My Entire Life Has Been Leading Up To This Moment!


Editing this was properly surreal. I can't believe that the person driving the car in the video is me, even now.
Thank you all so much for sticking with me all these years, through the good times and the bad times. This opportunity only happened because of the support you guys have generously given me over the course of my time on ITfun. Taking you on the journey with me is an overwhelming pleasure and I can't wait to see where this takes us.
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  • Jimmy Broadbent
    Jimmy Broadbent9 giorni fa

    Check out Praga's own video this weekend here -

  • Natural Progression

    Natural Progression

    Giorno fa

    Sim Racing just officially became your hobby. You're a real race driver now.

  • Charlie Dillon

    Charlie Dillon

    6 giorni fa

    I was looking on the tsl website and it says 8th over all and 10th at snetterton. Regardless of position it’s cool to look at your only 2.2 seconds of poll in your class on best laps let alone the others that are comfortable with racing and pushing cars in the real world. Keep it up 👍🏼 you’ll be fight podium in no time.

  • Stargazer


    8 giorni fa

    Jimmy was this 2 heats?



    9 giorni fa

    Glad to see you lose weight already! keep it up lad

  • 5bStix
    5bStix9 ore fa

    Cannot see a thing from the cockpit camera

  • Fr3ddyUK
    Fr3ddyUK13 ore fa

    Well done Jimmy and Jem on the great driving. And congrats to the whole team :)

  • Greasy hobo91
    Greasy hobo9114 ore fa

    I’m immensely proud. I’ve watched you grow into a real racer, I wish you great luck jimny! 🥲

  • Natural Progression
    Natural ProgressionGiorno fa

    9:17 Fuckin love it!

  • marcelo omena
    marcelo omenaGiorno fa


  • Joe Carl
    Joe CarlGiorno fa

    Daaaaamn Jimmy I see you out there living your dreams!!! Seems like an awesome team and championship to learn and grow with!!!!

  • Benjamin Schultz
    Benjamin SchultzGiorno fa

    So proud! Send it, Jimmer!! 🙌

  • Olly Waind
    Olly WaindGiorno fa

    Looked good at Cadwell in the 116 too 👍

  • Mttslbr
    MttslbrGiorno fa

    "Sim shed dweller" haha

  • Ross Cläytor
    Ross CläytorGiorno fa

    literal inspiration, i hope to get there too! currently racing on ACC lol

  • Karl Echnaton Erzmaester Erde
    Karl Echnaton Erzmaester ErdeGiorno fa

    I was never so exited watching a "youtuber"! - Actually... what the heck did i just watch?? :D

  • Márk Mátrahegyi
    Márk MátrahegyiGiorno fa

    From Sheddie Irvine to Nigel Mansion

  • Abhijit Sikder
    Abhijit Sikder2 giorni fa

    Good on ya jimmer, f'ing chuffed for you bro

  • ItsJustTech
    ItsJustTech2 giorni fa

    “I didn’t quite have the testicular fortitude” lmaoo

  • Josh Hust
    Josh Hust2 giorni fa

    "SIM SHED DWELLER" needs to be a merch sticker.....

  • Kyle Follett
    Kyle Follett2 giorni fa


  • Oliver Bond
    Oliver Bond2 giorni fa

    Congrats on your debut Jimmy we're all very proud

  • Kyle Bartz
    Kyle Bartz2 giorni fa

    That Renault engine sounds beautiful

  • Trashy
    Trashy2 giorni fa

    699.000 subs

  • Skvora Limited Media
    Skvora Limited Media2 giorni fa

    Holy shit man - absolute congrats!!!!!

  • Old Boy goes AWOL
    Old Boy goes AWOL3 giorni fa

    This is worthy of a movie. Good stuff

  • RadRush_mx
    RadRush_mx3 giorni fa

    that porche's number: nice.

  • Jeffrey Jensen
    Jeffrey Jensen3 giorni fa

    Holy Shite Jimmy!

  • Badgerduzi
    Badgerduzi3 giorni fa

    Absolute legend. Congratulations, you're an inspiration for us all

  • Davillenueve
    Davillenueve3 giorni fa

    The helmet reminds me of hunt's. Looks cool

  • Desire4Sound
    Desire4Sound3 giorni fa

    No drone outside footage? Rly disappointed... somewhat... ^^

  • Roger Kuchel
    Roger Kuchel3 giorni fa

    Jimmy you legend! What a life thrill! Awesome result considering the competition. Keep that new career going. Looking forward to seeing you in a Porsche GT3 in the SPA 24hr some day.....

  • Jp Doe
    Jp Doe3 giorni fa

    Wow, I must admit my eyes watered a bit when he finished his first race.

  • MashedPot8os
    MashedPot8os3 giorni fa

    The ode to his grandad is great to me

  • fooquestionmark
    fooquestionmark3 giorni fa

    You need to get some moon gel to isolate that gopro my dude.

  • Tyler Hagan
    Tyler Hagan3 giorni fa

    Out-freaking-standing mate!

  • Povilas Prokapas
    Povilas Prokapas4 giorni fa

    My god his voice is annoying...well done mate reaching your goal 👊😉

  • Cal Raasay
    Cal Raasay4 giorni fa

    Loved watching this, so mint seeing you out in ‘real life’ racing! I’m one of the race engineers at INGSport, two times Britcar champions. We have a Z4 GT3, nicknamed Thor. We’ve not managed to get things sorted for start of season but will be entering a few later in the year, hope to see you there Jimmy. Also, if you ever fancy a drive of Thor, just get in touch!

  • MM CarFreak
    MM CarFreak4 giorni fa

    I'm so proud of you Jimmy and unbelievably happy to see you reaching the goal you've been dreaming of for so long. I've been crying watching this cause I really think you deserved it, you trained for it and you achieved it...because YOU are an absolut legend.

  • Steven Heppener
    Steven Heppener4 giorni fa

    i cant believe you still havt got a million subs

  • Hylton's Gaming
    Hylton's Gaming4 giorni fa

    Congrates Jimmy and Team on P4 brother proud of you

  • Koichi Kamimura
    Koichi Kamimura4 giorni fa


  • John MacCallum
    John MacCallum4 giorni fa

    On a 120 day news and video detox but I had to come just to see the comments. I’ll be counting down the days until I can watch this video in all of its glory. So proud of our boy Jimmer 😭❤️

  • kyle993993
    kyle9939934 giorni fa

    I need one of those Praga hoodies 😍

  • Zach Fox
    Zach Fox4 giorni fa

    New viewer here - great video. Looking forward to watching more.

  • McPlayer8t
    McPlayer8t5 giorni fa

    Hey Jimmie, you did a really amazing job, well done. I know you’ll get that podium soon.

  • Ace Spades
    Ace Spades5 giorni fa

    3:05... nice 😏

  • Ya boi Calle
    Ya boi Calle5 giorni fa

    I just realised who this is, xavier...7:25

  • Darin Lunde
    Darin Lunde5 giorni fa

    I am so jealous. Hope you enjoyed it dude. There's 10 million other people who only have that opportunity in their dreams.

  • Luka Newton
    Luka Newton5 giorni fa

    Zero punterinos, great job

  • Chris Bradley
    Chris Bradley5 giorni fa

    Well done Jim and Jem ! 2 x P4's!

  • austin slayer
    austin slayer5 giorni fa

    Love you dad

  • BuFu_84
    BuFu_845 giorni fa

    Wow. These graphics look so realistic. How's the gameplay?

  • Clive Lomax
    Clive Lomax5 giorni fa

    Well done Jimmerino! Excellent stuff, can you sort out the shakey in car camera, would love if it was clearer to check out yer moves.

  • Dave Commentator
    Dave Commentator6 giorni fa

    Thanks for using a short clip of the BARC TV footage featuring my commentary :) check out the British Automobile Racing Club channel for the full race shows. Pleased to report everyone in the crashes were unhurt.

  • Pete Lilyfield
    Pete Lilyfield6 giorni fa

    That was awesome, Jimmer!!!! Well done!

    BRUNO6 giorni fa

    Thats crazyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Sammy13Nation
    Sammy13Nation6 giorni fa

    Seeing Jimmy finally get into pro racing makes me feel like I can do it to. Been dreaming of driving in nascar since i was 4 years old racing quarter midgets and for a while I've felt like I would never make it. But now I think I could do it if I really tried for it and proved myself :)

  • SwitcherTrain
    SwitcherTrain6 giorni fa

    Real driver

  • RatRaceProducing
    RatRaceProducing6 giorni fa

    You always appear well skilled and I feel you deserve this for sure. Strange feeling being proud of a stranger 😂. Congrats and good luck! 👍

  • OsmanProHD
    OsmanProHD6 giorni fa

    When you play enough racing games, you actually become racer. Hats off to you Jimbo

  • iJousKa63
    iJousKa636 giorni fa

    That, f*cking, engine. Why does it have to sound so good

  • Makah RezRacer86
    Makah RezRacer866 giorni fa

    Get in there, Jimmer!!!

  • Yirlani
    Yirlani6 giorni fa

    Why are you wearing a mask in an open air space? Ridiculous.

  • Dakao Do
    Dakao Do6 giorni fa

    Awkward smiles on command or not, your joy and wonder show through every moment you speak. Thank you for sharing your passion so deftly with your fans and community. The other comments here are great and full of appreciation for you -- even if you feel like an impersonator, I hope you'll hear what your fans are sending you. Keep pretending your humble, grateful best (a riff on your usual awestruck "what am I doing here?" remarks). You're our favorite shed dweller! BTW you commented elsewhere on rough video bits as you figure out how to vlog IRL in places that have non-ITfun business going on that you have to understandably accommodate. Your commentary, footage, and editing have been really enjoyable in this transition into hybrid online/real-life. I personally feel emotionally giddy along with your own giddiness as you bring me as a viewer along. You provide such a balanced mix of your impressions, actions, and context of what's going on around you. So it's working!

  • Channing White
    Channing White6 giorni fa

    A bit different than the shed lol

  • Corey Chatelain
    Corey Chatelain6 giorni fa

    LMAO "Pls No Punterino" on the car.... That's totally ace! This stuff.... man... why do so many of us get the feels & feel so much pride for somebody we've never met?

  • Sisekelo Duma
    Sisekelo Duma6 giorni fa

    From GT2 to this!!

  • Darren Day
    Darren Day7 giorni fa

    Was that jww’s car next to yours?

  • Al Boulton_gmail
    Al Boulton_gmail7 giorni fa

    Great video Jimmy, I was really interested to see how you went from sim racing to real racing and we are all extremely impressed with your pace and consistency - see you at Oulton

  • Knappikus
    Knappikus7 giorni fa

    @Jimmy - I'm massively impressed of your progress.

  • Lance Alex
    Lance Alex7 giorni fa

    You f'ing ledges!! . Keep pushing.

  • phaze
    phaze7 giorni fa


  • Frank Lotion
    Frank Lotion7 giorni fa

    “I didn’t quite have the testicular fortitude”

  • Kevin Davey
    Kevin Davey7 giorni fa

    Incredible stuff, congratulations man! Your narration during your stints was amazing! Do this for every future race please!

  • Modahl
    Modahl7 giorni fa

    Jimmy for F1 2025!!!!

  • Barnabás Takács
    Barnabás Takács7 giorni fa

    2:50 PraNos??

  • Darren Murphy
    Darren Murphy7 giorni fa

    I had a smile touching my two ears when I watched you leave the pit lane. Well done Jimmer you absolute legend

  • Tobias Ahlzen
    Tobias Ahlzen7 giorni fa

    Incredible Jimmer. From a sim shed dweller to a race car driver. I am so proud of our boi👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Leonardo Barreto
    Leonardo Barreto7 giorni fa


  • Califf Toten
    Califf Toten7 giorni fa

    holy shit, i know the fucker thats owns that praga, he has his sticker on it LOL

  • hkyplyr621
    hkyplyr6217 giorni fa

    I love the PlsNoPunterino sticker on the front wing, nice touch.

  • Alex Loones
    Alex Loones7 giorni fa

    We gonna see swol neck jimmy Pog

  • greg taylor
    greg taylor8 giorni fa

    A M A Z I N G !!!!! Good work Jimmy.

  • Nate Trabue
    Nate Trabue8 giorni fa

    Congratulations mate

  • Stuart Turvey
    Stuart Turvey8 giorni fa

    Really happy for you Jimmy. It’s a very different way to enter our world. It’s been a long time since I raced in England. I miss the English tracks. Hit me back at my yt channel. Good luck mate.

  • mark Twisted
    mark Twisted8 giorni fa

    awesome, glad to see you showing them how its done, grats on the dream ride, give em ell

  • Desire
    Desire8 giorni fa

    This game is very realistic looking

  • Rapster
    Rapster8 giorni fa

    Jimmy, where can we watch the live streams/shows for these races in the UK? I looked most places on Freeview, Sky and online but couldn't find the live stream. I did find the live timing online but that was about it plus it was a bit flaky.

  • Carl
    Carl8 giorni fa

    Happy for u m8. Can't wait to see your next life chapter in getting some yoked arms and neck 💪

  • schmid1.0
    schmid1.08 giorni fa

    30:10 Thats 1st place for biggest smile on the track.

  • KoelKastPoot
    KoelKastPoot8 giorni fa

    Real proud of you JImmy, Keep up the good work!

  • Fjandro 9
    Fjandro 98 giorni fa

    Aquí viendo el futuro del Cherokee

  • Freerider
    Freerider8 giorni fa

    Have to say, that helmet livery is spot on.

  • Jon Doe
    Jon Doe8 giorni fa

    14:37 testicular fortitude

  • whirinakii
    whirinakii8 giorni fa

    Awesome great to see sim racer in a real race

  • WcG iFredy29
    WcG iFredy298 giorni fa

    Well done Jimmer happy for you! You did great!

  • Mark Suridge
    Mark Suridge8 giorni fa

    Welldone Jimmer. Such an inspiration mate. Its sooo good to watch you live the dream. Keep it up👍👍👍

  • Einar
    Einar8 giorni fa

    Simply amazing, thank you for taking us along for this ride. Hope you'll make more videos like this, I felt like I was watching the F1 netflix show. 😄

    SLYDIT8 giorni fa

    Well done Jimmy!

    SLYDIT8 giorni fa

    Jimis new channel- Body building tips from jimmer. 😂😅🤣

  • DaddyWhatchuCookin’
    DaddyWhatchuCookin’9 giorni fa


  • Zsombor Szepessy
    Zsombor Szepessy9 giorni fa

    why is he so short lmao

  • demmersify
    demmersify9 giorni fa

    "Just a nice place to chill out". My definition of "chill" might be slightly different lol!

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