The RCI Bathurst 12 Hours | LAST 6 HOURS | FT. Jardier


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  • K4RMA
    K4RMA23 giorni fa

    45:00 Jimmy's Crofty impression is spot on

  • paeel
    paeelMese fa


  • Akindele OLADEJI
    Akindele OLADEJIMese fa

    Its really crazy how every single one of Jardier's predictions were correct.

  • 156football
    156footballMese fa

    I love Jimmy so much, and he handled that penalty LIKE A TRUE PROFESSIONAL. but his bitching about f1 fans, is ironic, he's telling people to stop bitching, while one is perfect, jimmy's a legend nonetheless! He has so many great qualities, I just wanted to say that

  • B SeV
    B SeVMese fa

    Jardier makes these enduro races like a podcast. I love it 🤣

  • Mick Johnson
    Mick JohnsonMese fa

    Jard’s energy is infectious. Kids like him are the reason why they put playgrounds in every McDonald’s 🤣

  • Neko
    NekoMese fa

    1:32:00 i like how jardier is one lap behind on p1 and still decides to boop him like "hewwo :333333"

  • Matt Dalby
    Matt DalbyMese fa

    I don't understand how Jimmy got the DT for the incident with that GT4. Jims in 2nd place overlapping him and the GT4 had passed at least 3 blue flags without giving room. Then the GT4 turns hard right as Jimmy's higher placed and much faster paced car is passing on the right.

  • Max Waller

    Max Waller

    Mese fa

    RCI marked the downhill area as a "danger zone" where lapping should be refrained from to avoid more chaos as this is a multi class race. The rules stated that accidents in said "danger zone" would be penalized with a DT to the overtaking car. Neither Jimmer nor Jards have attended/listened to the drivers meeting prior to the race, so they did not know about it.

  • Theo Collier

    Theo Collier

    Mese fa

    Blue flags aren’t the same in endurance racing as they are in f1. The blue flags are more for information, you don’t have to yield if you see them

  • CarloPlaya
    CarloPlayaMese fa

    Jaroslav is such a cool guy haha

  • Stephen Trout
    Stephen TroutMese fa

    So has Jimmy banned half his discord for spamming the RCI stream with hate yet or is he a gutless coward?

  • Mestizo69
    Mestizo69Mese fa

    What up Jimmy from Washington State

  • Josey Duckworth
    Josey DuckworthMese fa

    Sweet Jesus this dude is a chatty kathy

  • Audrey Audrey
    Audrey AudreyMese fa

    Great work jimmer. Unlucky penalty, deserved first. Keep keep up the great work

  • HJ-RedRaven Heng
    HJ-RedRaven HengMese fa

    Well done fellas! Brilliant, consisten driving from both of you, good pitstops and changeovers too. Awesome to watch. Thanks Jimmer for complimenting Bathurst as one of the best tracks in the world - us Aussies will salute you!

  • opacus13
    opacus13Mese fa

    Well done gents! All the regular Bathurst drama, this is why we love it.

  • Matt Kelly
    Matt KellyMese fa

    Jardier's like: ⬆️,⬆️,⬇️,⬇️,⬅️,➡️,⬅️,➡️,B,A

  • bduddy55555
    bduddy55555Mese fa

    It's always the overtaking car's responsibility to overtake safely. Not blaming Jimmy, it's a mistake everyone makes. Blaming the toxic idiots in chat.

  • Max Waller

    Max Waller

    Mese fa

    Also the downhill area was marked as a "danger zone" where lapping should be refrained from to avoid more chaos as this is a multi class race. Neither Jimmer nor Jards have attended/listened to the drivers meeting prior to the race, so they did not know about it.

  • bduddy55555


    Mese fa

    @Matt Dalby The GT4 was on the line the entire time. That's how that corner works. Blue flags don't give you the right to try a late pass where the other driver has a very small amount of time to react.

  • Matt Dalby

    Matt Dalby

    Mese fa

    3 Blue flags were passed and the GT4 turned onto the driving line after moving off it.

  • Elios0000
    Elios0000Mese fa

    amazing weekend Jimmer!

  • ripper253
    ripper253Mese fa

    "Dance for me Jimmer" You really expect him to agree to dancing without Sea Shanty 2 in the background?

  • Kanny B
    Kanny BMese fa

    Yo where's the first half of the race?

  • Donny Lane
    Donny LaneMese fa

    I hope very important last race at Bathurst 12 hours!

  • Donny Lane

    Donny Lane

    Mese fa

    Nice work Jimmy and Jadier!👍👍

  • biauas
    biauasMese fa

    Good job lads! Jaroslav's energy is awesome!

  • Jaden Madhav
    Jaden MadhavMese fa

    Great race gents👍👍👍👍

  • BrandanStopMotion
    BrandanStopMotionMese fa

    That Was a good race today jimmer! enjoy your P2 Finish!

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