I Finally Get To Meet My Real Life Racing Teammate!


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  • Charles Lightfoot
    Charles LightfootGiorno fa

    good luck to both of you...

  • Antanis
    Antanis10 giorni fa

    After having seen his first race, he definitely still has noodle arms. Noodle neck.

  • OgamiItto70
    OgamiItto7015 giorni fa

    Wow. "Rad." I remember that. From 1978.

  • periurban
    periurban16 giorni fa

    That poor lassie. His first day and he's already nearly as good as her! And it was going so well!

  • JuN Bearded
    JuN Bearded18 giorni fa

    So, Jimmer will partner up with Tiabeanie... That was unexpected ! Love you guys !

  • Ser Garlan Tyrell
    Ser Garlan Tyrell22 giorni fa

    It's so weird when you see someone standing up for the first time... Like getting to know a colleague on zoom and finally meeting them in real life to find they're 6'7... Only the opposite way around.

  • Ne Ne
    Ne Ne22 giorni fa

    Does anybody knew name of the synthwave Music 0:30-1:30 ?

  • Max Eilberg
    Max Eilberg23 giorni fa

    poggers almost 690 000!!!

  • Charles Hosea
    Charles Hosea24 giorni fa

    OF course she's an attractive blonde

  • Wind of change
    Wind of change26 giorni fa

    This makes me feel like a proud momma Jimmer, haha

  • Roba Racing
    Roba Racing27 giorni fa

    Jimmy, are you also take part in some Kart races this year ?

  • Austin Walters
    Austin Walters29 giorni fa

    his body posture when the speak to one another looks so hilarious lol

  • Austin Walters
    Austin Walters29 giorni fa

    tell her to start a youtube channel so we can stop watching u

  • Jon Chui
    Jon ChuiMese fa

    Jimmy is optimum racing driver height and size! So excited for your journey to the Praga!

  • Splash Brothas
    Splash BrothasMese fa

    Bro I've watched you a long time. With that said you're a sim driver. You're not a very good real driver. This content is bad for your channel.

  • Walt G
    Walt GMese fa

    What a fantastic opportunity! Enjoy Jimmy and good luck!!( I do miss the karts, raced them for 18 years)..

  • Will Eagles
    Will EaglesMese fa

    a young Henry Catchpole

    NORTHMANMese fa

    Awesome, keep it up!

  • David Bird
    David BirdMese fa

    ITfun hasn't been putting your videos in my feeds for a while, so just catching up. It's amazing to see you go from making videos in your shed to actually racing with a team...you should be very proud of yourself Jimmy! This is the most wholesome thing I've seen today!

  • Taekatanahu
    TaekatanahuMese fa

    What a disappointment, I thought his teammate was Johnny Winter judging by the thumbnail.

  • yamete kudasai
    yamete kudasaiMese fa

    She got drip

  • sam rowland
    sam rowlandMese fa

    Crazy Spanish Girlfriend be sharpening her Chorizo knife

  • Chris James
    Chris JamesMese fa

    Wow Jimmy, you're doing really well with your channel, you do such exciting stuff now days. Good on you man, hard work pays off, doesn't it? Do you ever get together and sim race with any of the guys you used to race with long ago? If so, I want in.

  • Pavouk106
    Pavouk106Mese fa

    10:01 is the moment I'm proud to be Czech - seeing that double-tailed lion on the jacket!

  • Taekatanahu


    Mese fa

    Search "Swedish Lion" on Google if you want to see nightmares. 😆

  • Jasper Gerrits
    Jasper GerritsMese fa

    Nice job adjusting to 2021 can't have a male teammate anymore she was the most skilled out of all options right? Cause that what this is about right? That's why if you see 3 people in a commercial nowadays you are mandatory 1 women 1 men and 1 black person. cause if we just show men or white folks we racists so lets make sure we have a coloured person and a women in the team guys. Sorry ladies i support you in racing but we live in 2021 we don't know anymore who's the real deal and who's not. A sim racer and Female driver wayyyyyy to PC if you ask me. Clearly Jimmy didn't want any critique on his choices. Grats you just got some.

  • Boomerang-Digital


    Mese fa

    I thought something similar. But she’s the Britcar champion. So I’m assuming that means she’s good?

  • Tomasz Gałkowski
    Tomasz GałkowskiMese fa

    Ah, so this is where all of my luck was redistributed. /s Congratulations, man. You've made a long way, I'm super happy for you.

  • James Archibald
    James ArchibaldMese fa


    NICK EVANMese fa

    Short tongue

    HJM HJMMese fa

    😍😍😍 Oh mumma

  • S S
    S SMese fa

    watch out for the JWW torpedo!

  • majsketchup
    majsketchupMese fa

    Jimmy's out here carting with Elsa Jean 👀

  • Barrett Ayton
    Barrett AytonMese fa

    So cool!! Can't wait to see you guys race together in the big karts!!! Awesome guys!

  • Emmett Stovern
    Emmett StovernMese fa

    All the best to you both, and your team 🏁🍀💛

  • Feint
    FeintMese fa

    Awesome dude. Get it!

  • Shane Metzger
    Shane MetzgerMese fa

    Having been in Jimmy”s shoes I can tell he”s mentally not prepared for what will happen this season. Hope he enjoys it for what it is but success is not something he will have yet.

  • Triv Wolfe
    Triv WolfeMese fa

    How long til “plz no punterino jemmer”

  • Dylan Hu
    Dylan HuMese fa

    ayy this video has av1 encoding, noice!

  • PlatinumDestroyer
    PlatinumDestroyerMese fa


  • Evo
    EvoMese fa

    It has been so long since i've been to Whilton. Used to live a few minutes from, and I miss it!

  • Doc Darkness
    Doc DarknessMese fa

    Awesome sauce 👍

  • CoopRaces
    CoopRacesMese fa

    Love Whilton Mill.

  • OOFer Gang
    OOFer GangMese fa

    Man we got the vip praga in here. LOL

  • Giorgio Elgar
    Giorgio ElgarMese fa

    My man's gonna be in the Williams by next season

  • Robert Smith
    Robert SmithMese fa

    such a wide track

  • Daniel Patrie
    Daniel PatrieMese fa

    ha yes super Steve gt-s the one and only

  • Karoli Evans
    Karoli EvansMese fa

    Brilliant looking forward to seeing more. Thank you.

  • TheCloudhopper
    TheCloudhopperMese fa

    Can't express how happy I am for you. I remember "that video" when you talked about the issues you were dealing with, losing the job, moving back to your mom's etc. And only a few years later here we are. How times can change. And it's important that you sometimes take the time to just pause, look around and think "wow this is really my life now". I've been through a similar journey and to this day, these brief pauses are the best moments of them all. Love ya, have fun!

  • Blakenwhyte
    BlakenwhyteMese fa

    Not the teammate i was expecting. A surprise for sure, but a welcome one:)

  • Starlight Squadron
    Starlight SquadronMese fa

    Mate I am so stocked for you! Get out on some kind of track every single day if you can. Get those Karting laps in! Good luck mate!

  • Jason Villanueva
    Jason VillanuevaMese fa

    Jimmy sporting the alonso esque hair 🧐

  • TROLL Maestro
    TROLL MaestroMese fa

    I love his team mate already

  • luuk341
    luuk341Mese fa

    Friggin' sick mate! I now have another racing team I am rooting for! Got get 'em Jimmer and Jem!

  • AtotehZ
    AtotehZMese fa

    I remember my first time getting into a KF2... The lines you take on hard tyres in a medium speed kart and very soft tyres in a fast kart is so different and it took some laps to get used to that. In those laps I'd bruised my ribs on both sides so badly that my father asked if I wanted to stop for the day. KF2 kicked ass, it had 39HP. Compared to the 8, 11 and 15HP I'd tried before it was a massive change. The class you wanna drive today if you want something similar is OK, those have to be push started though.

  • AtotehZ
    AtotehZMese fa

    For wet kerbs in a kart. As long as only the front tyre goes over them you're generally fine. As long as you don't expect a lot of steering at the same time. On the rear tyres however... having a tyre over the kerb can reduce your acceleration considerably if you already have low grip. If you still have any sideways momentum in the corner you also risk spinning out. Kerbs that are used in the dry are the worst for this. New kerbs and kerbs that are hit a different angle in the wet, not so much.

  • AtotehZ
    AtotehZMese fa

    As a guy who started racing in 1996.. No, there were not a lot of women in motorsport. We had 1 girl in our entire club, and that was more than most. The idea that women don't belong in motorsport is false. No sane person would think so. As a driver you prove yourself on the track and the results are what they are. Gender doesn't really matter.

  • emoney7472
    emoney7472Mese fa

    Boy she is much less annoying then his girlfriend. Make the move man make the move.

  • Crazy Boy
    Crazy BoyMese fa

    never trust a video posted on April 1st

  • Taska Nawa
    Taska NawaMese fa

    omg she is gorgeus

  • Steven Pettiford
    Steven PettifordMese fa

    Good luck in Britcar Jimmer, it'll be really fun to watch you develop over the season!

  • AtomicBass
    AtomicBassMese fa

    Rotax are so annoying in the wet, bog out the corner and then sudden powerband and wheel spinning 😅

  • Kwstakhs m
    Kwstakhs mMese fa

    I can from his eyes ..... 😂👀

  • sammy mold
    sammy moldMese fa

    I live right next to that track!

  • Matthew Mogford
    Matthew MogfordMese fa

    Where online/TV will I be able to watch this?

  • Jack Fordham
    Jack FordhamMese fa

    When I was 8 and did my arcs test for karting I did mine at the same time as jem did. I grew up with Jem had some very good battles on track with her and some brilliant memories off track. She’s developed into such a talent and winning Brit car shows how good she is. Best of luck to both of them this season x

  • opmike343
    opmike343Mese fa

    In the future, EVERY pro racer is going to have a significant simracing background in their upbringing. Save for the lucky children who have parents with the bankroll to start in karts the moment they're able.

  • Conor Maguire
    Conor MaguireMese fa

    Home Pyxis playing in the background, very surprised you got that without a copyright strike

  • Sam Kennedy
    Sam KennedyMese fa

    Same track Lando Norris has shot a karting video!

  • Tony Kebell
    Tony KebellMese fa

    10:10 So many places use those UniformFirst Soft Shell Fleece jackets. The security company i work for has them with thier branding on too.

  • Amanda Santini
    Amanda SantiniMese fa

    My god she's cuuuuuute

  • Peter Weer
    Peter WeerMese fa


  • Dylan Moore
    Dylan MooreMese fa

    "Speed gt" i laughed so hard

  • Tyler
    TylerMese fa

    Imagine offroading with go karts😱

  • Velo
    VeloMese fa

    she's a beaut!

  • the guy who does assetto edits
    the guy who does assetto editsMese fa

    spanish lady gonna be pissed lol

  • Tanrhyme F
    Tanrhyme FMese fa

    Will he have the same helmet for the season?

  • Error989
    Error989Mese fa

    that's waifu material right there! the girl also ain't bad

  • K0r0n1s
    K0r0n1sMese fa

    That wind noise sent my subwoofer into overdrive :-D No biggie, still cool video^^

  • Cameron Dopman
    Cameron DopmanMese fa


  • Sam
    SamMese fa

    Super impressed with the video quality!

  • Donovan G
    Donovan GMese fa

    Does Jimmy have any merch with the rooster that is in the credits? I think that could be wicked!

  • Donovan G
    Donovan GMese fa

    Really enjoyed this video! Please share more team videos!

  • Randy Swiger
    Randy SwigerMese fa

    good luck to both of you.

  • Johan Carinus
    Johan CarinusMese fa

    Really looking forward to seeing you two in a race. Looks like you're getting along quite well. Hopefully we can stream the races from outside the UK.

  • Sean Kelly
    Sean KellyMese fa

    Get into the teammate a bit later. Sure you will Jimmer and you bought condoms.

  • Hans Wurst
    Hans WurstMese fa

    Will there be a way for me to watch this (in Germany)?

  • Niels Verwoerd
    Niels VerwoerdMese fa

    Oof that smooth intro transition

  • Koichi Kamimura
    Koichi KamimuraMese fa

    now drift

  • Nate
    NateMese fa

    I'm so happy for you Jimmy this is awesome. Well done you've worked your ass off

  • Gean de Oliveira
    Gean de OliveiraMese fa

    I can't believe you forgot the Super GT Steve Alvarez Brown boy name. I'm not watching your videos anymore until you learn to respect the shadow realm legend... Nice video by the way. I love karting so much. Excited for upcoming contents !

  • Flyingmango Gaming
    Flyingmango GamingMese fa

    i went karting today for my birthday

  • Hannu Pohjolainen
    Hannu PohjolainenMese fa

    first of all thank's for real racing!!!

  • Foxy454
    Foxy454Mese fa

    Damn, love the art on her helmet.

  • TeamSUCC
    TeamSUCCMese fa

    UK would be great fun for karting because the weather is always horrible and karting in the wet is super fun ;)

  • Callislite
    CallisliteMese fa

    Ouuuuu Jimmy Scored yourself a cute one

  • Evan Hill
    Evan HillMese fa

    Looking good jimmer!

  • Leonidas APFH
    Leonidas APFHMese fa

    Mythical hair gang

  • jcoast1
    jcoast1Mese fa

    Hair Team ready!!

  • Piner
    PinerMese fa

    I'd love to know what the name of that pov helmet camera is

  • Quavx
    QuavxMese fa

    is it just me or does Jimmy look like a super young Keanu reeves

  • VikingSixOneActual
    VikingSixOneActualMese fa

    It rains in the UK??? NO WAY

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