Jimmy Broadbent

Jimmy Broadbent

I like to make videos. Simple as that.


  • MenskFCDH
    MenskFCDH23 minuti fa

    I think this guest series of races will bring you valuable experience in real-life racing so hopefully you can go onwards and upwards towards the future. Its very interesting and fun to see you, who we all know as a youtube simracer go hands on in real-life racing and get good at it. Good luck Jimmy and i look forward in seeing your progress in the next videos.

    HATECELL42 minuti fa

    For the intro: how about "Hey Guys, I-am-really-bad-at-intros-boy here"?

  • Robert Peters
    Robert Peters46 minuti fa

    says 8 buttons....but there are 9...

  • Xabier B
    Xabier B51 minuto fa

    What car is that??

  • Exponaut R-01
    Exponaut R-0156 minuti fa

    I love to see that move every time it gets pulled it’s such a wonderful little mind trick.

  • Leo M
    Leo MOra fa

    Well done Jimmy! Good pace in such bad weather!! Keep up the awesome work!

  • Dan Mufc1999
    Dan Mufc1999Ora fa

    wow even sir lewis hamilton will be impressed with your driving jimmers even in the wet as well that takes some serious guts to do so well done mate enjoying these at the moment lets hope it continues

  • Ali Jawad
    Ali JawadOra fa

    So proud of you bro 🙌

  • TheFalconerNZ
    TheFalconerNZOra fa

    In those conditions for Race 1 you had a perfect race as it let you get the practise you had missed & needed to get some confidence & you did get the car home, shame about Jem. Race 2 passing the lower class cars got you ready to pass the other praga car and show you can make the moves.

  • SkoC NGT
    SkoC NGTOra fa

    Jem mazepin

  • allothernamesbutthis
    allothernamesbutthis2 ore fa

    did the team get any compensation for being waved past the safety car?

  • ayedann
    ayedann2 ore fa

    There's no WAY that's her first time on the course 😂

  • Jorgosz Bacsosz
    Jorgosz Bacsosz2 ore fa


  • LLConscience
    LLConscience2 ore fa

    Jimmy your storytelling man ! **chef kiss**

  • DimoKol
    DimoKol2 ore fa


  • MiD.Life. Crisis
    MiD.Life. Crisis2 ore fa

    It can't be Lewis Houseington. HOME'ILTON would be slightly better! Good on ya JB. I'm happy for you, proud of how far you've come in these four years. It's crazy you started talking about how you felt like hurting yourself as I was commending you on how far you've come in these 4 years. Also I think it's very important for you to recognise and give yourself a massive pat on the back. You are responsible for helping a helluva lot of people out of some very dark places, including me. Now you've said about V, I'm worried about you again. So please stay strong, everything happens for a reason and start this new chapter of your life with a clear head and a big smile. And also, if needed, lean on all us subs. A lot of us have leaned on you in our times of need and you've always come thru for us. Even when you have had bad news, are ill, etc, you've always been there and we love you for it. Thanks man. I feel emotional that the shed will not be seen any more. Give my regards to the shed pls. Also all the subs, you guys are the best. Let's all see what magic happens in the new place

  • Rich Monaghan
    Rich Monaghan2 ore fa

    Just feeling very proud of you Jimmer. The passion in this video and you doing the commentary is just brilliant. Very happy you're getting this opportunity and making the most of it. Keep going and doing your thing.

  • Ironiswordbro does stuff
    Ironiswordbro does stuff2 ore fa

    Goodbye shed

  • fondfarewell2 !
    fondfarewell2 !2 ore fa

    I dont know if Jimmy reads his comments but how bad is the dirty air in this car, is it different when trailing other classes of cars? I'd imagine it would be worst when trailing the same type car.

  • Chris Leach
    Chris Leach2 ore fa

    Absolutely smashing Jimmer! This is amazing - keep it up!!

  • Bud The Cyborg
    Bud The Cyborg2 ore fa

    Remember one of the common traits of the best racing drivers is revelling in the wet.

  • thiscowsurfs
    thiscowsurfs3 ore fa

    The biggest nerdgasm I've seen so far.

  • Bud The Cyborg
    Bud The Cyborg3 ore fa

    Halfway through the video I realised I was sitting on the edge of my seat. Riveting stuff Jimmy.

  • A. P.
    A. P.3 ore fa

    You're a brave man, Jimmer. Love ya bubs.

  • jOhNnYr1cO
    jOhNnYr1cO3 ore fa

    It was around 2900 km/h lol

  • Typod360
    Typod3603 ore fa

    Your commentating for your battle for P5 was just as fantastic as your racing. You're doing so well and learning so fast, keep it up!

  • Jazz DIRT
    Jazz DIRT3 ore fa

    14:54 STAHP! Tarmac in DiRT is not great... as is dirt in AC or anything tarmac oriented... Once there will be a sim that gets it all right.... Already waiting for over 25 years.. I'm patient... LefT , RighT , LefT , Companyyyyy HolD ;P see 14:54 Five right??? more like F right, right? Running over a goose -> faux gras on the grill ;) A Stratos blew up?? That doesn't happen.. that's almost like a Reliant falling over... Or a Pinto catching fire.. imagine that...

  • Joseph Pilkington
    Joseph Pilkington3 ore fa

    The voiceovers are top notch, Jimmy.

  • Eu Pi
    Eu Pi4 ore fa

    I was never really into Jimmy Broadbent, but now that he is going into irl races I hope he could live stream some of the races, I could watch these all day. Very inspiring to see someone go from sim racing into irl racing.

  • Psymøn
    Psymøn5 ore fa

    Mate how'd the 40min stint go? You look so chill now after doing that! Getting more fit, eh? Last time you were wrecked but not anymore :D Nice progress bud keep it up

  • Davi Gerhardt
    Davi Gerhardt5 ore fa

    first race and alr going really well i see...

  • Matthew Ford
    Matthew Ford5 ore fa

    Honestly, i still can't believe where you are at now! I am so so so happy for you but also you are hyping many people to get into this kind of stuff. For me just go karting would be an immense goal!

  • Joe Gaudino
    Joe Gaudino5 ore fa

    Is there anywhere to see these races live?

  • Jonathan Chen
    Jonathan Chen5 ore fa

    why dont you report to the team by radio first then decide to box?

  • Maverick Davis
    Maverick Davis6 ore fa

    I really wish that this was made when he got his new wrap and wings on the mx-5

  • Claws Mayhem
    Claws Mayhem6 ore fa

    Great insight, you could smell the fear😁 well done. Onwards and upwards 👌

  • Liam Titan
    Liam Titan6 ore fa

    16:00 Jimmy squeezes his dump trunk into a race car while two men play with his balls

  • Ken 1138
    Ken 11386 ore fa

    I don't understand what happened with the safety in the second race.

  • Racing Killer7
    Racing Killer76 ore fa

    I’m loving the vlogs Jimmy. Im so happy for you as I know this is really important to you

  • Rem Sutton
    Rem Sutton6 ore fa

    mate you were on a mission at the end

  • Rem Sutton
    Rem Sutton6 ore fa

    had shivers down my spine, ive not got this excited watching a race in a while

  • Pelbee54
    Pelbee546 ore fa

    Great performance you should be proud.

  • Rem Sutton
    Rem Sutton6 ore fa

    how did you not poop yourself

  • Levy Asu
    Levy Asu7 ore fa

    im kinda this intro "this video sponsored....."

  • Typod360
    Typod3607 ore fa

    This was the first video I ever saw of Jimmy's. I remember thinking, look at this guy acting all normal, just Jimmer the Simmer racing with legends. Nah HE's a legend... And look at him now!

  • A-Spec Reviews!
    A-Spec Reviews!7 ore fa

    9:10 V10 F1 in a nutshell...

  • Mr. BokaLokaDoka
    Mr. BokaLokaDoka7 ore fa

    Man this journey has really been inspirational. Keep it up Jimmers!

  • Frax100
    Frax1007 ore fa

    What a shit weather Britain has

  • André Niemand
    André Niemand7 ore fa

    Well done boys. Shame about the lap curfuffle there. That shouldn't have happened

  • Mike Williams
    Mike Williams8 ore fa

    1:36 "Ah ok just going out of the pit lane gonna take it easy... 2nd gear bit more throttle HOLY S***!"

  • viddiot
    viddiot8 ore fa

    Excellent, great commentary.

  • kenzoooooooo
    kenzoooooooo8 ore fa

    @skysportsf1 should really hire this guy

  • Boing Spoing
    Boing Spoing8 ore fa

    Can someone tell me what car they're driving?

  • yindyamarra
    yindyamarra8 ore fa

    Jimmy hits the wall, sshhhhh

  • Erald
    Erald8 ore fa

    Is there a reason they don't have team radio while out on track?

  • AlexikFTW
    AlexikFTW8 ore fa

    Awesome video Jimmer! Really well raced and well-made video! I love the commentator thing :D

  • TwoSixOhTwo
    TwoSixOhTwo8 ore fa

    Why didn't you protest to either get redress or get the race thrown out?

  • kenzoooooooo
    kenzoooooooo8 ore fa

    You're actually racing along with Mr JWW right?? James Walker??

  • yindyamarra
    yindyamarra8 ore fa

    Did I see Mazipan hitting everything?

  • cyclonicleo
    cyclonicleo8 ore fa

    MASSIVE learning experience - top stuff Jimmer!

  • The Ruined Drone
    The Ruined Drone9 ore fa

    Listening to you commentate that lap was a joy. Who would ever have that that 5 years ago when I first watched this channel you'd be here today. The dedication and the attitude you have is brilliant. The skills you bring over from sim racing in to real racing is a great example of how the two while different do share so many similarities. In hard years this channel is always a source of joy and shows what positive attitude and perseverance can achieve. That podium is comming soon!

  • Royal Leech
    Royal Leech9 ore fa

    how dare you not put a dead cat on your mic. irresponsible Jimmy...lol

  • 5bStix
    5bStix9 ore fa

    Cannot see a thing from the cockpit camera

  • john745w
    john745w9 ore fa

    Witnessing Jimmy on the wheel and on commentary is like having a threesome with the most beautiful actor and her clone

  • Roy Lammens
    Roy Lammens9 ore fa

    My favorite moment, watching the stream, was Dave Goddard complimenting you, and mentioning that you are one of the prime examples of how sim racers can get legit fast in real life racing series. It was really awesome to hear! Dave is an absolute saint <3 Also, the bombhole jokes still crack me up.

  • Hemal Mohan
    Hemal Mohan9 ore fa

    I was feeling that lap with him, so good

  • JDMAX The SimRacingCat
    JDMAX The SimRacingCat9 ore fa

    We’ve gone from massive ass to Ample ass. BRAVO!!

  • deathfeeds
    deathfeeds9 ore fa

    Living the dream baby! proud of you!

  • Doz Halstead
    Doz Halstead9 ore fa

    Epic Jimmy!! Really well done mate. Unlucky with the SC situation but really well done.

  • quasiroger
    quasiroger10 ore fa

    Fantastic racing. And the best moment inspired by your sim racing experience! Contradicts the title a little.

  • Mach1048
    Mach104810 ore fa

    Jimmy, is that a scuff mark on the front left of Goldie? Or am I missing something?

  • Jordan B
    Jordan B10 ore fa

    Well done, solid recovery

  • Giovinazzo#27 3gsmotorsport
    Giovinazzo#27 3gsmotorsport10 ore fa

    Ciao from us antonio and dominico hello to all done good welldone to both and team

  • Project11 Films
    Project11 Films10 ore fa

    If I was in a group A car I’d be grinning like a baby too man

  • Diede Klinkenberg
    Diede Klinkenberg10 ore fa

    Still in awe about all this! Jimmy maybe i've missed this earlier, but maybe show more of the teammembers/mechanics etc?

  • Joseph T
    Joseph T10 ore fa


  • Memestrosity
    Memestrosity10 ore fa

    From 20:00 on i was glued to my screen watching this video. It was so intense. Good shit man. Good shit

  • Jura Pesa
    Jura Pesa11 ore fa

    cant wait for jimmy to tome into f1 in a few years

  • captain flat spot
    captain flat spot11 ore fa

    so awesome to watch these real life racing videos. living the dream 💪I watched your sim racing videos for years and it's awesome to see where you are now

  • Kozi03
    Kozi0311 ore fa

    Jimmy you deserve every success coming to you. Legend.

  • Will S21
    Will S2111 ore fa

    Many stamps were licked in race 2! Eternally jealous jimmer but it looked so fun!!