Preparing For My Racing Season With A £7000 Simulator!


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  • Jimmy Broadbent
    Jimmy Broadbent25 giorni fa

    R E A S O N S E A S O N

  • Christopher Nicolainas

    Christopher Nicolainas

    10 giorni fa

    what monitors do you use?

  • KidGoVroom


    19 giorni fa

    S H A V E T H E N E C K B E A R D

  • Epic Racing

    Epic Racing

    23 giorni fa

    In what series. You Will compete?

  • Tristan Ellis Gaming

    Tristan Ellis Gaming

    23 giorni fa

    Get in there jimmer

  • AQ The FanAttic

    AQ The FanAttic

    24 giorni fa

    Is the reason treason though 🤔

  • Karl Echnaton Erzmaester Erde
    Karl Echnaton Erzmaester ErdeGiorno fa


  • Paulie W
    Paulie W6 giorni fa

    Sick! i think ide be a bit scared to drive a real car , especially with lots of other cars on the track eeek! so much money involved but i wouldnt say no!

  • Paulie W
    Paulie W6 giorni fa

    livin rent free brother , livin the dream , hey ide let you put a 7g rig in my house too! haha actually funny cos i have a mates rig in my house now not 7g worth but love it, he got over it when his pc couldnt handle iracing anymore haha , Shes a nice rig youve got thats for sure!

  • Taran Rao
    Taran Rao9 giorni fa

    Two of the most genuine ITfunrs whom I love and feel happy for are this guy and the stradman.

  • Maximus
    Maximus9 giorni fa

    You should stop it with that terrible woman. You can find one like you that shares your culture and values

  • Lance Alex
    Lance Alex10 giorni fa

    I'm excited for you Jimmer!!! Every credit for the above and beyond preparation approach. Will be following your season..

  • gldnGFX
    gldnGFX12 giorni fa

    Which sim is that?

  • Henrik Carlsen
    Henrik Carlsen13 giorni fa

    Those paddel-shifters are noisy and the game seems laggy. Are all GPU-cards dedicated bitcoin mining? Finally, I really miss the shed acoustics. BTW. it was a good race at Silverstone.

  • Ben Chaggares
    Ben Chaggares13 giorni fa

    I would have thought you'd be using Assetto Corsa because it has both the Praga R1 and Silverstone International

  • FatalDragon69
    FatalDragon6914 giorni fa

    Very Nice Rig, Almost spot-on same as the view from inside the car as well.....Nice job, Good effort all-round.....Now, where did I leave that 7K again, it's laying around here somewhere !?!? Only negatives that jumped out at me were..... 1. The sound of the Paddle Gear-Box, it sounded Really Cheap 'N' Nasty everytime you changed gear (hopefully it sounds better irl !?).....Made me Cringe !! 2. This one REALLY let down the Whole thing.....That Ugly-Ass Gandad Cardigan you were wearing for the beginning of the video NEEDS to be Burnt To Ash, Seriously man, you need to sort that out and NEVER wear it/one again !! !! Keep Up the Great Work Jim.....Keep On Driving !!

  • xriz
    xriz14 giorni fa

    wouldnt it be better to use a new VR headset? rest ist awesome :) hope you can keep going!!!

  • Jimmy Oshea
    Jimmy Oshea14 giorni fa

    Wow😳... no other words come to mind!!!

  • Hard Knox
    Hard Knox14 giorni fa

    Bad ass stuff Jimmy! Cheers dude! Proud of ya bro!

  • Panthros
    Panthros14 giorni fa

    For me this is the most interesting part of race car drivers, how they prepare. Raceroom has the Silverstone International track just not the Praga. Assetto Corsa has the older Praga of course and the Silverstone International circuit. I wonder what made them use AMS with a custom car and the Silverstone with the wrong circuit. It clearly did not matter as you prepared well and did well at the track on race day. I hope they release the car model at least. The Praga is an amazing car and it looks like having the right model is all you needed.

  • Edwin Jacobs
    Edwin Jacobs14 giorni fa

    hi Jimmy , sorry if you explained it already (that I may have missed then) , but why prep with triples and not VR ? Wouldn't VR be a better prep? Cheers, Ed

  • trains-girl
    trains-girl15 giorni fa

    @4:29 "game" *shudders* ..... "𝘴 𝘪 𝘮 𝘶 𝘭 𝘢 𝘵 𝘰 𝘳"

  • MrXenoOfficial
    MrXenoOfficial15 giorni fa

    The only change I would do is better screens with a higher HZ like 144 or idealy 280 HZ to make it as close as possible to real life

  • Gökhan Serindik
    Gökhan Serindik16 giorni fa

    @chat, are these 27" or 32" Monitors on this Rig ? i am still debating with my self which Size to get

  • Kenny G

    Kenny G

    7 giorni fa

    those are the Dell S2721 DGF -- 27"

  • Manfred Knorr
    Manfred Knorr16 giorni fa

    No motion simulation. No fancy car body. How the heck did it cost £7000????

  • Ermin Hamidovic
    Ermin Hamidovic17 giorni fa

    Let me know if you need a Chad arm-building routine for that wheel.

    DAN MOSCATO18 giorni fa

    so is this your new sim rig then??

  • Laurentiu Rosu
    Laurentiu Rosu18 giorni fa

    Alexa, what is my location?

  • Norman Young
    Norman Young18 giorni fa

    gonna miss the shed for sure and that board ( it is okay to do mistakes )

  • GeoFavTech
    GeoFavTech19 giorni fa

    If you was in the USA, Ur rig would be in your moms basement LOL.

  • Fwqjjoo YT
    Fwqjjoo YT19 giorni fa

    2:36 Jimmy: it feels really nice in my hands Me: ha that’s what she said

  • Edmund Hershberger
    Edmund Hershberger19 giorni fa

    Why does it matter how much it weighs? You'll never have to move it, right?

  • X G4M3R
    X G4M3R19 giorni fa

    Why not AC? Track and car available...?!?!?

  • Harry Johnson
    Harry Johnson19 giorni fa

    Did u smash Gem yet? Asking for pretty much everybody.

  • jamieverl
    jamieverl19 giorni fa

    maybe asked before,,, what is the main difference between the AC1 version on the Praga R1 and your AMS mod? Is the AMS available?

  • Bullerod
    Bullerod19 giorni fa

    Wow.. that pc looks like its been forgotten in dusty barn for 100 years lol.. its so dirty and dusty :D what happened jimbo heje

  • Thiago Canola
    Thiago Canola20 giorni fa

    Sweet Z!!! I have one in the same color!!! Yeah, it sounds so good!!!!

  • Szabó Benjámin
    Szabó Benjámin20 giorni fa

    Hey Jimmy! Is there a big difference between how the real car handles and feels compared Assetto Corsa ? I know it's not the same model, but I'm curious how close the simulation is.

  • djsquibby
    djsquibby20 giorni fa

    Good luck baby ;)

  • ben stanton
    ben stanton20 giorni fa

    £7000 sim.... Doesnt have correct car OR circuit layout! Good on you Jimmy, good luck in the new car!

  • Harry The Kangaroo
    Harry The Kangaroo20 giorni fa

    We are all so proud of you! Must be nice saying I'm gonna race at Silverstone.

  • Jordn
    Jordn20 giorni fa

    Ngl I was expecting a motion rig but this'll do. Get that bread Jimmer!

  • Kyle Lambe
    Kyle Lambe20 giorni fa

    ive been racing 15 years, 7 time Aus champion and Jimmy does a few test days and a couple club 100's and he's racing at silverstone hahah

  • Jacob Madafaka
    Jacob Madafaka20 giorni fa

    1:56 Love how that hard drive is hanging on wires

  • Andre Greeff
    Andre Greeff21 giorno fa

    training for a real world race... hmmm... but Jimmy, who will you talk to while you drive? :/ jokes aside, I've been with the channel since 40k-odd subs, it's been incredible watching it grow, you deserve all the awesomeness this has brought you!

  • gt3911
    gt391121 giorno fa

    This is really cool - But it's instantly obvious your seating position, angle, wheel heighy and wheel angle is very different than the Praga, wasn't that the point?

    BLITZKRIEG21 giorno fa

    try karting. way harder

  • Keith Roberts
    Keith Roberts21 giorno fa

    Thank you for sharing Jimmer. Good luck at Silverstone. Has always been a difficult track for me. Eyes front, gas down!

  • cgouais
    cgouais21 giorno fa

    But this freaking game is laggy,,, can't you see?!? Look at the grandstand and buildings around when you're moving, you will see it lagging! Playing with a laggy game will tired your eyes much faster and you'll probably get a headache!

  • Soundkore
    Soundkore21 giorno fa

    The glowup tho

  • Talsu
    Talsu21 giorno fa

    And Jimmer thought those 100% feedback videos were just for fun... Turns out it was training for Praga!

  • Daviddarkside Moss
    Daviddarkside Moss21 giorno fa

    Feck £7000 and you used to be so relatable 😭

  • Alastair Stott
    Alastair Stott21 giorno fa

    Great race yesterday Jimmer. First races and LOADS of overtaking.

  • mesfigas
    mesfigas21 giorno fa

    this room has a weird reverb

  • Levi Rockholt
    Levi Rockholt21 giorno fa

    That's a very nice rig Jimmy

  • JulieMidsTV
    JulieMidsTV21 giorno fa

    How do you simulate G forces...?

  • Mallers
    Mallers22 giorni fa

    All that money to dick about and play a game...............what a waste

    SPECIAL EDITION22 giorni fa

    How have Jimmy not played with slaptrain1 you need to get into the drifting scene jimmy

  • FurrySimRacing
    FurrySimRacing22 giorni fa

    Why don't you knock down your shed and buy a log cabin for your mums garden jimmer, big enough for your bed and new £7k sim rig?

  • mikey bikes
    mikey bikes22 giorni fa

    Your living the dream stick at it dont let anything discourage you, your gonna do big thing

  • Peter Warasila
    Peter Warasila22 giorni fa

    Jimmy wants to go fast.

  • Sebastian Tschatordai
    Sebastian Tschatordai22 giorni fa

    Thank you, mister tarmac specialist.

  • Maarten Smit
    Maarten Smit22 giorni fa

    Those feet that don’t move look so creepy

  • Vasili
    Vasili22 giorni fa

    my block this channel button ... twat

  • Gavlar Z
    Gavlar Z22 giorni fa

    £7000 sim rig, why do people give you their money? I just don’t get it

  • Norton Robey
    Norton Robey22 giorni fa

    great vid!

  • basstourist
    basstourist22 giorni fa

    Why is the fps on the sim so bad? Does Jimmy see it like that as well? Or is it the capture software?

  • quattroconcept
    quattroconcept22 giorni fa

    My 1000 likes comment

  • Andy R
    Andy R22 giorni fa

    Pretty short ‘tour’ of the rig. How did that cost £7k..?

  • YamiDucky
    YamiDucky22 giorni fa

    7000 pounds? that's pretty heavy haha

  • PW 4062
    PW 406222 giorni fa

    I‘m wondering whom you will talk to all the time while sitting in the real race car...? 🤔😉

  • Jeff Hopkins
    Jeff Hopkins22 giorni fa

    That isn`t Hanger Straight, it`s Farm Straight!

  • Dom Johnson
    Dom Johnson22 giorni fa

    I like ya cut jimmer

  • NoSkillzJustGillz
    NoSkillzJustGillz22 giorni fa

    where can we watch the race dudes?

  • Red Pill
    Red Pill22 giorni fa

    For 7gs it looked laggy af.? Probably just the recording tho. 😁

  • Marco Dob
    Marco Dob23 giorni fa

    Jimmy has a driver now? Seeing you sit on the passenger side🙃

  • Sammy LPT
    Sammy LPT23 giorni fa

    It is mental how successful average joes have become through social media. Watching Jimmy a few years ago I would have never thought he would ever be doing something like this. It's mental! Kudos to you though, you know your stuff, you're interesting and you've worked hard for if. And you have great hair. If I'm honest I'm most jealous of your hair.

  • GeoDaBoi
    GeoDaBoi23 giorni fa

    Damn jimmer, that haircut took off 10 years

  • BadNade
    BadNade23 giorni fa

    see, PC is better!

  • Kon Digimortal
    Kon Digimortal23 giorni fa

    most your cars don't work? sounds like a carcaine problem... love you bud

  • CentraljocK
    CentraljocK23 giorni fa

    loving watching your mad mad journey, but please tone down the bloody music while youre talking!!! either way loving the content man! Peace and love from Bonnie Scotland :)

  • Richard Hering
    Richard Hering23 giorni fa

    Nice haircut mate!

  • Mr. Lama.
    Mr. Lama.23 giorni fa

    Jimmy Brödbentd

  • Dinosaur111Pwn
    Dinosaur111Pwn23 giorni fa

    And here I am with a G29 Steering wheel and Pedals lol

  • brett etbr
    brett etbr23 giorni fa

    massive congrats jimmy ive been following you for about 5 yrs back then i was using a dpad dreaming of having a sim rig now i have a logitech and you took it a step up again i wish you well my friend

  • Julien
    Julien23 giorni fa

    will the race be broadcast??

  • Chris Spraker
    Chris Spraker23 giorni fa


  • Cane Foca
    Cane Foca23 giorni fa


    DEEPANSHU SONWANE23 giorni fa

    Is there any chance I can get your old gear??? Plz????

  • Phill6000
    Phill600023 giorni fa

    So you didn't put the entire shed on a 6dof motion platform? Thumps down.

  • Tobias Liese
    Tobias Liese23 giorni fa

    So great this season will be streamed on youtube :)

  • Grizzlyjds
    Grizzlyjds23 giorni fa

    No power steering??? Does it have air con at least???

  • Sam Law
    Sam Law23 giorni fa

    You deserve this Jimmy. You've worked so hard man and of course it's been mega fun along the way but you sooooo heckin deserve this Jimmy. Bless ur cotton socks lad

  • dalwhy2k11
    dalwhy2k1123 giorni fa

    As much as i like to see you enjoying your new rig i do hope we still have some lovely Shed content on the old boy. really happy for you Jimmy living your dreams mate absolutely Brilliant

  • fifo
    fifo23 giorni fa

    What channel is brit car on live tv?

  • RhyssT_GTUK #12
    RhyssT_GTUK #1223 giorni fa

    So that’s you I can hear going round silverstone today

  • Christoffer Pedersen
    Christoffer Pedersen23 giorni fa

    awesome video, I wish you the absolute best!

  • Lt Mint
    Lt Mint23 giorni fa

    Reason season

  • Graham Armitage
    Graham Armitage23 giorni fa

    Good luck for this weekend Jimmy :)

  • Mad X
    Mad X23 giorni fa

    Wich simulation do you use there?

  • Ultimate Racing Tips
    Ultimate Racing Tips23 giorni fa

    Not a knock on this, but just very curious: is there a reason why you guys did not go VR? I assume most of it has to do with trying to build environment, but I would imagine that having a VR set up would be more immersive, give you parallax so you have a real sense of being on course with the car in that environment, plus shut out ambient light/surroundings. A.k.a. more realistic.

  • Ultimate Racing Tips

    Ultimate Racing Tips

    22 giorni fa

    @Niels Heusinkveld all good! Happens in development all the time, thanks for chiming in!

  • Niels Heusinkveld

    Niels Heusinkveld

    23 giorni fa

    We weren't aware of the AMS VR plugin at the time of ordering the bits and pieces.

  • Oliver Anthony
    Oliver Anthony23 giorni fa

    RIP frame rate, cool set up though.

  • Zamboni
    Zamboni23 giorni fa

    Good luck Jimmer.

  • Greg Anderson
    Greg Anderson23 giorni fa

    Nice sweater!

  • Colton Jaehde
    Colton Jaehde23 giorni fa

    Jimmy leaving simracing as im getting into it 😅 Good luck mate, Well done. Your going to go far!

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