I Can Do That Lap Time In A VAN!


Probably the most famous Nordschleife lap of all time. Rest in peace Sabine.
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  • Christopher Dunn
    Christopher Dunn5 giorni fa

    I hope you don’t talk this much during your first race

  • Bely Bob
    Bely Bob6 giorni fa

    SO nice to do this! Well done... R.I.P. glorious Sabine Schmidt

  • Sir Loin
    Sir Loin9 giorni fa

    I do hope that you donate the money you made off this video to a really good charity, Jimmer my boy.

  • Sir Loin
    Sir Loin9 giorni fa

    I felt horrible when I heard the news, she was such a joy to watch and so funny for a German! She will be genuinely missed, there will never be another one like Sabine.

  • Zxsli Shorts
    Zxsli Shorts10 giorni fa

    if you have ever heard of guy martin , have a look at his world record in a ford transit

  • UnitedKingdomRC
    UnitedKingdomRC11 giorni fa

    I was sat on the edge of me seat! 🤣

  • OgamiItto70
    OgamiItto7014 giorni fa

    Every once in a while someone comes along who is very influential on motorsports and car enthusiasts. Henry Ford (affordable cars), Zora Arkus-Duntov (the Corvette), Lee Iaccoca (the Mustang), Carroll Shelby (the Shelby Cobra and Shelby GT350 and GT500), Mario Andretti (synonymous with "fast driver" still to this day). There are others... Sabine Schmitz was one of those people, one of our heroes who inspire us with a living example of automotive excellence. In pace requiescat, Sabine Schmitz. You will be missed. I think her hearse should have been a Transit.

  • def
    def23 giorni fa

    Let's remember that Sabine did it faster WITH traffic as well. She was a driving Goddess.

  • Arvi Fulgencio
    Arvi Fulgencio24 giorni fa

    they should name the carousel as the "Sabine's Carousel".

  • GamerForLife
    GamerForLife25 giorni fa

    Wow i didnt knew she died and im German. RIP

  • Thomas Galih Satria
    Thomas Galih Satria25 giorni fa

    she was doing it in 10min 20sec even with richard hammond in it.

  • Polaj Live
    Polaj Live27 giorni fa

    Mirror's edge soundtrack? This video is the weirdest place to find it xD

  • jakubkrcma
    jakubkrcma27 giorni fa

    RIP Sabine. For an Assetto Corsa BTG lap around the Nordschleife with this Ford Transit done in 10:08, just like Sabine did, you can watch my TV camera replay. Stock car, hotlap mode - no weight reduction, no drafting. Just a good car setup and a bit of hard work...

  • Luuk van Oijen
    Luuk van Oijen28 giorni fa

    These comments feel so weird with my mom's name being Sabine, RIP the queen of the nurburgrin tho :(

  • TheDirtyAirF1Podcast
    TheDirtyAirF1Podcast28 giorni fa

    Wonderful tribute💯 Sabine, forever remembered 🙏🏼🏁

  • N0t M8d
    N0t M8d29 giorni fa

    I took you saying half baked i think the wrong way-

  • meehhhe Of You
    meehhhe Of You29 giorni fa

    I didn’t even know she passed! Now I’m sad! Last I heard was she was taking a break from the spotlight and from motor racing to take care of her cancer/medical issues she actually seemed somewhat healthy last time saw her before wanting a break. this wasn’t that long ago. I didn’t realize how aggressive/advanced the cancer was. I know she got diagnosed with it in only 2017 as well.. :( Rest easy Sabine! You were a bigger legend than many people will ever realize! Now it’s your time to enjoy the fruits of your labor, a lap ahead of all of us.

  • Marc Davey
    Marc Davey29 giorni fa

    I think Jimmy and other streamers should do a live stream in memory for Sabine and all the donations go towards cancer research.

  • Leo
    Leo29 giorni fa


  • Vinz G
    Vinz GMese fa

    Which game is it?

  • username taken
    username takenMese fa

    Vale sabine. A beautiful racer, a beautiful person. A beautiful woman. God speed.

  • Elias Håkansson
    Elias HåkanssonMese fa

    Sabine is the greatest racer of the Nurburgring. No other name is more intimately associated with the ring than hers.

  • Trainz And Roblox Fan 2021
    Trainz And Roblox Fan 2021Mese fa

    “This is not about yeeting it along the track” I died laughing at that

  • Karl Echnaton Erzmaester Erde
    Karl Echnaton Erzmaester ErdeMese fa

    What a nice tribute video! Actually the best i've seen. Thank you so much for this! And yes, you did put a smile on my face (more than one *)

  • BlackKnight101
    BlackKnight101Mese fa

    Who doesn't love a lass that drives fast and will bust Clarkson's balls? RIP Sabine, you'll be missed.

  • Sillyhatday
    SillyhatdayMese fa

    Dam I feel good. I may have had hours more practice but 10:29.179 is my best at this. Still no where near Sabines 10:23 without the Viper

  • The X Nut
    The X NutMese fa

    Haha I thought you where actually driving a van round the track in real life! Nice video anyway.

  • Alexander Zoubul
    Alexander ZoubulMese fa

    Ah the diesel v8 jag, and then Sabine said the line R.I.P Sabine you will be missed

  • Steve Dave
    Steve DaveMese fa

    Still keeping the revs a bit low imho, but great video

  • Eric Morin
    Eric MorinMese fa

    RIP Sabine, she'll be missed ❤. As you, I "discovered" her in that episode of TG, but followed her after on different channels on YT and also Fifth Gear... What a lady... so fun to watch, good sense of humor... and a racer at heart. ❤

  • Skripi91
    Skripi91Mese fa

    Finally found time to watch this Video. You did great Jimmy, the way you made this Video, you talked about Sabine with all this respect and emotions, it really catched me.

  • walterswdf2
    walterswdf2Mese fa

    Sabine and her teammates won the Ring 24h outright -- twice -- not just in their class.

  • Sugma Bolzack
    Sugma BolzackMese fa


  • S. F.
    S. F.Mese fa

    Monetization in a tribute video... :-/ awkward

  • kapil busawah
    kapil busawahMese fa

    RIP Race In Peace She will always be the Queen of the Nürburgring. She'll always be my greatest reminder of how fun driving is.

  • Jayden Gough
    Jayden GoughMese fa

    When the Nurburgring has Sabine on it 9:33

  • demonsbutterfly
    demonsbutterflyMese fa

    Well played Jimmy. She was a true legend, and so are you mate

  • Bong Jovi
    Bong JoviMese fa

    So I guess Sabine's lap is what inspired the Transit SSV? Ford should make them again for a year in honor of Sabine.

  • bigsmiggi
    bigsmiggiMese fa

    Just to add an extra touch to being genuine. Demonetize this video.

  • Ed AK
    Ed AKMese fa

    Thanks Jimmy. I think Sabine smiled from above when you failed to beat her time ! So far in 2021 we lost Sabine Schmitz (51) , Murray Walker (97) , Hannu Mikkola (78) and Dakar legend Hubert Auriol (68). All R.I.P.

  • DissaterFallen
    DissaterFallenMese fa

    I think this challenge should be a license test in GT7 with the dodge viper pace car

  • i aM Miccky
    i aM MicckyMese fa

    Quality tribute 👍🏻

  • Derek Page
    Derek PageMese fa

    A fitting tribute to one of the greats. RIP Sabine.

  • Grey Skies
    Grey SkiesMese fa

    Sabine, Queen of the Ring. We were all lucky to have even known of her. Skill beyond measure, and a reminder that if you aren't there yet, you aren't practicing hard enough.

  • Heisenberg
    HeisenbergMese fa

    i’m barely seeing this right now i did not know she passed away... RIP Sabine she will be missed ❤️🙏🏼

  • Rob Duguay
    Rob DuguayMese fa

    Shout out to Sabine and Katherine Tate ( I'm not Bovered) impressed Jimmer.

  • CVT T
    CVT TMese fa

    Lovely tribute!

  • Juti Mäyränen
    Juti MäyränenMese fa

    Sabine Schmitz - The Queen of the Ring R.I.P

  • Paul Edgson
    Paul EdgsonMese fa

    Great video jimmer.

  • Rafael Cunha
    Rafael CunhaMese fa

    9:33 I♡ Sabine written on the track wow never noticed that

  • dafonk phenomenal
    dafonk phenomenalMese fa

    Who cares honestly?

  • SoLDMG
    SoLDMGMese fa

    24hrs of the Nurburgring with stock transits (with all the safety gear) would be a CRAZY event in real life

  • annie's big day
    annie's big dayMese fa

    rip something called savine or sabine whatever the means

  • Pepsi Man
    Pepsi ManMese fa

    3:34, long pause shows jimmer is thoughtful

  • Ilja Lobanovs
    Ilja LobanovsMese fa

    Thing to add ... In video games cars are always in prestige condition , in real life many horses ran away ... And she still got things done

  • Phil Oates

    Phil Oates

    Mese fa

    The fact Sabine lapped that lump of metal in 10m08secs was extraordinary! She will be both missed and loved.

  • Yible327
    Yible327Mese fa


  • Allan
    AllanMese fa

    9:32 I

  • Yahir Barragan
    Yahir BarraganMese fa

    SABINE died on my father’s birthday, but it’s immensely saddening to hear it

  • MBY
    MBYMese fa

    This is nearly the time, Sabine has driven with Hammond on Board. So, you are driven a real lap time with this Van...

  • B. S.
    B. S.Mese fa

    what game is this?

  • Ferjaxs75
    Ferjaxs75Mese fa

    What game is this?

  • Ferjaxs75


    Mese fa

    @Phil Oates Thanks!

  • Phil Oates

    Phil Oates

    Mese fa

    Assetto Corsa. Developed in 2014 and still regularly updated. It is available on Steam and a brilliant simulator!

  • J J
    J JMese fa

    Making dough off a woman's death is pretty trashy.

  • insertrandomcleverusername
    insertrandomcleverusernameMese fa

    i found out sabine and my mom where bought struggling. my mom was also diagnoesed at 2017 too. i dont recommend herbal medicines

  • Davorin Agatic
    Davorin AgaticMese fa

    You are sad man.For views you are yousing Sabine name.Patetic

  • Davorin Agatic

    Davorin Agatic

    Mese fa

    @Phil Oates I dont need to learn english and this is just for likes...now go away wtf

  • Phil Oates

    Phil Oates

    Mese fa

    Sabine would love this. Many streamers and gamers are doing this in order to remember her. BTW next time, learn English buddy.

  • Sheriff_Branford
    Sheriff_BranfordMese fa

    Nice tribute, Jimmy. She would have appreciated this. R.I.P. Sabine...clear track ahead. Have a good drive...you are missed.

  • Mitchell Hammond
    Mitchell HammondMese fa

    A real testament to just how skilled Sabine was, regardless of the vehicle you put her in

  • ATi红色小队
    ATi红色小队Mese fa

    Harder! Push Harder! Eat my dust!

  • alan mac
    alan macMese fa

    No, you did it on a simulator. If you crash a simulator it makes a noise and you start again. Crash a real van, it's a bit different.

    ABU GAMINGMese fa

    F for rip

  • Sevenfifteen Music
    Sevenfifteen MusicMese fa

    A respectful video with just the right tone. Lovely! Sabine will probably giggle right now :) RIP

  • JoeToAChainsaw
    JoeToAChainsawMese fa

    anyone else cry at the end when he didnt do his outro? :'( RIP Sabine

  • Miles hardin
    Miles hardinMese fa

    oh I thought this was gonna be in the new forza gamelmao

  • Miles hardin
    Miles hardinMese fa


  • Yellow Evo
    Yellow EvoMese fa

    RIP Sabine ❤️

  • Tommy Depoorter
    Tommy DepoorterMese fa

    RIP Sabine my god that shocked me

  • Jogie Glen Mait
    Jogie Glen MaitMese fa

    We'll miss Sabine for sure.

  • James Whittingham
    James WhittinghamMese fa

    That van on Top Gear zooming past Porsches, Corvettes etc. Beautiful. She's definitely one of my heroes.

  • Alex Lock
    Alex LockMese fa

    Thanks for doing this!!!! really!!!!

  • Flying 51
    Flying 51Mese fa

    RiP Sabine

    HONEY KUNMese fa

    She didn't die , she is just a lap ahead of us

  • Starfrost99
    Starfrost99Mese fa

    This is super cool of you Jimmer

  • Kevin
    KevinMese fa

    Sabine the GOAT

  • Siimmo
    SiimmoMese fa

    What set up is this? The game I mean?

  • Jack Sparrow
    Jack SparrowMese fa

    So sad 2020 and 2021 have been terrible Sabine and paul ritter so sad💔😔

  • Heavy Metal Gamer
    Heavy Metal GamerMese fa

    9:32 R.I.P Sabine Schmitz. 💖😥

  • Martin Craig
    Martin CraigMese fa

    Brilliant video much loved part of top gear RIP Sabine thanks for the video Jimmy

  • bish
    bishMese fa

    Nice tribute, Sabine will always be a legend

  • S. F.
    S. F.Mese fa

    Fellow Petrolheads, let's go to the site "change . org" and sign the petition to name a corner after her. She really would deserve that.

  • Andre Greeff
    Andre GreeffMese fa

    Nicely done Jimmer! Also, maybe the video thumbnail should've been of the frame at 9:32..? Hmmm.. (:

  • Lee Butterworth
    Lee ButterworthMese fa

    She'd have destroyed Jeremy in a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. What a legend. R.I.P Sabine. You'll be missed

  • Ekbe_0
    Ekbe_0Mese fa

    At around 9:31 there's a bit of graffiti on the track that says I 🤍 sabine

  • Tim Croft
    Tim CroftMese fa

    Just saw the Top Gear tribute and holy shit was that fun. She was amazing.

  • SP GamesPlus
    SP GamesPlusMese fa

    what are you doing here man? delivering ?

  • Sir Taffy-1982
    Sir Taffy-1982Mese fa

    Nice tribute to a very special lady. Which corner would you name after her on the ring if you could choose. Rip Sabine. Gone too soon , never forgotten.

  • Allen Moon
    Allen MoonMese fa

    Nice, you should donate all the profits from this video to cancer research. (maybe you are already doing that, but you really should do that in her name)

  • Hans Wurst
    Hans WurstMese fa

    I'm shocked. Didn't knew she was sick at all.

  • active cinematic
    active cinematicMese fa

    i have one of thse at home... and i am in germany ... 🤔

  • carsfordays
    carsfordaysMese fa

    she got me into porsches

  • Will M
    Will MMese fa

    I remember seeing that top gear episode and thinking that Sabine deserved to be world famous. RIP

  • Adam Ramzy
    Adam RamzyMese fa


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