This New F1 Track Is CRAZY FAST!!!


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  • Mario Zalac
    Mario Zalac2 giorni fa

    mby we see somebody new in pole position :D

  • Ragefist YT
    Ragefist YT5 giorni fa

    Another mercedes track

  • McGowan Quality
    McGowan Quality7 giorni fa

    Dis is cheddah cheese

  • Liam O'Dea
    Liam O'Dea7 giorni fa

    "Not gonna lie............ it kinda looks like a sperm..." r/ThanksIHateIt

  • justanotherflutist
    justanotherflutist10 giorni fa

    The answer to F1 endorsing the SA regime is to boycott the GP by not watching it. As simple as that.

  • sa7man 0808
    sa7man 080812 giorni fa

    Hate us, but you are welcomed to our country 🇸🇦❤

  • sa7man 0808
    sa7man 080812 giorni fa

    🇸🇦✌❤ love from Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦

  • Pascal Bodynek
    Pascal Bodynek13 giorni fa

    The worst Track ive ever seen

  • Carrma
    Carrma22 giorni fa

    With dirty air being as bad as it is, this circuit is going to be absolutely boring. Pole will be crucial

  • BlaziTheEdgelord
    BlaziTheEdgelord24 giorni fa

    Circuit wise, my concern is the safety. Only a few run off areas, flat out curves really close to walls. There is a good reason why Tamburello became a chicane

  • Sir Dook ChikN
    Sir Dook ChikN24 giorni fa

    When you're criticized for being too intolerant and spreading a violent brand of Islam (Wahabism) by the rest of the muslim world you know shit is fucked up lol. If there is one place that should be embargoed and boycotted it should be SA, not Iran, Turkey or pre-war Iraq.

  • Stanjy18
    Stanjy1825 giorni fa

    How do I see a Pride Flag on the thumbnail about Saudi Arabia‘s street track. It makes no sense why that flag would even get printed or sewn there. (I know it is just a game)

  • Lonny Racks
    Lonny Racks25 giorni fa

    Glad you took the time to address the circumstances in Saudia Arabia. Hope we can change the world in a positive way as fans.

  • Josetus jr
    Josetus jr27 giorni fa

    I'm totally sure that in this circuit they won't be overtakes, or at least there will be like 10 overtakes.

  • Akira
    Akira27 giorni fa

    it looks like a molten plastic knife

  • Dr Daniel impossible
    Dr Daniel impossible28 giorni fa

    what is the name of the game?

  • jerregaming
    jerregaming28 giorni fa

    "It looks like a drunk guy drawing a knife or somefin' " how about a spoon, jimmy

    RACECAR28 giorni fa

    Lets be frank: "Jeddah" is just simply a slicker way of saying "Cheddah" because of that all mighty $$$$$

  • Adversary Fracture
    Adversary Fracture29 giorni fa

    Personally I feel racing has no room for external politics. We came for racing. Not for global politics. Yes yes I know, politics can't really be avoided. But F1 really shouldn't push any political messages and then pull a stunt for cash.

  • ECTI
    ECTI29 giorni fa

    People saying nordschleife in f1 would be to unsafe Jeddah: hold my grade 1

  • Auntie Venim
    Auntie Venim29 giorni fa

    If this race does actually happen (which it shouldnt) I'm legitimately afraid of nikita mazepin getting himself or someone else killed.. little crash in bahrain.. little crash at imola.. its not gonna work out well on a track that's this fast

  • salemalslamah
    salemalslamahMese fa

    I'm a Saudi Arabian F1 fan and Jimmer sub I love Saudi I support my GOV just stop promoting your fucking ideology as HR stop using stupid media lies as facts and stop shoving your extreme left agenda up the world's ass any F1 lover is welcome here to see what this leadership means to us and to share moments we care about the only thing we ask for is "respect our way of life"

  • Wk Schwenke
    Wk SchwenkeMese fa

    Having a map up, would be nice 🙏

  • Northern
    NorthernMese fa

    This track is horrible. Race is going to be boring as fuck. 0 overtakes

  • HarmonixFl
    HarmonixFlMese fa

    WangSpeed will have a blast on it

  • TheFlasHUN
    TheFlasHUNMese fa

    This track is even more worse than Paul Ricard...

  • Anders
    AndersMese fa

    I agree with your rant on the end. We must not let our sports or corporations cooperate with regimes that break human rights. We fought hard for them, millions have died - so it's not something you're should be allowed to sell out for a big pay day. Sportwashing needs to end. Yesterday.

  • Stephen46 xre
    Stephen46 xreMese fa

    This track is way to fast for a street circuit. There will be many incidents and lots of pace car phases.

  • Illegal Opinions
    Illegal OpinionsMese fa

    What's with the gay flags everywhere

  • Eduardo Seitz
    Eduardo SeitzMese fa

    It looks like a distorted spoon.

  • Lleyton Pilukas
    Lleyton PilukasMese fa

    What game is this

  • Durango Mârs
    Durango MârsMese fa

    It’s gonna play like a Mario kart circuit

  • Connar Comstock
    Connar ComstockMese fa

    Inb5 Mazespin DNFs.

  • ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻
    ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻Mese fa

    This game looks like rFactor 2 a lot! heh

  • moggoon
    moggoonMese fa

    Before laying into Saudi too much, consider that F1 has been going to China and Russia for years, and those places have an extremely poor human rights record too. I'm a bit bored of people crying about going to Saudi when they have been utterly silent on a plethora of other god forsaken countries F1 has raced in or continues to race in. And hashtag slogans are pointless platitudes just to please the Twitter outrage mob.

  • mustang6172
    mustang6172Mese fa

    I'm not worried about the race being bad. I'm worried about the race being bombed.

  • Rhayan Adriell
    Rhayan AdriellMese fa

    Look booring...

  • JJ Garcia
    JJ GarciaMese fa

    Is that a gay pride flag in Saudi? lol

  • Blackout76
    Blackout76Mese fa

    Jimmy in his "Can I beat pole?" Videos: Damn this is so hard I can only just do it with softest tires and no fuel and a hard-core setup Jimmy after 3 laps at a new track: Yea that's about the lap time we'll see in real life

  • ComputerWhiz
    ComputerWhizMese fa

    It's a downforce-dependant circuit, which instantly means no overtaking because the modern F1 cars won't be able to get within 2 seconds of each other.

  • Pure Sound
    Pure SoundMese fa

    Damn losing steerability at the main straight. Would be horrendous.

  • Ricer Civic
    Ricer CivicMese fa

    Good old Bank Billiams. You're such a talented natural entertainer jimmer

  • Miguel Narciso
    Miguel NarcisoMese fa

    6:58 it's not slippery it's just, you know, the Williams car

  • John C.
    John C.Mese fa

    Looks like a fun circuit to drive, don’t look forward to the race however I don’t see how anybody is gonna be able to follow through such fast sweeping turns

  • Aimai Ai
    Aimai AiMese fa

    I swear I had the same idea for this track recently, instead of straights just have a ton of fast, winding corners.

  • Ben Gray
    Ben GrayMese fa

    I felt very scared in this video, that finger point at me

  • Samson Medway-smith
    Samson Medway-smithMese fa

    Why do a lot of these new tracks have walls everywhere but are really fast. It’s the same with Hanoi. Is there not a safety issue?

  • Zanzaroni GR
    Zanzaroni GRMese fa

    So we can say that for the moment the unofficial public lap record is held by a Williams driven by Jimmy? Edit: The person that made that mod deserves a medal for the subtle stabs towards F1 and Saudi Arabia in place of sponsors

  • Bruno Lr
    Bruno LrMese fa

    Too dangerous imo

  • Aleksander
    AleksanderMese fa

    This race is gonna be shit

  • Collin black
    Collin blackMese fa

    Hey Jimmy, could you do this track with a Australian V8. Looks like a great track to race on. Aussie boi 🤠🇦🇺🇬🇧

  • TimmyTheSnail
    TimmyTheSnailMese fa

    Terrible track. They should’ve had Hanoi instead of this

  • yoshimitzu93
    yoshimitzu93Mese fa

    Looking forward when everyone will think that Saudi is under attack, and it just turns out that Mazepin spun again into a wall.

  • Lexxlr8
    Lexxlr8Mese fa

    I thought the 10-minute mark was amazing. Great content Jim. F1 is just pushing race as one for marketing, they don't actually believe the message they are endorsing.

  • marcel heidtmann
    marcel heidtmannMese fa

    such a boring track layout

  • Fixture
    FixtureMese fa

    Love how this just now came through as a notification on my phone lol

  • Tom Burlinson
    Tom BurlinsonMese fa

    The Cheddar (Gorge) GP, I would love to see that. stick the pits at Wookey Hole haha

  • 4UkU6aM69iTHUK
    4UkU6aM69iTHUKMese fa

    27 turns? Srsly?

  • Dgisch
    DgischMese fa

    bent spoon

  • Jimmy Tambo
    Jimmy TamboMese fa

    FIA: We need less down force and harder tires so the cars travel at a safer speed Also FIA: We need a faster circuit

  • reifrei
    reifreiMese fa

    this course sure has a lot of gay pride 🌈

  • CRT I Collin
    CRT I CollinMese fa

    I did a 1.31.1 here on jeddah on my yt channel Pr is a 1.30.5

  • JrP
    JrPMese fa

    There would be collisions exiting the pits since you really have to look out for Other drivers, b/c the racing line is going to be in the lane of pit lane (exiting)

  • JrP
    JrPMese fa

    Track TYPE: HighSpeed

  • nunaoooo
    nunaooooMese fa

    It’ll be interesting to see Mazepin on this track. Hopefully they kick him out of F1 before he kills himself in there.

  • James Badger
    James BadgerMese fa

    Holy crap, Jimmy. I was watching this really late and was kind of just letting a boi do some talk and wroom-zoom, when suddenly you started talking about some serious stuff. As always, mad respect for who you are and what you believe. One of the reasons I watch your stuff even though I don't do sim racing is because you're a sweet dude on the inside.

  • Ian Howard
    Ian HowardMese fa

    Jimmy. I'm getting pretty cheesed off with some of the pejorative terms you are using in your videos. "Crazy", "mental", "insane", "mad". These words are in everyday use but have an effect on those with mental health problems. As a mental health champion I'd like to see you using more enlightened language please.

  • somebodyoncetoldme
    somebodyoncetoldmeMese fa

    damn, if he can go that fast with Williams then imagine how Red Bull or Mercedes will drive

  • Med Amine Rahmani
    Med Amine RahmaniMese fa

    I think Saoudi Arabia has a criminal regime but I think F1 there can make a deal positive change

  • TheTripol
    TheTripolMese fa

    What the frig this is like Baku on steroids.. u can't have a crash at these speeds on this track how is this approved rofl

  • Micah Doern
    Micah DoernMese fa

    Great Video Jimmy! It inspired me to do a stream of myself trying out the track! I always wonder what I can do to fight against these issues as a racing fan. We can all speak out against the events being held in these countries but is that enough if everyone continues to watch? If the F1 community banded together in choosing not to watch the race I think that would send a strong message. What do you think?

  • Celt Shaun
    Celt ShaunMese fa

    Any team with overheating issues is screwed, Following the car in front is going to be dependent on heat I can already hear the chief mechanics comms - Shite circuit and possibly dangerous to the point of lethal.

    JCKL WATERYMese fa

    Formula 1 rally Sweden basically

  • Rahal Fan girl
    Rahal Fan girlMese fa

    Perfect meme circuit this is, the jabs at the lack of human rights that Saudi Arabia, the Gay pride flags, there only needed to be missiles going off in the background and it will be perfect Cash is king

  • Centre for Excrubulence
    Centre for ExcrubulenceMese fa

    Good on you for saying something, Jimmer. Like any big international sporting organisation, F1 is corrupt, and like any big corrupt organisation with a public image to maintain, they'd rather spend money rainbow-washing their image than actually making moral decisions that hurt their bottom line. It's just especially on the nose here because Saudi Arabia has women who are in prison right now for protesting for the right to drive cars. You'd think F1 could use some of their influence to do something about that if they really cared. It'd be a pretty easy negotiation, "We can't race cars in a country that does this, the optics would be awful." Best part about that line is that it's true. It'd be really easy to convince SA that you'd walk away over an issue like this. But no, the almight dollar wins again.

  • Luca Ratta
    Luca RattaMese fa

    This has to be a 1-1 wings

  • Mr. Norris
    Mr. NorrisMese fa

    Controller players are gonna love this track.

  • ColeYote
    ColeYoteMese fa

    Seems like a kinda cool circuit. Shame about the country it's in. And the fact that it's got no good overtaking spots. But mostly the country.

  • Ricardo
    RicardoMese fa

    we race for money

  • athaircuplac
    athaircuplacMese fa

    Saturday’s are going to be incredible! Sunday’s not so much


    I see it

  • Obi-Wan Kannabis
    Obi-Wan KannabisMese fa

    Pushing a message is only relevant when there is a message to be pushed. When you put hte LGBT flag for western countries and not for the countries were LGBTs are actually oppressed, that shows that the message isn't there because you care about progressive values. It's just there to make you money. If youdon't support that, you shouldn't watch.

  • M DUKE
    M DUKEMese fa

    I find it funny how the creator of the track map put LGBTQ flags around the track😂😂 Imagine if F1 does that in Saudi👀😳

  • jamiemb17
    jamiemb17Mese fa

    99% of us will still watch the race and enjoy the circuit for what it is. Lots of virtue signaling going on with the sentiment surrounding this race. Let's not forget there are plenty of other contentious hosts already on the calendar.

  • Bart Simpson
    Bart SimpsonMese fa

    Thanks for this video. I hate the fact were racing in Saudi... Lewis and his message is now a joke

  • Ross Baillie
    Ross BaillieMese fa

    I swear with every new f1 track they want to add as much corners as possible. The Hanoi circuit equaled Singapore for the record of most turns with 23. This new track has 27 corners

  • Gotcha Biqch
    Gotcha BiqchMese fa

    how’d you know my name is ben

  • R Y Z 3 N
    R Y Z 3 NMese fa

    Can’t wait to see Mazepin spin on T1

  • ben stanton
    ben stantonMese fa

    ..... It doesnt look great

  • Aditya Bhatia
    Aditya BhatiaMese fa

    "Running a bit wider over the pit exit line; who really cares, no one here to watch" 182K views

  • Tech Illiterate
    Tech IlliterateMese fa

    I believe the official name of T1-3 is khashoggi's Chicane

  • Roger Triggs
    Roger TriggsMese fa

    We race as one in Saudi Arabia lmao

  • Lorenzo Bortolin
    Lorenzo BortolinMese fa

    Saudi Arabia BANS ITfunr Jimmy Broadbent for telling the truth

  • Mujahid Islam
    Mujahid IslamMese fa

    Jeddah is pronounced like this: 1) "ju-" sound from "just". 2) "d-d" is a double d stop. So you have to pronounce both d's. 3) "-ah" sound, very light as in "huh". So it becomes "ju-d-dah".

  • Роман Сычев
    Роман СычевMese fa

    What are these flags? Is it necessary?

  • Frank Derksen
    Frank DerksenMese fa

    Hey jimmy ive been checkin out ur vids lately and gotta say ur a good bloke, iust a qeustion tho...i like your setup but im aware that its has a big price tag... is there a nice steering wheel setup incluiding pedal and shifter for xbox without a price tag of a kidney cause i kinda wanna race on forza 4 with a wheel🤣

  • Benjamin Ganiford
    Benjamin GanifordMese fa

    The point he says “Looking at you Ben” made me clench and kind if scared as i am called Ben i was like whaaaaaaaaat? 😂😂 Also love your name of the track and i will forever call it that now

  • Glenn B
    Glenn BMese fa

    This track looks like some rich guy said "just make it fast" without any knowledge or thought of racing, it's going to be boring as hell. I'd give it a dislike but I can't do that to Jimmer.

  • empe
    empeMese fa

    I think it's a track specificaly built for new regualtions (2022 season) and the reduction of a dirty air effect on the car behind

  • 4plus4equalsmoo
    4plus4equalsmooMese fa

    we both said sperm at the same time. I've never seen this video until now

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