Surviving The Snow In My First Real Life Endurance Race


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  • Jimmy Broadbent
    Jimmy BroadbentMese fa

    1 like on the video = 1 thank you for Hero Marshal

  • Joshua Chen

    Joshua Chen

    12 giorni fa


  • jeremy clarksons zesty drink

    jeremy clarksons zesty drink

    26 giorni fa

    her marshal gets 19k likes then

  • Nick


    26 giorni fa

    Get a haircut for weight reduction

  • Tony Apsion

    Tony Apsion

    28 giorni fa

    @bubaroweSadly he was a friend of Nina and I.

  • R1k0Ch3T


    28 giorni fa

    Guille's theme proving once again that it truly goes with everything!

  • Luis Miguel Martínez
    Luis Miguel Martínez5 giorni fa

    Just wondering, why doesn't he heel and toe in this race?

  • Ashly Plourde
    Ashly Plourde5 giorni fa

    The only proper racing driver that lives in a shed

  • 1NF3RNO 2004
    1NF3RNO 20046 giorni fa

    13:10 Wasn’t expecting that!! 😂🤣

  • Fine Gentleman in Crocs
    Fine Gentleman in Crocs9 giorni fa

    That thing still have an FM radio?

  • Joshua Chen
    Joshua Chen12 giorni fa

    I really like the commentary of your own racing and thoughts

  • Habs
    Habs12 giorni fa

    Great commentary, please keep doing it

  • Steven May
    Steven May13 giorni fa

    Heel and Toe?

  • Marcus Obeada
    Marcus Obeada14 giorni fa

    If this guy just works out he will be fine lol

  • Warren Speak
    Warren Speak14 giorni fa

    Nice 1 Jimmer! Amazing content

  • MotoRen
    MotoRen14 giorni fa

    Do you have a day job? Does racing get you paid? How did you find a team? How did you get started? I need this in my life.

  • R0NGkidDIED
    R0NGkidDIED14 giorni fa

    That HKS jacket thoooo

  • Xhanet Lekaj
    Xhanet Lekaj15 giorni fa

    Love it

  • DarkMadder
    DarkMadder17 giorni fa

    Do you think maybe taking the chicane in 3rd gear instead of 4th would've helped down the next straight? Sounds like the Rev's are way too low coming out.

  • Michael Kay
    Michael Kay17 giorni fa

    Onya Jimmer! \m/

  • Dan
    Dan18 giorni fa

    Another 50 hp and you would have dominated that race Jimmer. ! ;)

  • Em[i]L
    Em[i]L18 giorni fa

    it's really all about momentum ....well ....lmao

  • Corey Chatelain
    Corey Chatelain19 giorni fa

    Hero Marshal gonna Hero Marshal

  • Meh-Tron
    Meh-Tron21 giorno fa

    jimmy are you getting beaten by a Nissan Mirca?

  • ________
    ________21 giorno fa

    Sorry Jimmmer, just need to point out that Anglesey isn't in England. So when you said 'Fuck England' and proceeded to list a number of locations from across the Isle, what you should have said is 'Fuck Britain'

  • Esha Pillaridha
    Esha Pillaridha21 giorno fa

    what game is this? the graphic is so realistic :)

  • Henry Steele
    Henry Steele22 giorni fa

    Have I been pronouncing Celica wrong my entire life? edit: my god I have been

  • Pedro Zanon
    Pedro Zanon23 giorni fa

    Awesome content!! Keep up with the real life racing in the channel!

    DJ FLINTSTONE23 giorni fa

    As Jeremy Clarkson would we need more power

  • Paolo Alfaro
    Paolo Alfaro23 giorni fa

    Look at jimmy man so inspirational

  • lorddhave mercy
    lorddhave mercy23 giorni fa


  • Sketchy
    Sketchy25 giorni fa

    Hero Marshall went home to be a family man!

  • FPV Leo
    FPV Leo25 giorni fa

    I love my 116i too ^^. Little bit underpowered but amazing handling!

  • hcAsicted
    hcAsicted25 giorni fa

    How come no heel toes Jimmy?

  • TheFlual22
    TheFlual2225 giorni fa

    I have a question: Does anyone know why he isn't heel/toeing? Is it because the speeds are not high or the pedals are too far apart. I really wanna know that because I've seen drivers in this low classes that heel toe

  • Haven Wisner
    Haven Wisner25 giorni fa

    These racing sims get more realistic every day I swear

  • Tony Apsion
    Tony Apsion25 giorni fa

    Jimmy - is it you i see on the entry list for 750 116 Trophy this weekend? If so see you there. I am Chief Startline/Dep Chief Flag @hero marshal lol

  • daedalus_suzuki
    daedalus_suzuki26 giorni fa

    Ladies, find yourself a man who's drawn to you the same way Hero Marshal is to a disabled 116i.

  • smeghead666
    smeghead66626 giorni fa

    Protip Jimmer, get a gradient filter/lense cover whatsit thingy. thataway you don't have the problem is outside being over exposed and inside being under exposed.

  • mrpixiledd2
    mrpixiledd226 giorni fa

    Me, a Canadian: ah yes people who don't drive in the snow regularly. I love driving in the snow man, so much fun.

  • MrCybergladiator
    MrCybergladiator26 giorni fa

    Excellent video, Loved this content!

  • 3pICTheAnimal
    3pICTheAnimal26 giorni fa

    2021 and guile’s theme still goes with anything

  • Phill6000
    Phill600026 giorni fa

    Jimmy got so good at youtube he killed the car right after the race just so he could put it in as a Intro.

  • Alejandro Sánchez
    Alejandro Sánchez26 giorni fa

    Look at those graphics. Absolutely amazing.

  • BSR-Ben Sharpe Racing Civic Cup Team
    BSR-Ben Sharpe Racing Civic Cup Team27 giorni fa

    Forty40 racing amigo boys are mega :)

  • LionAndALamb
    LionAndALamb27 giorni fa


  • jerregaming
    jerregaming27 giorni fa

    well jimmy, sometimes it snows in April

  • kevo641
    kevo64127 giorni fa

    "Sa-lee-ka" Lol We say "Sell-a-ka" in America...")

  • Stubby
    Stubby27 giorni fa

    Congrats Jimmy, it's Great that you are getting to Live your Dream

  • ThatWeirdGuyNamedBes1997
    ThatWeirdGuyNamedBes199727 giorni fa

    I love how you are setting these real racing videos. Keep this style of commentary/camera, it's wonderful!

  • Dami
    Dami27 giorni fa

    Thank you Hero Marshal

  • peter9style
    peter9style27 giorni fa

    Soooooo happy for you buddy and so jealous at the same time ;)! What beautiful times to be around. This is what the internet was made for...

  • Y-Roken Jnr
    Y-Roken Jnr27 giorni fa

    An Integra is my absolute dream car once I own that I'll be completely happy

  • ZERO Motorsport
    ZERO Motorsport27 giorni fa

    Great Video... love the IRL content.... Hope to see you at TimeAttack

  • CJA823
    CJA82327 giorni fa

    Mans went from gran turismo to irl racing

  • Wind of change
    Wind of change27 giorni fa

    Moving up in the world, feelsgoodman

  • Flo Vi
    Flo Vi27 giorni fa

    Hero marshall is a legend to be remembered on this channel forever

  • Tony Apsion

    Tony Apsion

    27 giorni fa

    Not exactly a legend lol

  • Logan Edwards
    Logan Edwards28 giorni fa

    “BMW” and “endurance racing” are actually words that can be used together?

  • Bad Max
    Bad Max28 giorni fa

    Wait so you had camera in the back and we had to.wait for. Hero marshall to see it

  • ik ja ik
    ik ja ik28 giorni fa

    Wen are you getting yore own racecar?

    SAENZ TRADING28 giorni fa

    Imagine having real life wrong way drivers trying to hit you while you race.😄

  • jakubkrcma
    jakubkrcma28 giorni fa

    Jimmy, after 16:50 when you see you will not pass through T1, get to the left IMMEDIATELY (long before T1), otherwise you terribly limit your speed through T1... :-) And it is Boxster, not Boxter... ;-))))))))))))))))

  • Ravesh Biseswar
    Ravesh Biseswar28 giorni fa

    very cool!

  • Sisekelo Duma
    Sisekelo Duma28 giorni fa

    That 116i needs a 120i engine swop

  • Antares
    Antares28 giorni fa

    I genuinely thought real life racing might be a bit boring cos of the basic cars, but this is genuinely just as good as your whacky sim racing content. Definitely continue doing it. It makes the whole racing scene so much more approachable too, seeing all these people most of which are hobby racers, some are upstarts, some doing it for fun, some professionally, it's a lot of fun especially with the behind the scenes bits.

  • Andrew Melton
    Andrew Melton28 giorni fa

    I think snow just means drop a couple psi and brake a lil early

  • Takimi Foxo
    Takimi Foxo28 giorni fa

    The hero Marshall we all deserve

  • Adrian Gonzalez
    Adrian Gonzalez28 giorni fa

    loving the live commentary. excited to see more IRL stuffs

  • Geraint Jones
    Geraint Jones28 giorni fa

    Where's the Praga/Anglesey video?

  • Chris Probert
    Chris Probert28 giorni fa

    your living your dream man. thanks for going to the trouble of showing us lot!. is the praga series allowing spectators?. are you able to share the schedule? thanks jimma

  • Nils P
    Nils P28 giorni fa

    Had a smile when you did the old Lap explainerino in real life :D at first i wasnt that interested in the RL videos, but you´re killing it and it really shows how much experience you´ve gathered from sim racing.

  • Goose Moose
    Goose Moose28 giorni fa

    I don’t understand people that dislike good content, this is banging content right here!

  • IMO
    IMO28 giorni fa

    Got a feeling Jimmy is going places in the future! Good Luck Jimmy!

  • Lewis Bowles
    Lewis Bowles28 giorni fa

    Big jimmer, think it would be great for you to make a video on this series and how people can get involved (prices, cars, equipment etc.) Might be a cool video to make on your channel also!

  • Lewis Bowles
    Lewis Bowles28 giorni fa

    What is this championship?

  • TheNissanR32Fanatic77
    TheNissanR32Fanatic7728 giorni fa

    0:02 that mazda yellow mazda in front of you got called by s🅱️inotto

  • Jeremy Scott
    Jeremy Scott28 giorni fa

    *me from Michigan* Gains 10 positions

  • Joseph Wanjau
    Joseph Wanjau28 giorni fa

    cant wait to see you in the Praga! killer content m8

  • RaceSimCentral
    RaceSimCentral28 giorni fa

    Awesome video. Really enjoying these.

  • Dulanjala007
    Dulanjala00728 giorni fa

    you're a racer alright... whatever you have you race others hardest you can...

  • Jambo CJ
    Jambo CJ28 giorni fa

    Anyone know how many were in his class? Just curious

  • Joseph Kessler
    Joseph Kessler28 giorni fa

    Hey Jimmy. I'm curious about your downshifting. It looked like you weren't rev matching, and I always thought that would damage the transmission or clutch. Did the car rev match automatically, or do you just not need to do it in every case?

  • martin degetau
    martin degetau28 giorni fa

    turn off the AC

  • JMR120600
    JMR12060028 giorni fa

    Isn't that DannyDC2's MR2?

  • G1LLY
    G1LLY28 giorni fa

    Post commentary is sick. Keep these coming Jimmy!

  • Sam’s shitbox collection
    Sam’s shitbox collection29 giorni fa

    ‘I saw a big cloud of smoke’ dont worry jimmy that was just the mg zr’s head gasket giving up

  • Michał Małecki
    Michał Małecki29 giorni fa

    Jimmy, plz lock exposure and set it a bit lower on main cam, because it looks like a shit. To be honest grey interior is not that fascinating :)

  • pete6891
    pete689129 giorni fa

    plywood splitter ftw!

  • gMX
    gMX29 giorni fa

    great content always nice to hear your thoughts in the race

  • DatMotoGuy
    DatMotoGuy29 giorni fa

    the cars all stock apart from racing reqs?

  • Landric S
    Landric S29 giorni fa

    There’s going to be that one video titled called, “I got in a big crash” and it’s going to suck seeing that title

  • YouTube Admin
    YouTube Admin29 giorni fa

    Does this prove simulation can equal experience? 🤔 potentially lots to learn.

  • trackNtrail
    trackNtrail29 giorni fa

    Great race commentary Jimmer

  • Gazmus
    Gazmus29 giorni fa

    Do windscreens normally get destroyed like that?

  • Nebras
    Nebras29 giorni fa

    Congrats Jimmer for the podiums it will be first of many Keep it up :D

  • Skipping Baboon
    Skipping Baboon29 giorni fa

    Feels like you fight your steering wheel about 80% less in a real car than you do on the Sims 😂 Makes me wonder...... exactly how high does Jimmy have his FFB, and why doesn't he have biceps like The Rock 😂

  • ThatDaveBoi
    ThatDaveBoi29 giorni fa

    look at our Jimmer driving real racing cars... brings a tear to the eye

  • The Intermediate Gamer
    The Intermediate Gamer29 giorni fa

    every time he says Jimmy Here i think of JimmyHere

  • Mclaren Rising
    Mclaren Rising29 giorni fa

    Too many hand gestures Jimmer. Concentrate lad.

  • Michael Kitchin
    Michael Kitchin29 giorni fa

    I'm enjoying these. Keep it up, Jimmy.

  • Benedict Roberts
    Benedict Roberts29 giorni fa

    Giles theme is always a win

  • Lyudmila dias
    Lyudmila dias29 giorni fa

    Prayge hero marshal

  • Alpenwolf
    Alpenwolf29 giorni fa

    Offtopic question: there's been a stream lately that introduced a sim community site to organize races (yep the the one that has been flooded). Can someone say me the address? I can't find it. Thanks

  • EasyGoingDude 99
    EasyGoingDude 9929 giorni fa

    The Guile theme for Hero Marshal? *Chef's kiss*

  • Benedikt
    Benedikt29 giorni fa

    Hooray for Hero Marshal!

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