Jimmy Broadbent

Jimmy Broadbent

I like to make videos. Simple as that.


  • theF0Es YT
    theF0Es YT2 ore fa

    I wish you could fix your camera like it used to be so we could see the wheel. Good to see ya back jimmer.

  • dia padhy
    dia padhy2 ore fa


  • Half Pro
    Half Pro2 ore fa

    Jimmy its called neochrome

  • suttscraig
    suttscraig3 ore fa

    There was some great liveries between 07-14 but IMO that was the ugliest era of f1 cars shapewise the new car is a bit clunky around the nose but it’s nice

  • Iohann Centurión
    Iohann Centurión3 ore fa

    Do you know Billy Cherokee? Is like the spanish version of Jimmy in his own way, sorry for my bad idioma gringo

  • Isaiah Gayta
    Isaiah Gayta3 ore fa

    One day, we would see Jimmy race in 24hrs Le Mans

  • Iohann Centurión
    Iohann Centurión3 ore fa

    Se copia del Cherokees jajsjaj

  • Birb
    Birb6 ore fa

    I really felt the part where Dave talked about how a girl is like concrete

  • Adrian Untalan
    Adrian Untalan6 ore fa

    A ground effect car in a track with varying uneven surfaces... Challenge accepted

  • fridaywaslit
    fridaywaslit6 ore fa

    Been playing the WRC 9 safari rally over and over

  • CSL 74
    CSL 747 ore fa

    Pls take of that shirt from ‘attempted murder’ Lil Lewis...👎🏾

  • Pedro Bermudes
    Pedro Bermudes7 ore fa

    i really addicted to think it looks like a X2014 redbull... it looks like a hotwheels anyway XD, i liked it!

  • I want to die
    I want to die7 ore fa

    In my opinion Subaru is the best car to drive

  • ProCheesy
    ProCheesy8 ore fa

    first thing I noticed was that tshirt... I was like what are you trying to say mate? Just gonna say, it was Lewis right to go for that gap, but he messed it up and he should not have gone for it just because of the danger of that corner. thank you, dont hate me. Max will win the season anyways

  • Jimmy Broadbent
    Jimmy Broadbent6 ore fa

    I wore it because it was clean lmao. Wearing an F1 team shirt isn't a statement.

  • nick
    nick8 ore fa

    Ridge racer type 4 music in the background. Nice!

  • niwo
    niwo8 ore fa

    Jimmer outside of youtube -> Instant tint

  • Grizzy
    Grizzy8 ore fa

    4:32 ohhh that vertex wheel 😩

  • Tim Koken
    Tim Koken8 ore fa

    17:50 yop the yeet??

  • Prophet Ascending
    Prophet Ascending10 ore fa

    Jimmy, what do you think about having go-karting as an Olympic sport?

  • Laurie
    Laurie10 ore fa

    CD reference.... Remembering the 2 previous media formats before CDs. Makes me feel very old!

  • tohtorigyro
    tohtorigyro10 ore fa

    tyres are 18" mainly to make the cars less stable on kerbs as well as on any bumps (ofcourse also because of pirelli not being able to make a 13" tyre that doesn't get destroyed from just looking at them). aero is more floor based and that means it's also much more finicky and more unpredictable. this *should* mean the drivers won't be going over track limits so much, at least not in the start of 2022. but i'm sure they'll be attacking kerbs etc like they're doing now, by the end of the year.

  • Abid Hajher
    Abid Hajher11 ore fa

    Excellent outtro music

  • DiscoVolante
    DiscoVolante11 ore fa

    13:31 am i blind or has he not linked it?

  • Jimmy Broadbent
    Jimmy Broadbent6 ore fa

    Nope, you're right! Sorry completely forgot to add it, sorted it out now.

  • Tim Polman
    Tim Polman11 ore fa

    Search for Judd v8 bmw.. 🙄

  • Hügo Yi
    Hügo Yi11 ore fa

    Amazing driving and content, except the disgusting warflag at the end of the video

  • Ollyoop
    Ollyoop11 ore fa

    Wait is your left ear really that much lower than your right??

  • Tea72
    Tea7211 ore fa

    One step closer to trackmania becoming a reality.

  • Justin Time
    Justin Time11 ore fa

    Jimmy is low key annoying

  • Marcus O
    Marcus O12 ore fa

    Anyone know the song that plays during Jimmer's run on Bathurst? Starts around 2:41:35

  • ruehjdkfsgf
    ruehjdkfsgf12 ore fa

    How do you get rid of that center bar down the halo like that?

  • Tahzib Hussaini
    Tahzib Hussaini12 ore fa

    Jimmy sir, do u have any recommendations on wheels similar to the Fanatec podium or any GT3 or GT wheel? Fanatec doesnt ship to the indian subcontinent so i m depressed....i dont like the mom or logitech round wheels at all.....

  • ZedNinetySix
    ZedNinetySix12 ore fa

    An F1 car on a Karting track, ladies and genticlee, AC mods irl.

  • justin
    justin13 ore fa

    why are you so broad and bent???

  • James Cotton
    James Cotton13 ore fa

    WIDE JIMMY consumes WIDE BEER making him drunker?

  • DarthPingu07
    DarthPingu0713 ore fa

    Not gonna lid, cheesy as they was i loved the cut scenes in this game and the comraderie. 😂

  • Loose Lugnutz
    Loose Lugnutz13 ore fa

    now this dude is in Britcar

  • Jay Wright
    Jay Wright13 ore fa

    What game is this?

  • xXOpenedEyesXx
    xXOpenedEyesXx13 ore fa

    EXA looking like the ultimate sport hearse

  • James Cotton
    James Cotton14 ore fa

    Jimmy this game is easy coffee break. YOU WUT M8

  • James Cotton
    James Cotton14 ore fa

    1:19:30 how often can this smooth brain actually say first time. And he doesn't....

  • ertyhjertyh
    ertyhjertyh15 ore fa

    I just hate how these simulators end up with insane hardware but the absolute WORSE graphics.

  • PhilipGiger1
    PhilipGiger115 ore fa

    EZ Game ;)

  • twl197860
    twl19786015 ore fa

    Awd cars don't work properly on gt6

  • Nikaia Ashby
    Nikaia Ashby15 ore fa

    I always think that emoji picture is edited in

  • shapulke-debile
    shapulke-debile15 ore fa

    shapulke-debile yt

  • Askonti
    Askonti15 ore fa

    Aye, an enjoyable game, despite its many, many flaws.

  • Anthony Armstrong
    Anthony Armstrong15 ore fa

    Gez bro been waiting for the green hell! It’s been too long…

  • Brandon Deel
    Brandon Deel16 ore fa

    I use shoes on my office chair. Gotta keep from sliding back

  • CBJ-R
    CBJ-R16 ore fa

    I've been there Jimmy. Fighting to race a car and being passed and slow is such a frustrating thing. You physically feel like you are just fighting the car every corner, just trying to get it to corner and keep it under control by the end you are so worn out and frustrated at the thing. There's been a lot of times I've had to do the same, just having to walk off and cool down. Good luck in the next one!

  • Eoin Cassin
    Eoin Cassin16 ore fa

    The biggest waste of time testing this car on that track! seriously how much did you drink at Silverstone to think this was a good idea???

  • Jimmy Broadbent
    Jimmy Broadbent6 ore fa

    Did it for fun and cuz I have previous times from there.

  • ACharacter
    ACharacter18 ore fa

    God your cute

  • SimpleSimp69
    SimpleSimp6918 ore fa

    i still play GT5 on the ps3 with a pad. 8,255 on the Nordschleife 24h layout with the AudiR8 le Mans on sliks. second stage turbo and ABS on 1.

  • Brendan Little
    Brendan Little18 ore fa

    100% series, please and thanks!

  • Getting Smart
    Getting Smart19 ore fa

    Life of a racer...

  • Todd Brown
    Todd Brown20 ore fa

    I hope the cars are difficult to drive. I know they’re not, but the current cars just feel to “easy” to drive in my opinion. Like they just look really planted and stable. The more sketchy they are, the more entertaining it’ll be to watch! haha

  • Anders Svensson
    Anders Svensson20 ore fa

    Just as totally boring as the first version and Jimmy looks just as bored as I looked way back when !!

  • pat19ck Tiktok
    pat19ck Tiktok20 ore fa

    You worked 9 years for a house..

  • Joshua Builds
    Joshua Builds20 ore fa

    Someone get me Silverstone's number. You need a TikTok to participate in an event there? Yuck

  • keviiino
    keviiino21 ora fa

    Whats a cd ?

  • Nardo
    Nardo21 ora fa

    Always avoid the big die Jimmbo

  • Robert Holt
    Robert Holt21 ora fa

    Thanks so much for always uploading the streams Jimmer. Much love from the States.

  • Julian Griffiths
    Julian Griffiths21 ora fa

    0:10 the random ROCK in the intro is comedy gold

  • Joshua Builds
    Joshua Builds21 ora fa

    I thought this was pole position for the Super Nintendo at first.

  • honeychurchgipsy6
    honeychurchgipsy622 ore fa

    I remember the tyre choice :(

  • Nick Hill
    Nick Hill22 ore fa

    I feel sorry for all the zoomers trying to figure out what a "CD" is.

  • J.S. Ahlsten
    J.S. Ahlsten22 ore fa

    jammy, patch the game for the gimmicky stuff.

  • Aryan Khatkar
    Aryan Khatkar22 ore fa

    Hey Jimmy please play Project Cars 2 24 hours ENDURCE RACE with dynamic wether please :)

  • Aryan Khatkar
    Aryan Khatkar11 ore fa

    @Dylan Zrim It'll be fun becausehe hsn't done it yet

  • Dylan Zrim
    Dylan Zrim16 ore fa

    Why tho

  • batboy V2
    batboy V223 ore fa

    I really wish i had a PS3 😑

  • Muzzy Fluzzy
    Muzzy Fluzzy23 ore fa

    Thanks Jimmy for sharing!

  • Alex Lascu
    Alex Lascu23 ore fa

    Ford vs Ferrari brought me here

  • Aaron Benedetti
    Aaron Benedetti23 ore fa

    Dude that wheel looks expensive but that feedback is whack as fuck whys it spinning all over the place?

  • Cody Harman
    Cody Harman23 ore fa

    The rear wing looks like the huge old Porsche wings lol

  • Pxel Guy
    Pxel GuyGiorno fa

    Why the hell would you use your brakes when other cars are already using theirs? Just use their brakes 🤣

  • Jivko Stoev
    Jivko StoevGiorno fa

    jimmy it has groundeffect

  • Nathaniel Wu
    Nathaniel WuGiorno fa

    you should update the game, it got Ayrton Senna and moon rover events, among other things, really cool

  • Draven 2k
    Draven 2kGiorno fa

    Why does it look like its on ps3 graphics/

  • Draven 2k
    Draven 2k8 ore fa

    @Jimmy Broadbent Dam is No 6 really that old wow how time flys thought that was a version that released 2 years ago but it was in 2013.

  • Jimmy Broadbent
    Jimmy Broadbent11 ore fa

    Because it's a PS3 game.

  • Ben Sheaves
    Ben SheavesGiorno fa

    I imagine the elimination of the MGU-h will make the next generation much more nervous at the rear end

  • Baking Pancake
    Baking PancakeGiorno fa

    Anyone got a download link?

  • Piereligio Di Sante
    Piereligio Di SanteGiorno fa

    da fac, GT6 looked this bad? O.O