This Is Gonna Be CRAZY! | PESC All Stars @ Nordschleife


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  • Ryan Lloyd
    Ryan Lloyd27 giorni fa

    Skip to 5:33 and jam to the tune my guy

  • julian escobar
    julian escobarMese fa

    Happy to see you win champ!

  • justAguyDs
    justAguyDsMese fa

    Dude, Jared is awesome. Wish Jimmy has him on his radio drying his irl races XD

  • MisterMajister
    MisterMajisterMese fa

    The start of Race 1 was so much fun to watch from Emily's point of view! She is always so happy and drives smoooooothly.

  • Eric J
    Eric JMese fa

    nice driving!

  • Kaa Keith
    Kaa KeithMese fa

    princess of the ring

  • Nick Saunders
    Nick SaundersMese fa

    That was awesome. Watching the second race I was leaning side to side to mirror the turns. Great win.

  • Beloit911
    Beloit911Mese fa

    Honestly F1 and NASCAR would be so much more entertaining if the drivers could talk to one another.

  • GreymanSD
    GreymanSDMese fa

    So sublime watching you fully focused and in the groove on that 2nd race mate.

  • Just Josh
    Just JoshMese fa

    Jimmy is gonna win a 24 hour race at the Nurburgring for sure

  • Sebastian Kokke
    Sebastian KokkeMese fa

    The way he looks at his accomplishment in slow mo, astonished. Thats the reason we race.

  • Phillip Grice
    Phillip GriceMese fa

    Some of the most impressive driving I’ve seen you do Jimmer!!!! Great race man

  • j r
    j rMese fa

    Jimmer Broadbent, first of his name, keeper of the birbs, protector of the f u n c c... the KING OF THE NORDS!

  • MrSatchie
    MrSatchieMese fa

    That was an amazing drive!!! That car setup looked sweeeeeet!!! Feel free to share ;)

  • Matt Dalby
    Matt DalbyMese fa

    Both races were an absolute pleasure to watch. Flawless driving!

  • Mag Nus
    Mag NusMese fa

    Sooooo glad Steve said 'Hello viewer' when he picked up the phone to Jimmer

  • Joshua Hopper
    Joshua HopperMese fa

    I'm looking for Matt Malone, he streams IRacing. Anyone know where I can find him?

  • MrSamooska
    MrSamooskaMese fa

    You know Jimmers trying hard when the rebel tree doesnt get a wave :o

  • MrGreenAKAguci00
    MrGreenAKAguci00Mese fa

    What a drive... that moment on the last lap where Emily was slowly gaining on you before carousel and was within 1.5s at times but right after you got out of it, you were back to 2.3s ahead... Damn that was pog.

  • Deborah Hochhauser
    Deborah HochhauserMese fa

    Matt Malone screaming here I come is gold

  • B C
    B CMese fa

    Hey Jimmer, why no minute silence for Sabine before the race? bad form dude!

  • SteelR4t
    SteelR4tMese fa

    "how fast will this Porsche lap the Nordschleife?" 7 seconds faster than everyone else BAYBEEEEEEEE!!! Awesome drive Jimmy... superb stuff!

  • Trucking Senpai
    Trucking SenpaiMese fa

    King of the ring!!! Get in there jimmy

  • Alan Jenkins
    Alan JenkinsMese fa

    Race highlights reel coming soon?

  • Levy Asu
    Levy AsuMese fa


  • w33d1066
    w33d1066Mese fa

    Wish I could see number of laps (might be being stupid cus I don't have this game) but would be good to have them cus you could sync jimmy and jardier's streams

  • w33d1066
    w33d1066Mese fa

    Nice video jimmy! Great driving!!

  • Francis Curran
    Francis CurranMese fa

    Gotta love Jimmers reaction to him winning 🤣

  • yonutsz smekeru
    yonutsz smekeruMese fa

    Play art of rally again u bum

  • IMugMuggers
    IMugMuggersMese fa

    congratulations jimbo

  • Tunguska
    TunguskaMese fa

    All those "can this silly vehicle do less than 10mins on the Nordschleife?" videos paying themselves

  • MiniBomba1995
    MiniBomba1995Mese fa

    43:25 Race 1 1:17:50 Race 2

  • Julie Redmon
    Julie RedmonMese fa

    Congrats on the win Jimmy. That second race was crazy.

  • Eamon Ahern
    Eamon AhernMese fa

    Jimmy was in the zone! The praga training is paying off

  • Billy Badass
    Billy BadassMese fa

    All I wanted was for Jimmy to send it, and goddamn did he ever send it!

  • MJQT
    MJQTMese fa

    Fantastic racing and a job well done today Jimmer! Congratulations. And your joy from the win was totally infectious. I'm going to sleep with a massive smile on my face tonight after watching this late in the evening before bed. :)

  • Mike H.
    Mike H.Mese fa

    How can you drive with your buddy talking so much ,

  • Rafael Teixeira
    Rafael TeixeiraMese fa

    1:41:57 you are welcome

  • Savely Fufaev

    Savely Fufaev

    Mese fa

    wow! a huge spoiler, very kind of you!

  • zerqai gaming
    zerqai gamingMese fa

    when did i watch this live and why did i fall asleep after the 1 hour mark. i am so confused i fell asleep at 2:30am and open my phone to this wth

  • Lemiwinks
    LemiwinksMese fa

    What a speedy boi

  • skister82
    skister82Mese fa

    Well done Jimmer 100% deserved

  • Doyle Rudolph
    Doyle RudolphMese fa

    Congratulations Jimmy, what a race! I watched Emily's stream and knew I had to see it from your perspective.

  • Ghost Fire
    Ghost FireMese fa

    So happy for you Jimmer. Really man, awesome job. I can't wait to see you in the Praga.

  • Super GT
    Super GTMese fa

    Great win mate! Lots of pressure on you at one point and you absorbed it all. GG my guy

  • Steve Marshall
    Steve MarshallMese fa

    Well done kidda, bout time you had a result on this track. You've only been round it a few times. ;-) Seriously, you beat some top folks there, as you know. You might make a racing driver yet.

  • chutney langer
    chutney langerMese fa

    awesome drive Jimmer. A well deserved win. All those Nordeschleife videos have paid off ;)

  • Jeffafa Laureanti
    Jeffafa LaureantiMese fa

    Happy to see you got a win at your home track!

  • Cryptonite
    CryptoniteMese fa

    Absolutey untouchable, especially in that 3rd sector. Beautiful drive jimmy!

  • TexRobNC
    TexRobNCMese fa

    That lead up looked shaky, then when you needed to, you were laser focused. Amazing work Jimmy

  • Swordz Man
    Swordz ManMese fa

    "Might wanna take your headset off...." Proud of ya Jimmy! Great race!

  • MJQT


    Mese fa

    Yeah I grinned and lol-ed at that one haha

  • Carl Sechrist
    Carl SechristMese fa

    Absolutely pinned! Made it through the carnage at the start then had an absolutely clean race where you were simply the fastest for three laps. Well earned.

  • Ben Goodwill
    Ben GoodwillMese fa

    Incredible drive in the second race mate, absolutely chuffed for you

  • onlygamer123
    onlygamer123Mese fa

    New to the channel but do you have the r32 gtr still?

  • MrSamooska


    Mese fa

    Yes, it's tucked away getting fondled in all the right places.

  • Patrick Mulligan
    Patrick MulliganMese fa

    You can't flim-flam the Jim-Jam. Race-Pace Broadbent P1!

  • blafak1
    blafak1Mese fa

    I am upset, I've missed the live stream, I was at work. But hell, I've missed P H U N C C birb, good to se him bacc

  • MJQT


    Mese fa

    Hey, on the bright side, at least you can watch it back later and revel in the joy and F U N C C, and it's still lots of fun 😊

  • Matt A
    Matt AMese fa

    That full commit in the carousel behind Dan was so chad. Great race Jimmy!

  • Matt A

    Matt A

    Mese fa

    @Tanel Pern Was great watching those hours of Nordschleife practice showing in his performance. Goes to show the reward for putting the time in.

  • Tanel Pern

    Tanel Pern

    Mese fa

    He was miles faster through the Carousel than anyone else. Even Emily lost like half a second there each lap because she had trouble getting the car stick to the bottom all the way.

  • Plutonium Plays
    Plutonium PlaysMese fa

    Can we get this guy to play FH4 - I want to see him ridicule it for its unrealistic behaviours and compare it to Asseto Corsa

  • Plutonium Plays

    Plutonium Plays

    Mese fa

    @Piroz Contractor thank you

  • Piroz Contractor

    Piroz Contractor

    Mese fa

    He already did some gameplay in the past. Might want to search it up.

  • Torsten Groening
    Torsten GroeningMese fa

    This was for Sabine. What a great drive at the Green Hell. Well deserved, Mr Broadbent 💪🏻

  • Just Josh

    Just Josh

    Mese fa

    I didn't know. Fuck.

  • Ride’Or’Fly
    Ride’Or’FlyMese fa

    Keep the winnings dude you deserve it! Amazing!❤️👌

  • J.P. Rabe
    J.P. RabeMese fa

    Bellof-esque driving right there! Congratulations Jimmy!

  • Jack Richards
    Jack RichardsMese fa

    Bloody well done Jimber! Putting pressure on Emily and gapping Dan, what an awesome drive!

  • hunterarek
    hunterarekMese fa

    congrats man!!

  • Pete’s Reef
    Pete’s ReefMese fa

    Fantastic driving Jimmy , great stream with Jardier .

  • F1Jones
    F1JonesMese fa

    Awesome win, Jimmy! So happy for you man. It's almost like you know this circuit or something.

  • Anvarynn
    AnvarynnMese fa

    I wish the other drivers' voices weren't so quiet

  • Xplodium
    XplodiumMese fa

    Felt like Jimmer was fleeing from the villains as he dives into the forest and they can't handle him on his home turf. Everyone else is out of their element on the Nordschleife.

  • ThatLithuanianBoi


    Mese fa

    He's Nurburgring Specialist for no reason

  • Nil Zero
    Nil ZeroMese fa


  • Tomaschewski
    TomaschewskiMese fa

    Awesome win, congrats!

  • Elios0000
    Elios0000Mese fa

    Nordschleife SPEICALIST

  • Hugo Silva
    Hugo SilvaMese fa

    Couldn't keep up with the live stream because of work, now I come to see the result and I see a win? Oh yeah yeaaaah! 😎 Congrats Jimmer, well deserved.

  • B
    BMese fa

    Verstappen on pole and Jimmy conquers Green Hell, it's been a good day.

  • Neko
    NekoMese fa

    7:22 Qualify 41:45 Formationlap 43:30 Green Flag

  • Mike


    Mese fa

    1:58:18 FUNK

  • Bebus Salad

    Bebus Salad

    Mese fa


  • Filipe Pinheiro

    Filipe Pinheiro

    Mese fa


  • MrAeroHD
    MrAeroHDMese fa


  • soneq667
    soneq667Mese fa

    Of course it has to be Nordschleife where he stormed to P1! Rebel tree must be so proud of you Jimmy!

  • Cin
    CinMese fa

    Congrats from unlisted gang

  • Bradwave
    BradwaveMese fa

    _"I'm having fun now, because I don't really care how I do"_ And he goes on to win the race! So happy for you, Jimmy!

  • Iain Macpherson

    Iain Macpherson

    Mese fa

    nice spoiler

  • Chris Vickery
    Chris VickeryMese fa

    Your not gonna beat Jimmy at Green hell....not gonna happen...congrats brother....GOOD JOB JIMMER

  • Mohamed Emara
    Mohamed EmaraMese fa

    King of the Nordschleife indeed . Mega race !!!!

  • sm00thie74
    sm00thie74Mese fa

    Jimmer with some epic diving in the second race. Damn he was fast!

  • Mr. Inflatable
    Mr. InflatableMese fa

    Just wanna say thanks very much for the time you put in your streams and clips

  • Boosted Media
    Boosted MediaMese fa

    Congrats on the win mate! Don't stress about race 1. I'm inexperienced on this track and didn't take a "normal" line.

  • aWoL Nation

    aWoL Nation

    Mese fa

    I didn’t even know that you took part in the race until I saw your video/stream show up on my recommended.

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