mesi fa

    World Record F1 Pitstop at 1:08:12 to 1:09:54

  • NathBit
    NathBit2 mesi fa

    Just going to sneak in on here with a few biscuits whilst its quite.. you don't mind if I monch right?

  • Regular Bloke

    Regular Bloke

    2 mesi fa

    Its cool ma dude, im watching this while eating some cereal

  • yHelloh
    yHelloh2 mesi fa

    unlisted gang

  • JV Shotta

    JV Shotta

    2 mesi fa

    Unlisted Gang!!!!!!

  • AT88TV
    AT88TV2 mesi fa

    Unlisterino gang.

  • JV Shotta

    JV Shotta

    2 mesi fa

    Unlisted Gang!!!!!!

  • TeaSToRM
    TeaSToRM2 mesi fa

    Jimmy ya pleb next time warm it up THEN rev the nuts of it damn it lol my Volvo T4 sounded better than that lmao

  • Parmesan Man
    Parmesan Man2 mesi fa

    a select few will see this message, and i just want to say.... cheese

  • Lev Win

    Lev Win

    2 mesi fa


  • JV Shotta

    JV Shotta

    2 mesi fa

    @benyahun Unlisted Gang? xD

  • benyahun


    2 mesi fa

    Any meme is better than the unlisted meme at this point

  • Ethan Walters
    Ethan Walters2 mesi fa

    I am the protector of the Unlisted Jimmer

  • Xenophon


    2 mesi fa

    go buckeyes

  • JV Shotta

    JV Shotta

    2 mesi fa

    Protect the Unlisted at all costs!!!!

  • Roger Gavind
    Roger Gavind2 mesi fa


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