Can I Survive One Of The Hardest Stages In Richard Burns Rally?


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  • Scott Cantley
    Scott Cantley3 giorni fa

    The hardest stage on the most realistic rally game "apparently" and he's talking all the way, he mentions his heart rate at one point and I nearly pmsl.

  • V12 Hybrid Rally
    V12 Hybrid Rally18 giorni fa

    Why don't you use realistic pacenotes?

  • KA Mraz
    KA Mraz19 giorni fa

    I'd love to see more Jimmy!

  • Ryan Optekar
    Ryan Optekar20 giorni fa

    hey, wheres the official download for this game for mac? thanks

  • poppane
    poppaneMese fa

    Im... im discusted with the finnish Jimmer.:))))

  • Hi! I'm Ma!
    Hi! I'm Ma!Mese fa

    14:30 - oh my!!! Pity..

  • mrshiznittle
    mrshiznittleMese fa

    Do it in a Group B car!

  • Russell Johnson
    Russell JohnsonMese fa

    Lol they used the jalopy car model

  • Glassjar34
    Glassjar34Mese fa

    Smashed it.

  • danbuter
    danbuterMese fa

    Who was the madman who rolled his Trabant a lot?

  • VincenzoG
    VincenzoGMese fa

    Jimmy says "imagine this in a Group B car" and I'm literally stuck trying to get through Finland in Group B of Dirt Rally - either too slow or you just slam 600 horses into some g-damn trees

  • Sacha Brown
    Sacha BrownMese fa

    WRC 9 Career mode?

  • Lee Taylor
    Lee TaylorMese fa


  • xCrytakerx
    xCrytakerxMese fa

    Jimmy, the trabant chasis was one big piece of steel topped with plastic, i really don't know where you got this cotton thing from :D

  • Maverick86
    Maverick86Mese fa

    Trabant torque: 95Nm; Fanatec: 20Nm :)

  • Oskars Zelmenis
    Oskars Zelmenis2 mesi fa

    Jimmy you sould crash on the corners it totally helps with your time! (this is a joke but you know that right?)

  • Andro Laius
    Andro Laius2 mesi fa

    3:37 anyone else saw a Estonian flag :D ?

  • Will McDade
    Will McDade2 mesi fa


    CRICKO2 mesi fa

    plz tutorial to download RBR :) and mods

  • kau czuk
    kau czuk2 mesi fa

    Who finish this game on expert dificulity on a first place? I do. This game is amazing.

  • RyderGaming
    RyderGaming2 mesi fa

    As a Hungarian, all I wanna see is Jimmy driving our glorious Trabant around basically anywhere.

  • StrangelyHuman
    StrangelyHuman2 mesi fa

    9:15 *randomly nuts*

  • Milán Csikó
    Milán Csikó2 mesi fa

    Kőváry Barna🇭🇺😃

  • andrew grant
    andrew grant2 mesi fa

    Well you now need to do it in a group B car surely.

  • King Juli en
    King Juli en2 mesi fa


  • Liam
    Liam2 mesi fa

    Definitely a dirty fat yes to the trabant tcc jimmer!

  • Frank
    Frank2 mesi fa

    Yes do the Trabant Championship!!

  • Astral Landlord
    Astral Landlord2 mesi fa

    where were you when trabant was kil

  • Sophia Evans
    Sophia Evans2 mesi fa

    Real life track day Trabant!

  • Natalie Fox
    Natalie Fox2 mesi fa

    I always enjoy the rally content

  • Juti Mäyränen
    Juti Mäyränen2 mesi fa

    You should do Ouninpohja on a Group B car ;-)

  • Juti Mäyränen
    Juti Mäyränen2 mesi fa

    The legend of Ouninpohja..... behind the wheel of a Trabant!

  • votejj
    votejj2 mesi fa

    Please buy a Trabant, Jimmy. You + Trabant = content gold

  • Scott Woodside
    Scott Woodside2 mesi fa

    Trabant got the punterino this time around!

  • Andrew Lofthouse
    Andrew Lofthouse2 mesi fa

    Sounds like a chook chook

  • prod. LOVEZATLA
    prod. LOVEZATLA2 mesi fa

    More rally videos bro, best and most entertaining form of motorsport

  • EDE 20052
    EDE 200522 mesi fa

    If u want to do better u should eat salmiakki and drive The stage same time

  • iced_coffeelvr
    iced_coffeelvr2 mesi fa

    where were u wen trabant die i was at house eating dorito when jimmy crash "trabant is kil" "no"

  • Nemesis12345
    Nemesis123452 mesi fa

    Highlight of the year: Jimmer buys a Trabant 601 with two stroke engine

  • Jack Brown
    Jack Brown2 mesi fa

    i let my friends come over and sit in my chair and drive using the wheel. they played burns rally first then they played dirt 2.0. they hated dirt 2.0 compared to burns rally. . . . RBR>Dirt

  • Tom Lythgow
    Tom Lythgow2 mesi fa

    as a finn, wasnt the worst ive heard so fairplay

  • Beau Halliday
    Beau Halliday2 mesi fa

    just want to mention that this mod pack has pikes peak..... you know what to do jimmer

  • Nigel Carruthers
    Nigel Carruthers2 mesi fa

    Trabant goes REEEEE

  • Samaq
    Samaq2 mesi fa

    Jimmy where I can buy this game?

  • JohnS
    JohnS2 mesi fa

    jimmy, how did you buy richard burns rally and what mods do you use? i cant find anywere to buy it

  • Alex Gleeson
    Alex Gleeson2 mesi fa

    Not only is the game good, but the music if fucking wicked

  • Rocket3077
    Rocket30772 mesi fa

    Hey Jimmy, could you help me setup the G25 for RBR? I can't seem to get the h-shifter to work, or the sequential

  • 2002 Fiat Multipla
    2002 Fiat Multipla2 mesi fa

    “Thicc Brit violently rails a German around in a Finnish forest” NextDoorShedDwellers S2 E5

  • Bufik601
    Bufik6012 mesi fa

    Trabant 😍❤️❤️

  • Infected Harpy
    Infected Harpy2 mesi fa

    The stage looks so flat compared to dirt rally. Yes it goes up and down. But no potholes, no different cambers inside versus outside corner. Just flat road. Is the famous argentina stage in? Because there shouldn't be 1m flat road in it

  • Leah
    Leah2 mesi fa

    I see no pig eating your car. Is this even realistic?

  • Rob Finney
    Rob Finney2 mesi fa

    Bring on the Trabants!!

  • George Nikodemou
    George Nikodemou2 mesi fa

    Jimmer can you do any wrc 9 video?

  • AnimeWater
    AnimeWater2 mesi fa

    The part where you asked Alexa how many miles it was my Alexa turned on and told me the answer because it heard you

  • Stephen Root
    Stephen Root2 mesi fa

    Day 3 of asking Jimmy to drive his Praga around the Nordie with the T-Racer

  • Felipe Jourdan
    Felipe Jourdan2 mesi fa

    Jimmy pls upload Jalopy videos

  • Lauri Pajunen
    Lauri Pajunen2 mesi fa

    Nah, we don't get mad over pronouciations. It is literally pronounced as it is spelled.

  • in isolation tvr
    in isolation tvr2 mesi fa

    please trebant championsip jimmmer

  • Santiago Merchan
    Santiago Merchan2 mesi fa

    ah yes, the unemployer

  • Andrew May
    Andrew May2 mesi fa

    Is this longer than the Nurburgring or is the Trabant just shit?

  • Péter Váradi
    Péter Váradi2 mesi fa

    GO Barna Go

  • SnakeATWAR
    SnakeATWAR2 mesi fa

    "Medium left"... yeah idk about that

  • Blazs120gl
    Blazs120gl2 mesi fa

    That's Barna Kőváry's Trabant 601. He's notorious for having rallied with a Trabant (he has referring to himself as a _Trabantologist_ ). Many yers ago in a Hungarian car TV programme, he and his co-driver have taken out a Trabant's engine in just minutes. :)

  • Kleeb VR
    Kleeb VR2 mesi fa

    Trying to drive slower cars fast is always fun.

  • J-Roc
    J-Roc2 mesi fa

    Pretty good pronunciation! For English speakers Ouninpohja would be something like "OWNIN-poh-ya(h)".

  • Zsolt Biro
    Zsolt Biro2 mesi fa

    I actualy learned to drive in a Trabant. Here in Hungary there is actually a Trabant Club. :) U can drive it in real life. Contact me if you are interested ;)

  • BenLemonade
    BenLemonade2 mesi fa

    Tra-bah-nt It’s not a huge deal, but to my Hungarian ear it hurts lol

  • BeyerT1
    BeyerT12 mesi fa

    Well it's official. After rallying in BeamNG for a while, RBR looks primitive and like it has very simple and basic physics. It's been dethroned without a doubt.

  • Kıvanç
    Kıvanç2 mesi fa

    7:45 fancy a game of car rock son?

  • Wickedson Sonwicked
    Wickedson Sonwicked2 mesi fa


  • MrFischfrosch
    MrFischfrosch2 mesi fa

    What did Jimmy mean by that this video flopped? This is pure comfy ralley KINO! More Trabant Action JIMBO!

  • Sevvvich
    Sevvvich2 mesi fa


  • Michael Fotheringham
    Michael Fotheringham2 mesi fa

    i would like to see that edited video Jimmy

  • Tamás Deák
    Tamás Deák2 mesi fa

    more RBR please :)

  • soundslikefart
    soundslikefart2 mesi fa

    consider your legs be broken br finland

  • Zane Murcha
    Zane Murcha2 mesi fa

    Is that a genuine 1995 Benetton shirt?

  • Richard Antony Koit
    Richard Antony Koit2 mesi fa


  • István Gáspár
    István Gáspár2 mesi fa

    Look up Kővári Barna for some pretty awesome trabant rolling 😊

  • Bence Jávorszki-Farkas
    Bence Jávorszki-Farkas2 mesi fa

    This car is a legend in Hungary. They finished Rally Monte Carlo by pissing on the frozen carburetor to melt it up. 😂

  • Drew LaSpada
    Drew LaSpada2 mesi fa

    "trabant is kil" "no"

  • steven woodruff
    steven woodruff2 mesi fa

    I'm officially a sim racing degenerate... I have given in to a T150

  • Seth Moyer
    Seth Moyer2 mesi fa

    This is my second favorite 2 stroke rally car! The first being the Saab 96 of course.

  • Lay Sy
    Lay Sy2 mesi fa

    Where do I get this

  • Shadow Wolfe
    Shadow Wolfe2 mesi fa

    He (almost) did it AGAIN

  • push3kpro
    push3kpro2 mesi fa

    3:20 In Poland we call it Deutsche Plastik Auto.

  • xxstfubmx
    xxstfubmx2 mesi fa


  • xxstfubmx


    2 mesi fa


  • xxstfubmx


    2 mesi fa


  • Pyllymysli
    Pyllymysli2 mesi fa

    I'm a finn, I'm a rally fan. The day Jimmy tackles on the infamous Ouninpohja is like a birthday for me. Now I just hope he tackles it in a more serious car. You really should, it's the nurburgring of rallying. In here, within rallyfans, Ouninpohja is spoken like a legend. It's the stage where everything is won, or lost. The stage that separates men from the boys. If you have any fear, you won't do well on Ouninpohja. Professional rally drivers will confirm this. It's the one. The one that gives them butterflies and makes every drivers palms sweaty waiting for the start. They appreciate winning this stage about as high as winning the rally. Ouninpohja.

  • Cletus McAnus
    Cletus McAnus2 mesi fa

    Here to say that BeamNG has a couple Trabant in Automation and doing downhill time trials with it is glorious!

  • Infernuz
    Infernuz2 mesi fa

    i really i appreciate the fact that you are putting gran turismo ost in every video.

  • Zach Panchuk
    Zach Panchuk2 mesi fa

    God I love watching you play rally games.

  • Peter Tauscher
    Peter Tauscher2 mesi fa

    Trabant in Intitial D: Was?! Kontrolliertes Trägheitsschleudern?

  • PistonBully
    PistonBully2 mesi fa

    I have been looking for a game that i remember playing at a friend of my brothers house, with a steering wheel, it was a rally game, back in about 2005-2006, and i think i just found the name of it.

  • vandy_fan
    vandy_fan2 mesi fa

    This is a stupid question. But can you do a race and/or hotlap at Monaco in f1 2020 with a Monza setup? Or maybe do the same at Monza with a Monaco setup.

  • Charlie Worsfold
    Charlie Worsfold2 mesi fa

    definitely want to see the trabant series

  • Anton Jokela
    Anton Jokela2 mesi fa

    Yess trabant championship sounds fantastic


    ahushaushaushaush q foda no final cara

  • Leo Schouten
    Leo Schouten2 mesi fa


  • izzmus
    izzmus2 mesi fa

    Petter Solberg: Ouhinpohja in 16 minutes Jimmer: Hold my kvass. *pull starts a Trabi*

  • Noah Hopkins
    Noah Hopkins2 mesi fa

    (please respond) what vr headset do you use in some of your races?

  • Luky Lorry Driver
    Luky Lorry Driver2 mesi fa

    Jimmy asking his Alexa set my Alexa off

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